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Harem Dora Prince chapter 3: Father and daughter

“Hey, come on, come on!” Old man  


From the deepest part of the dark abyss, they appear, monsters who eat people. A demon called Oni attacked us, just as we were about to finish our meals. The number is one, two, three......a lot anyway. All of them howl and surrounded us.


“Guruaaaaaa!!” Oni
“Hee? You seem to be bery proud of your own power, but you don't know how to handle your body” Craft 


I avoided the metal rod aimed at my head and I swung down with all of my might diverting the rod to the ground. A cloud of sand and soil arise from the impact, the dust cloud gets thicker and envelops our bodies. I kick the jaw of the red Oni by jumping, performing a vertical rotation in the air before swinging down my sword. I cut him in half diagonally, from one corner of the head down to the loincloth on its waist. The Oni was beautifully cut into two with one clean strike, slowly bleeding green blood as it falls down..
(Wouldn’t there be fast bleeding and entrails leaking onto the dusty ground?)


“Even though it is early spring, isn’t it cold wearing only a pair of underpants?" Craft

“Guuoraruaaa!!" Oni 


Immediately after commenting on their appearance, the next Oni sneaked behind me. It had a great strategy, attacking before the cloud dissipates, but that Oni ruined it with its loud voice.


“So in this way, you're taking measures" Craft


The metal rod of that Oni collides with my Danthes, changing its facial expression for a moment into a surprised one. With its tall and thick build, I guess that it can't comprehend how I caught its attack while I'm half as tall as the Oni......which is reasonable.


“You can’t only rely on your arm strength, you need ability too" Craft


Purple lightning emits from my body, shining brightly in this dark forest. Using [Physical Strengthening], I strengthened both my reflexes and athletic ability, such a meaningless trick won't surprise me. If you do it smartly and compactly......


“You have to do be wiser than that" Craft


Thunder magic passes through Danthes and flows into the Oni's metal rod. Without resistance to thunder, the Oni’s hands numb, releasing their grip on the metal rod and at that moment, I swing Danthes sideways.


“Second Oni down, only one left” Craft  


Compared to that fat red Oni just a little earlier I thought this Oni was rather muscular and massive, but they were at the same level.


“Hey, Uncle! How about you?" Craft  


While dealing with the following yellow Oni, I check up on the uncle’s side of the battle. I fought three, while he had 5 Oni as opponents so I was worried──


“What, kid, you're not finished yet?" Old man


The old man is sitting on a stump and wiping his bloodstained sword with a cloth. Beside him were the corpses of the Onis, stacked ontop of eachother, that the old man has defeated.


“Let me see. I think it ends now" Craft
“Guooooo!!” Oni 


The last one of the Oni, who was my opponent, crumbles down after being stabbed in the chest. Damn it. While I was fighting three, he defeated so many of them.


“Hii, huu, mii......I have six and you have three. I'm winning” Old man
“......It was hard, so I can't help it” Craft  


Besides, I am not using a gun. I handled it with my Danthes on a daily basis, but if I used a gun I think I could have defeated more Onis quickly......yeah.


“Well good. I knew that you weren’t just a kid with a big mouth" Old man
“Oh. You can expect more from the real me" Craft
“Really? Then let's hurry ahead. I don't have extra time to waste" Old man
“Yes yes. Let's clean up this whole place" Craft 


I shake the blood on Danthes of before putting it back to its sheath. Next time, it would be interesting if I encounter a stronger demon as my opponent......


“That would be useless" Old man
“I see. Then, maybe you can tell me the details of the target soon?” Craft 


While advancing to the depths of the forest, I try to talk about the topic of concern as a conversation. As we don't know any of the target's features, not setting a single countermeasure will be dangerous. I guess I'm not stupid enough to concede here.


“Details? To tell you the truth, I only know the monster from recorded literature" Old man
“What, you have never seen it?" Craft
“Yes. According to the books conveyed to my clan, it is said that the gods were monsters when they were still living on earth. And there is a legend about a monster that was sealed by the gods in the past" Old man 


It's a mythical monster. I don't entirely believe in gods, but their existence in this world is a story from a thousand years ago.

