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Chapter 26
Chapter 0026 Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday Party

In the face of the unknown Ivan choose to wait with caution.

If the diary was given to someone by Lucius, then the Chamber of Secrets should be opened.

Ivan remembers that the first attack was initially on Halloween.

On Halloween, he intended to stay with Ginny to monitor her, or to see if anyone else was acting suspicious, but Hermione disagreed, she wanted Ivan to go with them to Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday party.

“Hermione, I’m sick so let me stay in the living world. Besides, I’m going to be doing the article about the Halloween party for next weeks headline.”

“You haven’t been sick since Tuesday, Ivan!” said Hermione as she shook her head refusing to let Ivan stay, “The article can be handed over to Colin and Ginny, Nearly Headless Nick has already helped us with gathering news so we can’t be absent tonight.”

“But Dumbledore booked a troupe of dancing skeletons for the entertainment,” said Harry with hesitation since he nor Ron wanted to attend the Deathday party.

Hermione turned her head to remind Harry and said, “You and Ron were the ones that promised Nearly Headless Nick that you would attend his Deathday Party.”

So at seven o’clock in the evening, the four walked through the door which led to the Great Hall. There were numerous decorations, candles, and gold plates on the table, it was very tempting, but instead of going to the party they went towards the dungeons.

Even though they go to potions class this way, it’s especially scary tonight.

Some candles lined the hall, but the effect wasn’t great since the thin candles burned a very light blue, which made them feel gloomy.

Every step the four took the temperature fell.

Which made Ivan sneeze and wrap his clothes around himself tighter.

He soon heard a sound that was like a thousand nails scratching on a blackboard.

“What that sound?” said the terrified Ron.

“I think it’s music,” whispered Harry.

They turned a corner and immediately saw Nearly Headless Nick, who was standing beside the doorway.

“My dear friends.” said Nick, “I’m so glad that you came, welcome, welcome.”

He took off his hat and bowed slightly while asking them to enter.

The sight was unbelievable, the Dungeon was packed with hundreds of translucent figures, most of them swinging dancing on the crowded dance floor, they were waltzing to the terrible sound of the musical saws, the orchestra played on a black-draped raised platform.

The chandelier had thousands of candles lit on it releasing a magnificent glow.

Ivan could see his breath, it was like he was in a freezer.

“Well, what shall we do now?”

“Let’s look around first!”, Suggested Harry.

“Be careful not to walk through anyone,” said Ron nervously.

They carefully walked around the edge of the dance floor, they saw a group of Gloomy nuns, Ragged man wearing chains, and Fat Friar

They then came across Bloody Baron who was a ghost of Slytherin with blank staring eyes, a gaunt face, and robes stained with silver blood. No one dared to go near him, so the other ghosts gave him ample space to be by himself.

“Oh no,” said  Hermione, “Turn around quickly, I don’t want to talk to Moaning Myrtle!”

“Who?” whispered Harry.

“She’s a ghost that haunts one of the girl’s bathrooms,” answered Hermione.

“Haunts the Bathroom?”

“Yes because of that the bathroom is always out of order since she keeps flooding it. As long as we can avoid

her you’re good but if you go to the bathroom she screams at you, it’s really annoying!”

Hermione’s heart sank when she saw Ivan head towards Myrtle.

“What is he doing?”

“Who knows, maybe Myrtle is Ivan’s type.” said Ron with a big grin, “haha, this is big news.”

Hermione glared at Ron, and then the three followed Ivan quickly.

Since the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was in the bathroom where Moaning Myrtle is located, Ivan wanted to ask if she has seen anyone strange enter recently.

At present the location of Tom Riddles’ diary is unknown, so any clues should not be overlooked.

Before Ivan got the chance to speak to Moaning Myrtle, he saw a being with an orange jesters cap, pale skin, black hair, and black eyes appear in front of him.

“Little kids would you like some?” said Peeves while holding out a bowl of moldy peanuts.

“No thanks,” said Ivan, quickly refusing.

“I just heard you talking about poor moaning Myrtle, that’s impolite!”

Peeves took a deep breath and roared, “Hey, Myrtle!”

“Peeves please don’t tell her what I said she’ll be very sad.”, Said Hermione, who was standing beside Ivan. She whispered in a hurry, “I was just joking……..”

Her words were cut short when she saw Moaning Myrtle float closer and closer.

Moaning Myrtle’s expression was filled with the most melancholy and gloom that Ivan had ever seen before.

“What?” asked moaning Myrtle with a sullen face.

“Hello, Myrtle, it’s good to see you outside the bathroom,” said Hermione in a charming voice.

“Miss Granger was talking about you just now,” said Peeves slyly.

“We were saying you looked so beautiful tonight,” said Hermione as she glared at Peeves.

“You were making fun of me.”

Moaning Myrtle looked at Hermione suspiciously, but then tears suddenly flowed down her glassy eyes.

“No, really, didn’t I just say that Myrtle looked beautiful?” said Hermione while elbowing Harry and Ron’s side.


“She did!”

“Don’t lie to me, you think I don’t know what people call me behind my back,” said moaning Myrtle with tears falling from her checks, “Fatty Myrtle, Ugly Myrtle, Poor sobbing sullen Myrtle!”

“You forgot ….” said Peeves as he laughed.

“Enough Peeves!” said Ivan as he quickly interrupts Peeves, Ivan had something to ask so he couldn’t let Peeves mess it up.

“We Really believe you’re beautiful tonight, you’re very friendly unlike the other ghosts, you are the best one, believe me…..”

Hearing Ivan’s compliments about Myrtle, Harry, Ron, and Hermione opened their mouths wide in astonishment.

“Does he actually like Myrtle?” Whispered Ron to Harry, but unfortunately, he was heard by Peeves and Myrtle.

“You’re lying, nobody, likes me,” said Moaning Myrtle as she burst into tears once more and ran out of the Dungeon.

“No one likes Myrtle, pimple face Myrtle!” shouted Peeves as he ran behind her throwing moldy peanuts.

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