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"But do not go so near the ____; 'Tis safer far within the ____; The water here's as dark as ____: To go would be a sin."

They heeded not, and in a ____, Like little birds that feed on ____, The merry girls flew o'er the ____; And now, alas! they're in.

But when he heard the dreadful ____, And saw the drowning maidens ____, He hurried with his stick of ____ Along the slippery ground.

And others came, and with a ____ They crept around the dangerous ____, And lifted dripping o'er the ____ The maids so nearly drowned.



Who can turn this old woman into the Duke of Wellington, and the rough-looking man with a broken nose into Napoleon III.? You will not need any fairy wand nor magic sentence to do it; just trace the heads upon a piece of thick paper, and cut them out carefully with a pair of sharp scissors; then place them so that their shadows may fall clearly upon a sheet of paper, and the change is complete. You can make many different surprises of the same kind by drawing other heads yourselves.

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