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After the incident, Ron seemed to have made up his mind not to speak to Ivan or Percy, and avoided them as much as he could, which embarrassed Harry and Hermione.

As time went on, no one mentioned moaning myrtle anymore.

The talk of the chamber of Secrets was getting less and less. Everyone came to think just like Ron, no matter who the heir was, if their only ability was to petrify a cat, then they had nothing to worry about.

Hermione spent most of her time reading books. She went through thick books detailing events of Hogwarts to find clues about the chamber of secrets. Ivan used his spare time to practice curses in a room where no one was present.

It was getting closer and closer to Harry’s first Quidditch match, so Harry’s Quidditch practice increased significantly.

Every day after dinner, he would be taken by wood to the Quidditch stadium.

Thanks to Malfoy’s sponsorship, the Slytherin’s Quidditch team’s brooms have all been upgraded to the Nimbus 2001’s, which is far better than Gryffindor’s broomsticks.

Since they were unable to get the same broomsticks, Wood decided to increase the team’s training intensity. They flew in almost every weather condition imaginable. He hoped to narrow the gap between the two teams caused by the broomsticks.

Since the fight between the two teams, the conflicts between the two houses have grown larger, so many of the Gryffindor and Slytherin students are hoping for a big fight, the upcoming Quidditch match is just adding fuel to the fire.

The day before the Quittich competition there was a fierce confrontation between the two houses but ever since the first large fight every professor in the school has become very vigilant and stopped it before anything major could happen.

In the blink of an eye, it was Saturday morning.

Ivan and Colin went to the auditorium to have breakfast. Ivan could feel the depressing atmosphere around the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Wood let all the players eat as much as they could but he didn’t eat anything himself, and when every one had finished, they went to the Quidditch stadium.

Because of Ron, Ivan didn’t go with them but waited until Eleven o’clock and went with the school teachers and students to Quidditch stadium.

Ivan was in the stadium next to Colin and Ginny.

The game soon begun, the dazzling figures flew through the air.

From the very beginning of the game you could see which team was more dominant, in less than ten minutes Slytherin scored three consecutive goals, Fred and George’s broom lagged behind their opponents, never coming close to the ball.

“All of our brooms are too slow, and no one but Harry can keep up with Slytherin,” said Colin feebly.

“I hope Harry can catch the snitch soon,” said Ginny while being a little disturbed at how many goals the Slytherins are scoring.

The situation gradually became more beneficial to Gryffindor as in begun to rain.

Wood’s training worked, and because the Slytherin’s lacked practice in different weather conditions, the Slytherin players became slower.

Everyone soon saw a crazy bludger that seemed to be attracted by some magnetic force towards Harry. The bludger tried its best to try to knock Harry out of the air. Ginny screamed while grasping Ivan’s arm tightly.

To avoid the bludger’s ferocious attack, Harry had to rise fiercely.

He turned, rotated, twisted, flew in a zigzag route but nothing he did worked, the bludger kept following him without going after other people.

With Fred and George protecting him, Slytherin scored two more points.

“The Slytherin’s must have done something to the ball,” shouted Ron as he stood up and waved his fist in anger.

“Ivan, what should we do?” asked Ginny.

“Don’t worry Ginny!” said Ivan while comforting her and turning to make his way through the crowd, “Someone should be controlling the bludger, I’m going to take a look.”
This should be the house-elf Dobby’s handy work.

Ivan didn’t know where Dobby was but one thing was for sure, he must have been hiding somewhere in the vicinity.

Ivan wandered around the stadium, looking far and wide until he found the horrendous creature near Ravenclaw’s bleachers. Before he could stop Dobby, he saw Wood calling the team together in a huddle.

“What’s going on?” asked Wood, “Where were you when the bludger prevented Angelina from scoring.”

“We were twenty feet above her preventing another bludger from killing Harry.” said George angrily, “someone has bewitched the ball.”

“But since we practiced last night the bludger has been locked up in Mrs. Hooch’s office since this morning….”

“Listen, you can’t keep flying around me, I have no chance of catching the snitch unless it comes around me.”

Harry saw the Slytherin team sneering at him and said,”Fred and George, go deal with the other bludger and let me deal with the one chasing me.”

“Don’t be silly, Harry!” said Fred, “It will knock your head off.”
“It’s all about you!”

George looked at Wood angrily and said, “Catch the Snitch or die in the game, you must be crazy for telling Harry such a thing!”

“What now?” said Wood while looking at Harry, Fred, and George.

“Oliver, be sensible.” said Alicia Spinnet angrily, “You can’t let Harry deal with that thing alone. We should ask for an investigation!”

“If we stop now, we will be disqualified.” said Harry as he shook his head, “We can’t lose to Slytherin because of a rogue bludger, we practiced for this game for three months.


“Let me deal with the Bludger, I think I can solve the problem,” said Ivan as he ran over.
When the Gryffindor Quidditch player heard him, they turned their heads and looked at him.

“Ivan what are you going to do?” asked Harry eagerly

“You just need to worry about catching the snitch leave the rest to me,” said Ivan, “Come on, Harry! I’ve already written the article about Gryffindor winning, and you can’t let me replace it.

“Well!” said Wood while looking at Ivan and Harry with a firm expression, “Fred, George, you both heard them let Harry deal with the bludger.”

With Mrs. Hooch’s whistle, the game resumed.

Ivan knew he had to hurry. He pulled out his wand while rushing to Ravenclaw’s bleachers, Ivan ignored Luna who stood up and greeted him.

Ivan shouted ” Stupefy” which caused a red light to fly out from his wand.

When Dobby heard Ivan’s shout, he turned his head while looking a little surprised, Dobby stared at him for a second, but he vanished before the spell hit him.

“Damn it!” said Ivan as he clenched his fist since he forgot that house elves could freely apparate within Hogwarts.

At that time there was an exclamation within the stands.

Ivan hurriedly up and saw that Harry caught the snitch but was hit by the wandering ball from behind and fell to the ground.


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