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Chapter 27
Chapter 0027 Special Correspondent

“Oh my god,” said Hermione.

“Ron, you shouldn’t have said that I’m going to go talk to her,” said Ivan while looking at Ron angrily.

“Ok!” said Ron while blushing, “You don’t really like Moaning Myrtle right?”

“Ron!” said Hermione

“I don’t like her, but she is an important source of information.” grunted Ivan, “I had something to ask her, but now it’s all messed up.”

“You should apologize to her even though I don’t really like her, but you shouldn’t have said that near Peeves,” said Hermione

“Apologize?!” said Ron while blushing a little.

“Yes, Ron!” said Harry as he elbowed Ron, “I think Ivan and Hermione are right, we said things we shouldn’t have said.”

“Well since you all think I should, I will go and apologize to her now,” said Ron

After that, he turned around and ran out of the Dungeon while the three people looked at him while being a little worried.

“Let’s go, I’ve looked around, and the food here is not for the living.” sighed Ivan, “And I do have something to ask Myrtle.”

“The three of them walked towards the door, and nearly Headless Nick floated from the crowd.

“My friends, did you enjoy yourself?”

“We enjoyed ourselves very much.”, They lied

“The number of people who have attended is excellent.” said Nearly Headless Nick proudly, “the Wailing Widow came all the way from Kent.”

Nick told the orchestra to stop playing, he stood at a podium with a blue colored spotlight shining on him.

“My late Lords, Ladies, and gentlemen, I am deeply grieved………”

Before his words could finish a sound rang out through the Dungeon, the ghosts looked around excitedly while Nick’s expression looked a bit painful.

Suddenly twelve headless ghosts rode in on horses. All the people who attended clapped warmly, the three clapped to, but when they saw Nearly Headless Nick’s face, they stopped.

The twelve horsemen went to the center of the dance floor and demounted their horses.

The one leading the ghosts was a man that carried his bearded face under his arm. The man took his head and held it high up in the air so he could see the crowd while making everyone laugh.

He strode to Nearly Headless Nick.

“Nick!” said the man, “How are you, is your head still hanging ?” the man shouted.

The man laughed and patted Nearly Headless Nick’s shoulder.

“Welcome, Sir Patrick,” said Nearly Headless Nick stiffly.


Sir. Patrick glanced over towards Ivan, Harry, and Hermione, he dropped his head causing everyone to laugh once more.

“It’s hilarious,” said Nearly Headless Nick.

“Don’t be so gloomy Nick!” shouted Sir. Patrick’s head from the floor, “Nick still has a grudge since we didn’t let him join the Headless Hunt!”

“I think……” said Harry but before he finished his words he noticed Nearly Headless Nick’s meaningful gaze and remembered his engagement, and hastily said, “Nick is terrifying!”


Sir Patrick’s head shouted, ” I guess he told you to say so.”

Then he ignored Harry and started playing a hockey game with his head with the rest of the Headless Hunt, all the ghost turned to watch the Headless Hunt, and no one paid attention to Nick standing at the podium anymore.

Seeing Nearly Headless Nick&rsqu

o;s pathetic appearance, Ivan sighed and felt like he needed to do something.

He stepped to the podium and stood next to Nick, he produced a loud noise using his wand which brought the attention back to the podium.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to share my perspective as a living person,” said Ivan.

All the ghost looked at Ivan curiously, wondering what the young wizard was going to say, a living person’s speech seemed more interesting than the Headless Hunt’s game.

“As a ghost, Nearly Headless Nick may not be as scary as Sir Patrick in appearance, but he is still a very respectable being, even in the living world.”

There was suddenly a lot of chatter, many ghosts doubted what Ivan said.

“To get more people to commemorate his deathday, and to thank him for the help he offered me,” Ivan continued, “I decided to Invite Sir Nicholas to become a special correspondent for the Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper, and to publish his life’s story in the newspaper.”

The voices of the ghost grew louder and made everyone curious about the work of a ‘special correspondent.

A ghosts life is so dull even though they had endless life, there are very few things that one could entertain oneself with, through the years their memory fades, some ghost even stand in a dark corner, but those ghosts forget who they were all together.

This is the horrifying reality for a ghost, all ghost desperately look for things to do, but the choices are insufficient, this is one of the reasons the Headless hunt is so popular.

But only a few ghost head and body are separate, the vast majority of ghosts are still one being.

Ivan’s newspaper correspondent job offers them something to do, but they have never heard of the Hogwarts’ Magic.

“The Hogwarts’ Magic Newspaper is a newspaper that specializes in things related to Hogwarts’ wizards, the current sales have reached 800, but the sales are steadily improving.” Ivan saw that Everyone still had doubts, so he continued to explain, “We have been cooperating with mainstream media such as the Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly, and the Quibbler. For example, the article about Sir Nicholas’ life will simultaneously be printed in the Daily Prophet and the Hogwarts’ Magic.”

As Ivan’s voice faded, the entire room erupted.

Nearly Headless Nick’s life will appear in the Daily Prophet, this is a great honor for a ghost who has been dead for hundreds of years.

Everyone was staring at Nearly Headless Nick with envy.

Afte a minute, Nearly Headless Nick reacted, he looked at Ivan excitedly, he wanted to thank Ivan for everything he did. Ivan believed if Nearly Headless Nick could cry he would have been weeping long ago.

Ivan’s words helped Nick win the respect of all the ghosts, put his deathday party back on track, and no one was paying attention to Sir Patrick and the Headless Hunt anymore.

The ghosts congratulated Nick and floated around Ivan, Harry, and Hermione, eagerly asking if there was any vacancy for special correspondents for the newspaper.

Ivan thought, the more articles, the better.

There were over a thousand ghost from all over the U.K. here, if he could convince them and their friends to help collect new, the news sources of the Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper would soon be greater than the Daily Prophet.

Ivan looked at the enthusiasm of all the ghost, Ivan even considered looking for someone to write down their life stories.

However, this work would be too big and boring. The young wizards simply could not do the job so he would have to wait to hire specialized staff for this task.

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