“That demon is sealed by the gods, right? So, is it necessary to kill it?" Craft
“I also thought so a little while ago......but several months ago, an inexplicable phenomenon occurred near the shrine where the monster was sealed. Since then, I have been regularly investigating this place" Old man 


While saying that, the old man gradually diced up the plants that grew around to move forward.


“This is a story from a nearby village. The villagers heard loud explosions that began late at night and continued until the next morning. The next morning, when the villagers went to check the shrine, there were only traces of a battle and something that went on a rampage." Old man
“Explosive sounds all night? Hee......that is so amazing" Craft
“The ground was deeply guttered and the trees around it were blown off…..and moreover, in the center of it, was the smell of something burned. It's a strange story" Old man


Hmm? For some reason, my mind kept being drawn back to a specific word ever since a little while ago.


“Moreover, that thousand-year-seal ends today, its date was written in (on?) the book. If that monster escapes, It will soon......" Old man
“A few months ago, all night, black smoke......? No, no, no way......" Craft
“What's up, youngster? There's no time to stop at such a place" Old man

“Hey, old man. Maybe that it a snake with many heads?" Craft
“......? What are you talking about, youngster?" Old man


Th, that's a relief. I thought that it was a story of (the?) Yamata no Orochi I fought before, but there is no such a coincidence no matter how many things happened......


“If you knew about it why didn't you say it earlier. Anyway, the target is a giant eight-headed snake" Old man
“Waa, I knew it. Yeah, I was convinced that it was that thing" Craft 


That guy! I fought that creature with Kaitos!


“Wait, wait a second! That monster has already been defeated by me!" Craft
“......What did you say? What do you mean?” Old man
“The identity of the one that caused multiple explosions that happened a few months ago was perhaps the duo Kaitos and me. As we were traveling through Isamura, we descended into a forest to camp, where we were suddenly attacked by a giant snake!" Craft 


Kaitos said, "Houhou, it looks like a delicious serpent. Let's fight it to eat it later, it probably will taste delicious" and the hell-like battle began.


“We fought the whole night, but......when it disappeared only one head remained. The other heads were all slashed by my sword......and eaten by me" Craft  


Such a thing can be considered as a ridiculous yet amazing story. That's why I mentioned it, knowing that after I finish talking, I will be suspected for lying., but──


“......I see, you have defeated it” Old man
“Eh? You believe me?” Craft 


I regrettably asked for a reply that was not anticipated.


“I know that you're not the kind of person who'll spout random lies. You're loved that much, I can tell from your wife's homemade boxed lunch. At least, from my perspective, you´re not a bad man." Old man  


If you put it that way, I won't be able to say anything. This uncle is too handsome. He has more charisma than my father.


“......However, what makes me anxious is that, from your story, one head remained. In other words, the eight-headed giant snake is still alive" Old man

“Maybe. Anyway, I am responsible for not knowing that it was such a big shot. I'm going to finish what I started and kill that snake with these hands” Craft 


The opponent who I defeated once. I won’t be receiving help from Kaitos this time, but instead, I’m accompanied by this old warrior. Together, we have to absolutely kill it this time.


“Well, if it has only one head, I will be able to defeat it by a margin" Craft
“Don't be too careless, youngster. In the months that it didn't show up, it would have already healed its wounds” Old man
“Maybe. Perhaps it's all grown up already......uoo!" Craft 


And for a brief period, I was on the right track. Suddenly in the middle of our conversation, a big earthquake occurs.


“Tsu! What the hell is this!" Craft  


The earth is shaking and it is difficult to endure.


“Hey hey, I heard that there are many earthquakes in Isamura......but how about this!" Craft  


I manage to steer so that my body will not lose its posture, but there is no indication that the tremors will end at all.


“Wrong. This is not an earthquake, perhaps──” Old man 


The violent tremor forms a crack in the ground, breaking the earth where we were standing on moments ago. The old man and I escaped to a nearby tree top, jumping quickly to avoid falling into the expanding cracks on the ground. And after finally reaching the top, I was able to observe the whole situation.


