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Chapter 18
Chapter 0018 Ivan’s Revenge

All the Gryffindor students think that potions class is worse than Transfiguration.

Potions class was in the basement the classroom had a faint smell of herds, with different specimens in jars that makes one shiver.

The worst part of potions class is Professor Snape. As long as he stood there, no one dared to even whisper.

In the first lesson after mocking everyone, Snape turned to Ivan and prepared to embarrass him.

But Ivan was prepared and answered all the questions correctly.

“Another one like Mrs. Granger, Mister Perfect,” said Professor Snape contemptuously.

Mister perfect was another nickname that he received from Snape after the last one ‘Poter’s follower,’ matching Hermione’s Miss Perfect.

After Snape asked about almost everything from One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi and Magical Drafts and Potions Snape decided to change his strategy but Snape still deducted a point from Gryffindor on the basses of his uniform was not neatly worn.

He decided to treat Ivan like he treats Hermione, that is with indifference.

This was a lot easier for Ivan, but it was hard to be happy when Snape was still looking for any reason to deduct a point from Gryffindor students.

But Ivan had to admit that Snape was competent.

For example, Snape wrote a simple potion recipe for the treatment of scabies on the blackboard, it differed slightly to the one written in the book.

It was a small change, but it was superior to the book’s recipe.

Everyone except for Ivan hadn’t practiced this potion before, so he knew how superior the quality was.

Snape acted like it wasn’t a big deal but Ivan knew that it was. Each potion was refined and documented by countless potions masters over the years so to improve the recipe just a little would require countless hours of research by numerous potions masters, but for Snape, it was a simple feat.

Even improving the most basic of basic potions should prove to people he was one of the best, if not the best potions masters.

“Snape is terrible just like everyone told me,” said Colin who looked like he still had not recovered from potions class.

He seemed to be haunted by what might have happened, if Ivan had not stopped him from putting the wrong ingredient in the potions, Colin would have been spending the night in the hospital wing. But then again if Snape didn’t stare at Colin he might not have messed up.

For Colin’s mistake, he was deducted two points and got the grade of  Troll from Snape.

“Colin, cheer up, even if people seem to mean that doesn’t mean they aren’t still good people,” said Ivan trying to comfort him.

When Ron who had just sat down heard his remark, he immediately stood up and said, “Oh my God you are praising Snape.”

“I’m just honest,” said Ivan, he decided not to respond to Ron and eat his pie.

“Hello, Harry!” said Colin when he saw Harry come along while hurrying to his feet.

“Hello, Colin!” replied Harry reluctantly, Colin has told him hello six or seven times today so far. Harry may be getting tired of it, but Colin still enjoys it, as if it was the most exciting thing in the world.

Harry looked like he wanted to ask for help but Ivan can do nothing about this.

He can’t stop Colin or Ginny from worshipping Harry even if he tried, just as he can’t stop Hermione from worshipping Lockhart.

Ivan turned to Hermione and said, “Professor Lockhart has agreed to help us, he invited me to come to his office after dinner and promised to put some of his unpublished man

uscripts in the newspaper.

“Really, Ivan!” said Hermione with a look of pure joy, “Can I go with you?”

“I think there shouldn’t be a problem but I have something to write tonight so I will not be able to go so you can go with Colin and remember to take some pictures.”

“I thought you realized after yesterdays class, what that guy’s nature was, Hermione!” said Ron, “He’s a fraud” muttered Ron.

“Nonsense!” yelled Hermione while glaring at him, “You’ve all read his books and all the amazing things he’s done….”

“Only he said he had done anything.”

After dinner, Hermione and Colin went to Lockhart’s office while Harry and Ron went to find nearly headless Nick and ask him to contact the other ghost to discuss the newspaper.

Ivan had intended to go with them but he received a reply from Bathilda Bagshot, detailing the life and death of Lily Poter, the day Voldemort was defeated, including a lot of small details.

These were things that had never appeared in any other book.

Ivan didn’t even tell Harry about what he was writing about, he returned to Gryfinndor common room quickly, and after reading the letter several times he started to write.

“The Guardian of Love, The Greatest Mother Lily Potter!”

Ivan briefly introduced the life of Lily first, including her excellent performance at Hogwarts, and how she escaped Voldemort three times before.

Then wrote about the last days of Lily with a slightly pompous and rigorous tone, as if he had seen all these things happen, and added countless details from Bathilda’s reply.

At the end he wrote how James was killed by Voldemort and how Lily fought to protect Harry, causing the article to reach its climax.

Ivan highlighted how great a mother Lily was, her love for Harry, and the tragic battle scene, he believed that as long as one was not a death eater they couldn’t help but shed a tear.

Ivan omitted the magic that Lily had last used, he didn’t know what it was, and he was not sure whether Dumbledore wanted people to know because Bathilda’s reply didn’t mention it.

As the rumor went, Voldemort killed Lily and tried to kill Harry, but failed whether it was a spell rebound or something else, people never knew.

The truth couldn’t be told but that didn’t stop him from conceiving a few details.

In his description he stated, after the death of Lily as she slowly fell to the ground, her hands still griping Voldemort’s robe, stopping his march towards Harry, in her hands was a locket on one side a family photo of the Potters, on the back her childhood friend a black-haired youth. And the text ends.

Ivan wrote what the youth looked like and if anyone could guess who it was, it would be their problem.

‘Well, that’s my revenge on Snape.” thought Ivan maliciously, ‘Since you dare deduct points from me, I have to let you suffer a little!’

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