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Chapter 25
Chapter 0025 Deviation from the Story

He signed the contracts with the daily prophet, but Ivan underestimated the influence of the Daily Prophet, when he sat to eat some toast the next morning, he saw a parliament of owls fly in to the great hall.


I didn’t know who shouted when all the students looked up and saw a fantastic scene.

Countless owls poured into the Great Hall, covering almost the entire ceiling.

“Hogwarts Great Hall, Ivan Masson!”

Ivan saw his name and address on an envelope, he frowned and reached for it, but soon three, four, five owls flapped their wings to his side, they stepped on the butter, knocked over the salt, each one wanted to give him their letter first.

“What’s the matter?” asked Colin curiously.

No one answered, and then seven more owls flew down, but this time they were looking for Harry.

“I think I know what’s going on guys, look at this!” said Hermione excitedly, she grabbed a Parcel from the owls. But before she could open the parcel over ten owls flew in and surrounded her instantly.

Ivan opened the parcel Hermione handed over,  it contained the latest issue of the Daily Prophet. The article about Harry’s mother was placed on the front page with the other articles by the editor and Bathilda Bagshot.

Lockhart’s photos and novels occupied the entertainment section and the novel section. Hermione’s two articles occupied a space under Rita Skeeter’s article.

“These are letters from people who read our articles.”

“The letter she held was sent by a witch who was over 50 years old, thanking Hermione for efforts to keep underage wizards safe since she lost her daughter in a flying accident when her daughter was eight. A lot of the letters came from Muggle-born wizards, who thanked her for saying what they always wanted to say.

Unlike Hermione’s thanks she received, Harry received a much more touching thanks. People used some gorgeous but over the top statements to express their sorrow over Harry’s unfortunate life.

As for Ivan, he got more criticism.

People complained about some of the things he wrote, such as how Voldemort failed, what Lily’s last spell was, and who was the Black haired boy on the pendant.

A man said they had the right to know the truth.

Ron opened one of Ivan’s letters and muttered, “What does he want to know, why not just ask he who should not be named?”

“Look this woman is suggesting you go to St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries,” said Colin, “She might be a follower of he who should not be named?”

In fact, the professors are more stressed than Ivan.

Almost every professor received a large number of letter, including Dumbledore and McGonagall, the readers who read Ivan’s article hope that the professors will take better care of Harry.

In the face of an endless stream of owls, they were overwhelmed.

Professor Snape, cast a spell causing all the owls to fly away.

Unlike Snape who was angry, Lockhart was extremely excited, Lockhart received the most letters, he put all the letters in a particular pocket so that in his free time he can write back to his fans.

Anyway, Ivan’s articles had an unforeseen result.

Many older wizards were surprised that young wizards could write so well, but most people think they make a lot of sense, although in some places the wording isn’t accurate considering the age of several people the flaw is negligible.

The good news about all this is the editor of the Daily Prophet said he was willing to reprint the articles of Ivan, Hermione, and Lockhart for a while, wh

ich will significantly enhance the sells of Hogwarts’ Magic. In addition to the students in school, there are even adult wizards willing to order the newspaper.

With the advantage he achieved so far, Ivan successfully printed around 800 follow up papers per issue.

Everything was going right, and the Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper became part of the everyday life of a few wizard, the newspaper received more and more contributions and made some modest profits. Professors and students got accustomed to the countless owls that rained down for breakfast every Wednesday.

Because of the small amount of money he earned, Ivan bought a few herbs for himself and bought Hermione a new quill. The rest of the money was spent on Fred and George’s research.

Under the supply of materials, the twins achieved excellent results.

In addition to the magical fireworks, they also developed Extendable Ears, Self-Writing Quill, Nosebleed Nougat, and Ton-Tongue Toffee.

These things were brilliant but fraught with danger.

Fred and George received a lot of orders, and many young wizards expressed their excitement for their new product. However, Percy and Hermione didn’t let them turn other people into their guinea pigs, which led to the twins almost living in the school hospital.

The matron of Hogwarts Madam Poppy Pomfrey was mad, even without Fred and George she was busy every day.

Since October the weather became cold.

Ginny and Ivan who was sick recently were not spared by Percy who forced them to drink some of Madam Poppy Pomfrey’s Pepperup Potion which caused steam to come out of their ears for hours.

His cold, the revies of the manuscripts, and the increasing class assignments greatly reduced Ivan’s focus of the Chamber of Secrets.

Thankfully Ginny had not had any abnormalities, she had gone to the library every night to help Hermione to help edit the manuscripts, so she shouldn’t have the time to open the Chamber, or she hasn’t been controlled by Tom Riddle.

Ivan found time to talk to her about the diary, but Ginny said she had never seen a black diary.

This surprised Ivan, if Ginny didn’t have Tom Riddle’s diary who did, did Lucius Malfoy not give it to her, perhaps since crossing over it produced more than a simple ripple from the butterfly effect. (T/N: Translators punches Ivan and says, “no shit Sherlock”)

But anyway, the plot has changed, Ivan’s most significant advantage gone!

After worrying about it for a while, Ivan cleared his mind and decided to worry about it some other time.

Hopeful Tom Riddle does not appear as for a way to destroy the Horcrux’s, not my problem so Dumbledore should worry about it.

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