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Chapter 24
Chapter 0024 Extraordinary Sucess

“Unprecedented success, Ivan!” this was Fred and George’s evaluation of the newspaper.

Now the Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper is the most popular thing in the entire school, all the student are talking about it.

The front page introduced the fight at the Quidditch field which greatly satisfied everyone’s curiosity. Colin even captured a few photos that showcased the handsome side of Ivan.

Handsome, intelligent, and the creator of a newspaper, Ivan is now almost as famous as Harry, he is now one of the most popular students, most people hade a positive evaluation of him, and even the girls were thinking of writing love letters to him.

The advantage of the newspaper was that he could change public opinion, so in his article, he showed that Slytherin was the primary cause of the battle.

Of course, it was the truth.

Now that everyone knew what happened they decided to condemn Malfoy which made Malfoy angry. Malfoy glared at Ivan and Harry from afar but didn’t come up for trouble.

Also, Hermione’s articles were doing better then he expected, even though most young wizards will not care about this stuff. However, at lunch Ivan noticed several professors reading the contents of the articles carefully.

Introducing secret passages, Quidditch, and magical creature articles were popular with the young wizards, although most of the stuff was covered in books many young wizards won’t read those books.

Some of the articles can help new students integrate into school life quicker. The twins made word games and joke that the seniors like.

As for Luna’s article, ” How to find a Horned Snorkack,” wasn’t very popular.

But Luna was still very Happy and gave a recent issue of the Quibbler to Ivan and said her father would like to cooperate with them in depth for a joint publication of Horned Snorkack research results.

The most popular articles were Lockhart’s pictures and novel.

It was mainly popular among girls and Hermione was not an exception. Even a lot of Slytherin girls secretly got a copy of the Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper.

But what was more surprising was that a few people got a new newspaper from Ivan to mail back to their parents, most of them were fans of Lockhart.This would increase the number of buyers, but then Ivan had to consider printing them.

Someone finally noticed Ivan story about Lily by breakfast, The descriptive article brought everyone back to Godric’s Hollow.

As one of the most well knows modern wizarding events, the young wizards knew the basics of what happened, but no one knew the details that Ivan wrote in his article.

For a while, this story replaced Lockhart’s novel as the primary focus.

Today’s breakfast was destined to be much longer than usual, as everyone was immersed in this tragic story, no one care about their food.

Besides the Slytherin’s the other houses were all quiet while reading the article. This made Slytherin’s curious, but because of the boycott, they couldn’t look.

After a while, the Slytherins went back to their houses common room, but the Slytherin students were still looking at them curiously.

Ivan had a smirk since he had to stay up late that night and work.

Slytherins boycott was soon almost nonexistent. Ivan also noticed that Snape was absent at breakfast that night, it seems that the article had a significant impact on him.

In fact, in the following week, Professor Snape’s mood was bizarre, Snape was the first to leave the class, he didn’t eat in the great hall either, apart from Ivan no one else knew what was wrong with Snape, Snape wasn’t even making it hard on Gryffindor students which was inconceivable to some students.

Everyone now knew how Voldemort failed, people were unaffected by the duel between James and Voldemort but were touched by the love that Lily showed.

As the article said, she had a chance to live, but for Harry’s sake she gave it up. Ultimately the power of love caused Voldemort’s magic to rebound and usher in a new era.

An hour later when Ivan and Harry left the Great Hall, all the students applauded Harry.

They were paying tribute to Harry and his parting, as heroes who saved the wizarding world.

That evening Gryffindor held a party where all the staff of the Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper became the primary focus, It made Colin excited, which made him slightly concerned about him.

“Hogwarts Magic newspaper” achieved unprecedented success, they originally printed 700 copies but had to print another 300 copies afterward since the demand was so high.

Even the businesses that advertised in the newspaper benefited, as well as Fred and George’s modified magical fireworks, all of which were sold in under a day, so they are creating new ones.

After the businesses advertised in the paper, their sales increased around 30%, for example, a lot of ordered lemonade by owl from The Three Broomsticks which made Madam Rosmerta wish she let Ivan drink Butterbeer. Another example is after Ivan recommended the Cockroach Clusters, they instantly became the most popular candy at Honeydukes. (T/N: The other chapter said Chocolate Cauldrons, but it was supposed to be Cockroach Clusters. My bad and I’ll change it.)

This allowed the Flume couple to sell a lot more than they usually would which made them delighted.

Of course, when the student bought them people instantly became nausea and lost their appetite, Ivan also got the terrible title ‘Cockroach killer.’

A few days later the businesses sent a letter to Ivan and invited him to come again that weekend to discuss future cooperation.

While the price they were willing to pay was lower than the Daily prophet but a least it was a step forward after he got them to sign a long-term contract.

As a result, the necessary cost of printing the newspaper was solved.

It made him feel relieved that he could afford to pay for the next issue of the Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper.

Three days later, while Ivan was eating his breakfast and whispering to Hermione about the next issue of the newspaper, he received an unexpected letter.

“Look guys!” said Ivan excitedly, “The editor in chief of the Daily Prophet wants to buy the rights to reprint Professor Lockhart’s pictures and novels, my story about Harry’s mother, and …….”

Ivan paused, and everyone stared at him nervously.

“And Hermione’s two articles, ‘Calling for the Ministry of Magic to focus on the safety of underage witches’ and ‘The legitimate rights and interests of Muggle-born wizards.'”, said Ivan dryly

“My goodness!” said Ron in a surprised tone with mouth wide open.

“Is it true, Ivan?” asked Hermione

“Yes,” said Ivan as he wrinkled his nose and added, “In fact, Barnabas Cuffe thinks your articles are brilliant, and if you want you can sign the contract that came with the letter and they will mail the reprint costs and royalties tomorrow.”

“Of course I am willing!” said Hermione as she grabbed the contract.

“The editor of the Daily Prophet is insane, why would he want to buy Hermione’s articles.” said Ron, “Is it because she wanted the ministry of magic to bane the Quidditch game.”

“Who knows maybe he has acrophobia like me.” said Ivan as he stood up, “I’m going to go talk to Professor Lockhart and take Colin with me to take some new pictures.”

Harry looked at Ivan’s back and blinked innocently, he couldn’t understand why someone would want to publish the article in the Daily Prophet.

Harry agreed to let Ivan put the article in the Daily Prophet, he felt it was necessary to let more people know what she did.

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