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Chapter 0005 The Weasley Family

I have to admit the Weasley’s are a lovely family.

Mr. Weasley, who has extensive experience dealing with Muggles, after being introduced to Ivan and Hermione eased the anxiety of both couples, but he did occasional show his obsession with muggle items.

As for Mrs. Weasley, the first thing she did once out of the fireplace was to give hugs to a few children including Ivan whose hug was even longer than Harry, she also repeatedly thanked him for helping Harry, Ivan was a bit embarrassed though.

As for the Weasley’s few children, Percy Weasley Courteously gave Ivan and Hermione a meticulous gesture reminding Ivan of an aristocrat.

Behind Percy are Fred and George, A interesting pair of twins, except for the occasional prank they are really hard to hate.

As for Harry’s best friend, freckled, and clumsy in appearance, he intended to drive a car a week ago to save Harry, with Hermione’s strong dissatisfaction.

Ginny, who is staying with Mrs. Weasley, is the same age as Ivan, A beautiful Girl with a head of red hair, but she’s too shy to say a word around Harry.

After a brief introduction, they prepared to go to Gringotts Wizarding Bank to exchange their money.

This is the first time Ivan sees the goblins, they are not much better than the house elves, but he realized that they are very different to house elves from seeing their cunning eyes flash.

The walked up white stone steps into a tall marble hall.

About a dozen goblins are sitting behind the long counter, some counting coins, others are inspecting gems. Countless doors lead to different place, with many goblin guides coming and going.

Harry and the Weasley’s, led by a goblin called a handcar, they are going to withdraw money from their vault, Ivan and Hermione needed to change pounds into the wizarding world money in the hall.

The Grangers exchanged £10, and the Masons traded for a large sack of galleons, far beyond the total value of the items on the school’s shopping list.

After about fifteen minutes, Harry and the Weasleys came out from the underground vault.

Outside of the bank on the marble steps, Percy was muttering about buying a new feather pen, Fred and George saw there friend Lee Jordan, and as for Mr. Weasley, he insisted on taking the Mason couple and the Granger couple for a drink at the Leakey Cauldron.

Ivan looked at Harry, he seemed to have something to say to Ron and Hermione privately, and when he thought about it, Ivan decided to go with Mrs. Weasley and Ginny to buy school robes and wands.

“In an hour gather at Flourish & Blotts,” Mrs. Weasley said, leaving with Ginny and Ivan.

“Also, do not go down Knockturn Alley!” she shouted at the back of the twin brothers.

“Mrs. Weasley, where are we going to buy wands, as you know this is my first time at Diagon Alley?” Ivan said.

“Dear, we are going to Ollivanders since you and Ginny both need a wand.” Mrs. Weasley turned and looked at Ivan with a smile, “But we have to seize the moment, there are so many things to buy, and today there is a signature signing of the new book by Gilderoy Lockhart, and we cannot be late.”

“Gilderoy Lockhart?” Ivan frowned. “I saw the books I needed on my school’s list, and I did not know what the new Defense against the dark arts professor was thinking, the prices of those books aren’t cheap.”

“Yeah, maybe your new teacher is a Lockhart admirer, after all, he’s so great, but they are really overpriced to buy five Lockhart books at once.” Mrs. Weasley looks a little sad, “I’m sorry, Ginny, I think you have to buy a lot of second-hand goods this year.”

“It does not matter, mom!” It seems Ginny could not see how depressed Mrs. Weasley was about it. She blinked at Ivan and whispered. “My mom is hooked on Lockhart and really adores him.”

“Do not talk nonsense, Ginny!”

Mrs. Weasley blushed, “You have to admit it’s really fascinating to be such a great wizard.”

It is particularly attractive to middle-aged to elderly women, Ivan slapped his forehead thinking about how big of a lier Lockhart is, he did not have any goodwill toward him, anyway sooner or later he will be exposed, he did not want to continue thinking about this topic.

What surprised him was Ginny.

The little girl was not as shy as she was when he first saw her. As long a Harry was away, she immediately returned to normal, a very talkative and energetic little girl.

Along the way, she told Ivan a lot of thing about her home.

It can be discerned that unlike Ron she does not really care about using second-hand items that her brother have used. Except for one thing and that is to use a second-hand school uniform which makes her very frustrated.

The three came to an old small shop while chatting.

The signboard on the door was peeling off, and says: “Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C.”

In the dusty window, a wand was placed all alone on a faded purple cushion.

When they entered the chop, a chime came from the back of the room. Ivan looked around, the shop is tiny, there was only a bench in front of the counter.

Not far away, were almost a thousand small cardboard boxes nearly reaching the ceiling.

There were all kinds of wands in them, and somehow Ivan felt that the dust and silence of the place seemed to hold mysterious magic.

Mrs. Weasley led them to sit on the bench and shortly afterward, a gentle voice came from the shop.

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