“......Indeed, this is certainly not an earthquake" Craft  


A sight from the top of a tree. A pillar of light extends from the ground to the sky. It is kind of a blessing to bother to carefully tell me where I am.


“Should we say that the monster has resurrected over there?" Craft
“I guess. Youngster, if you want to run away you can escape..." Old man
“Don't joke. Originally its my prey, I will bring home the last head as a present for my wife!" Craft 


We jump along the branches of the trees towards the source of the gradually weakening light. There is a Yamata No Orochi at the base of it. We descend from the top of the tree and land gracefully on the ground at the border of the forest, the location of the lightsource.


“Yaato! This is the arrival......there is nothing?" Craft 


No, there is a rift which seems to be the center of the crack from the previous time. But there were no noticeable things in this plain other than that.  

(They jumped from tree to tree to arrive at a plain, if that is correct then I will not change it, is the lightsource located on the border of a forest and plains?)


“What does this mean? The light of a while ago......?"  


The old man who caught up with me made an surprised face and tilted his head mysteriously. That's it. I guess there is nothing wrong with missing that light and it is certain that something happened.  


“Hey, old man. Perhaps......" Craft  


Perhaps the Orochi has already escaped. I thought so, but as soon as I raised my face to consult with the old man......


“ ass?” Craft


A white-skinned butt......reflected at the edge of sight. No, it's an arse or lower body. There are countless cracks in this place where we are standing, but the lower body of a human who is turned upside down from one of the cracks is jumping out. It does not have any underwear on it and is buttnaked. (Inserted a little pun)


“Youngster? What is that strange thing?" Old man
“No, I don't know. Even if you ask me" Craft


As you can see, it is a small kid's body. I do not know why it is caught in a crack at such a place, but......I should help.


“Hey? Small butt that is sticking out, are you alive?” Craft
“......Nu? Nnu......? Nuu! Nuuuuuuu!!” ???  


I woke up because I heard a voice and the lower body suddenly begins to rampage. It seems to be difficult to escape by itself alone, so I suppose I should help out after all.


“Hey, stay still. I'll help you right away" Craft
“Nuuuuuguuuuu!! Uginyaa!” ??? 


When I caught the ramping moving right ankle, I pulled her out at once in an instant. Although it may have been somewhat painful, I helped her, so she has to endure it.

(He’s a dick and should have seen that the lower body hasn’t one imo, just delete my sassy comment xD)

“Kyaaa......ouch......” ???
“Ah? What the hell, a woman?” Craft 


Surprisingly, it was a young girl not older than Leona who was hanging upside down from my hand. She has long silver hair with a unique peculiarity and a long life...... her eyes are orange. The bulge of her chest is more than Venu and less than Leona. Venu, you lose to such a kid......


“Hou......? That child, she doesn't seem to be from Isamura" Old man

"Yes. She has no black hair, so she is either a devil beast or someone from Kurinos" Craft 


Her ears are as sharp as Kaitos, so she definitely is someone from Kurinos. However, the question remains why she is in such a place at this timing....


“Shaaa!! Let me go ! Let me go ! “ Little girl

“Oops, I´m sorry. I will release you now, so do not struggle" Craft


The girl which tries to bite me with her teeth is released and falls to the ground. Good grief, it's not the attitude to have for your benefactor, brat.


“......Hey, it will be cold if you are naked. I will lend you my cloak, so wear it" Craft



Well, I guess I did the same thing to (for?) Kaitos before. I feel a kind of familiarity, this little girl is similar to Kaitos.


“Cloak? Then?” Little girl
“What is it, you don't need it?" Craft  


Even though I take off my cloak and hand it down, the little girl does not try to wear it and just stares at it with a strange look. This reaction......I feel that she has never wore any clothes before.  


“Let me help you. This is how you wear it" Craft  


When I lost my temper I helped her wear the cloak and the little girl was stunned for a while......  


“Shaaa, warm” Little girl 


She smiled cheerfully with a smile. Ah, it's cute, isn't it?

“Give me a rest. Let me take care of this kid, why are you nodding by yourself?" Craft
“......Youngster. Don't say bad things, give this child to me" Old man
“Haa? No......” Craft


Faster than I reply, the old man unleashes one of his sword which he carried.

