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A long long time ago, in a distant galaxy. On the Planet of Coruscant, in the Temple Of Jedi.

The hero Anakin Skywalker stood quietly on the tallest tower and peered into the dark depths of the unknown Universe

Thank You, Luke. Through your eyes I once again saw the twin sunset of my homeplanet Tatooine.

Leia, will lead the Rebels and restore the new Republic, along with the young Jedi Lee. ( I am assuming author has named the broom boy with force in Last Jedi as Lee.)

Thousands of future Jedi’s who have already felt the call of The Force, will restore the Order and bring Freedom and Peace to the entire galaxy.

Master Obi-wan, Master Qui-Gon, Master Windu, Master Yoda, I have finally brought peace to this Universe. Emperor Sith, he’s dead.

Padme our children are well.

Now there is only one thing left: To finally meet you.

His figure slowly turned to dust and dissipated into the Universe.

Anakin, may the force be with you.


Surprise!  Another FF translation.  Honestly this one is simpler and shorter. Hehe.

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