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Chapter 47
Chapter 0047 First Contact

After confirming his current strength and his inability to destroy the diary, Ivan decided to try to communicate with Tom.

I should not believe whatever he says.

That night, Ivan sat on his bed, he took out a quill and wrote, ‘Hello my name is Ivan Masson.’

The black ink shined brightly for a second but then in the next, it seemed to be sucked into the paper and disappeared without a trace.

Then a set of words that he had never written appeared, ‘Hello Ivan Masson, my name is Tom Riddle, how did you find my diary?’

Seeing the other person respond made Ivan’s heart skip a beat.

The words disappeared when he began to write more.

‘You seem to have offended someone so they threw your diary in the toilet where I found it,’ wrote Ivan

‘Luckily I recorded my thoughts in a more lasting way than ink since I knew there will always be people who didn’t want this diary to be read. This diary records some terrible things from the past, some of them are from Hogwarts,’

‘Oh, so you were a student at Hogwarts?’

‘Yes, when I went, the Chamber of Secrets was…….’

Before riddle had finished, he was interrupted by Ivan writing in the diary, ‘Great, you will be able to help me with my homework,’

‘Homework?’ Tom was stunned, he didn’t reply for a while.

‘Yes, I’ve been looking for a senior to help me, but they seem to be only interested in Quidditch. Professor Snape and Binns gave us some difficult work.’

Ivan’s handwriting was quick and sloppy, like a first-year who hasn’t adapted to Hogwarts and finally found someone who could help him with his homework.

‘These assignments are very difficult, and with my ability, it is completely impossible to complete them. Tom, won’t you help me?’

‘I’m sorry, Ivan, but I think homework should be done by yourself. If you want, I can tell you something else, such as things about the Chamber of Secrets! When I was in my fifth year, the Chamber was opened, and the creature inside attacked several students and killed one. I finally caught the man who opened the chamber of secrets and he was then expelled.’

‘Yeah, good for you! But if I don’t finish before the holiday ends forget the monster, the professors will kill me, so nice talking to you, bye!’

With a flick of his writ, he closed the diary.

Ivan breathed in and fell backward on to his bed. Today he was only making first contact with Riddle so there isn’t a need to do an in-depth conversation with him.

And he has to be careful when he is dealing with Voldemort, he can be led on by him, so Ivan took the initiative in the conversation.

Anyway, he has the diary, he doesn’t need to worry about the attacks continuing, for now, there is still time for him to communicate with Tom before he has to deal with the Basilisk.

A few days later all the students returned to Hogwarts.

The news of Justin being attacked, already spread throughout Hogwarts. And the few joys that Christmas created vanished in an instant.

The atmosphere was depressing, panic filled all the teachers and students minds. They all became more vigilant and suspicious.

As long as there was the slightest hint of trouble, they would run away.

Although Harry wasn’t there for the third attack, it doesn’t prevent anyone from suspecting him. Especially in the face of inquiries, Harry couldn’t explain to them why he left the Christmas party early, which is very suspicious.

More and more people began to whisper to each other and Hufflepuff’s Ernest Macmillan said, “Ever since Justin accidentally told Pott

er that he was a Muggle-born, I have been expecting this!”

But what was worse about him saying this was that people actually believed him because they thought Ivan and Hermione were accomplices to Harry and this caused their newspaper to do even worse.

Peeves wasn’t any help because he kept popping up in crowded hallways and loudly singing, “Oh Potter oh Potter, you’re up to no good, you kill students and find it a hoot!”

He also danced when he sang.

Besides Colin, Luna, and the Weasley family, almost no dared to approach Ivan, Harry, or Hermione.

It also seems that Malfoy guessed that Ivan and Harry had beat him up on Christmas Day so he was always leading Goyle and Crabbe around them, provoking them, like a hyena looking for a chance to attack.

Besides class, they spent most of their time in the library.

Hermione was combing through books from fifty years ago, trying to find who opened the chamber. Their only clue was that they had been expelled from school and had been held in Azkaban until now.

As for Harry and Ron, they decided to learn more about Tom Riddle, the found an award for services to the school, that he was a Prefect, and head boy.

“You know he sounds like Percy” frowned Ron

“It seems he was an excellent student,” said Hermione

“Yeah, I never thought he would be that kind of person” replied Ron, he then turned his head and looked nervously at Ivan, “How is your investigation on the diary?”

“I’ve learned nothing,” said Ivan as he shook his head, he thought it was for the best to not let them know anything about Riddle for now.

“Just like I said, it’s just a regular diary.”

“I would hardly call it ordinary, I made sure it was waterproof, fireproof, and spell proof, I can’t find a way to destroy it.”

“That’s good, Riddle must have wanted to protect his diary,” said Ron with an unnatural expression.

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