The point is directed towards the little girl who is behind me.


“C´mon, it's a joke, uncle. No matter how much you're an exhibitionist, there's nothing to kill" Craft
“Shaaa……” Little girl  


As I cover up the girl, I hide the girl behind me. The young girl herself also knows that the old man directs his hostility towards her and is trembling while clinging to my body. Well, anyone who is the target of this intimidating intent will be like this.


“Youngster, if this girl is really just a kid, I will say nothing" Old man
“Well I know, she is not just a kid" Craft
“Kishaaa?” Little girl  


When the glances and eyes meet, the girl barks with a blank face. No matter how you look at her, it is certain that she is a changing animal.


“There is a dragon that can become a human who I know well and she is a really good guy" Craft
“I am conscious of such a thing. I also have acquaintances with people from Kurinos" Old man
“Well, this kid may not be a bad fellow, right?" Craft  


She is a cute looking child, but when I see this child, I remember Kaitos more than anything. It may be because her gestures and behavior are similar to those of Kaitos. And more than anything......Kaitos was a bad and funny girl in the past. So I can’t help thinking that this child is just like her.


“Maybe......? Youngster, you still didn't notice?" Old man
“Ahh? Notice……?” Craft  


I don't think that this old man is one to kill humans without a defendable reason. But there is no clue as to why he focuses his weapon’s tip at her.


“......Shaa? Kishashashaa......muu?" Little girl
“Hey, stay still. I'm talking about your treatment now" Craft
“You......I saw!” Little girl
“Haa? Have you seen me before?” Craft 


The little girl nods strongly. Ha? Did she see me when I was traveling through Isamura or Kurinos before?


“Where......” Craft
“Beheaded” Little girl
“......What?” Craft
“You beheaded. One after another, you cut” Little girl


Saying so, the little girl looks up at me with a dull face. Whaattt? Suddenly what is she going to say, as noisy as she is?


“Cut your neck? Me? That way you!" Craft  


With the words of the little girl, all points gather together......and a single line can be seen. A nude young girl sandwiched between cracks in a place considered as the source of light. From an awkward conversation to the attitude that it seems there is no point to put on clothes. An old man trying to kill a little girl without asking questions. A face that is close to Kaitos. Ah, that's it. No way, the true identity of this child is that──


“Orochi´s head, you cut!” Little girl
“Seriously, you are Yamata no Orochi!!" Craft
“......You finally realized, you idiot” Old man
“NoNoNoNo! I don't understand!” Craft


Kaitos is nice, this Orochi is nice, when they humanize they appear to change their nature and behaviour too! When we fought before, she was a hundred times bigger as she is now!


“Moreover, have the appearance and the look of a child" Craft
“Give back Orochi´s neck! Kishaa!!” Orochi  


Pokokotoko. A soft blow that does not compare with that fierce and terrible attack from the past. Ah, reasonably. It is not against the waist but more the upper back.....feels good.


“Huu, It is a good massage......wait! Why are you a girl?" Craft
“Shaa? Little girl......? Li, Little girl......Orochi, little girl?" Orochi
“Yes, if you don't know, you don't have to think about it" Craft


When I was a kid, I was taught that there is a symbol of power somewhere on the body of mythical beasts and demons from Zenan. In other words, because she lost her heads, was it the symbol of her power.....?


“Kishaa!! Orochi returned to be a little girl! I became a little girl!!” Orochi


Uwaa.....Is it okay that it has become such a regrettable figure?  


“The situation seems to have been resolved, youngster. So, you know what you're supposed to do?" Old man
“Well, that would be so if I were in uncle's position" Craft
“Kuubiigaaeeseeeeee!! Gabuu!" Orochi 


Even though weakened to the appearance of a child, the former is a demon with a mighty power. In consideration of the possibility of regaining power, I should probably take it down here. So, I know that it is right to give this little girl who is stuck to my back to the uncle and I also want to cooperate with him.




Naturally I stretch out my hand and pull out Danthes......I’m a guy.


“Youngster, do you know what drawing a sword means?" Old man
“Sorry, uncle. I think it's common sense to not hand a half-naked girl to an old man. You know, I also have to keep up my appearance" Craft
“Don't joke youngster. You know my mission, so if you disturb......" Old man


The old man just steps forward, but the air is tense. A true strong man is said to overwhelm enemies without having a weapon and it seems not to be an exaggeration. I´m competing against a real swordmaster......since when do I...?


“Hmm, sorry Orochi. Apparently, it's quite difficult to help you" Craft
“Agumugu......shaaa?” Orochi
“Flee as far as possible. It will be noisy here in a bit" Craft 


Orochi who grasps my leg and wearing my cloak is forcibly thrown backwards.


“Kishaaaaaaaaa!!” Orochi


I don't have time to hdeal with your kindness now. Rather than that, such a margin──  


“......Dont assault with a sword so suddenly!” Craft
“Huh, I don't think that a person like you can be slashed with such a surprise attack" Old man 


Our swords fiercely collide with each other faster than one can blink. This old man attacked me when I threw Orochi away. Moreover, with a speed to leave sound behind, having a dull consciousness will lead to lose it instantly and forever......


“Haa......I hate you. Really, I fight against my lifesaver" Craft
“If you are feeling gratitude to me, then you should quietly withdraw" Old man
“This is another story......don't you agree?!" Craft  


I control the collision as sparks are created and push the old man away at once. The old man's attack was terribly fast, but the weight behind it was not much. If he only brings it near me with such surprise attacks, I can throw him off far enough with my power.


“You endured the first one?"


When the old man immediately recovers his collapsed posture, he thrusts his sword into the ground for some reason. Has he already given up? No, four swords still remain on the old man's back.


“......With you now, I will take 3 swords, as I have said” Old man


As I expected, the old man pulls out one of the remaining four swords. The result is the same as switching to another sword. I'm going to settle this matter at once!


“No grudge, but I'll take you down in a shortly uncle!" Craft  


I attach thunder magic to my body, after having casted body strengthening onto my whole body.  Although it might not be necessary in case of such a gap in ability, but it is just a precaution.


“Dooryaaa!!” Craft  


Earlier than the old man who just pulled the sword to attack, my slashing is imminent. This is a much more powerful blow than his just a few moments ago!  


“Sweet little boy, don't look down at your enemy in the middle of a fight!" Old man


But in fact, despite the expectation, my attack ends without reaching the old man.

“Haaa?” Craft
“No time to be surprised, youngster!" Old man  


The old man who prevented my blow with his sword without difficulty, pushes me back every time I attacked. Even though I strengthened my body with magic!  


“C'mon, does it make a difference switching your sword!” Craft
“It's not just a sword. Each of my swords has a special magic” Old man
“Ah! When I think that your sword shines strangely, is it such a trick......!" Craft  


A geometric pattern that I have never seen before emerges from the swinging blade. My magic gun engraved with the holy letter for magic control looks like that. Damn it! It is nice that you spoiled it quite easily, but the swords that you have are all like the best swords old uncle......when you can change them over and over again it will be quite troubling!  


“The previous sword was speed, the following sword is weight......and there are still three more left" Old man
“I see. Thanks for your kindness.......thanks!!” Craft  


If it is a heavy sword specialized in power, I glare at the motion that movement should be dull and I dare to step back and take some distance. The intervals of each other 's swords are almost the same, but there is a long range attack here. Before the old man reached my distance, I used my new magic gun Angelos......


“Ikuze, my new partner......hiiaa!” Old man


The moment when I stopped moving in order to extend my hand to my gun holster, the sound of rubbing armor was heard and the old man had already swung down his sword in front of me.


“Fool! It's unwise to bring out a gun during a serious match!" Old man
“Stop Stop! My trademark is cut a little, hey!" Craft


The old man´s slash that aimed at my neck is avoided by lowering my head in the nick of time, however, he seems to have cut some of my hair with his slash.


“That kind of sissy hairstyle is outrageous! I will make you bald!" Old man  


I just want you to withhold from doing that why is he moving quickly again?


“AH! Old man, you´re switching swords again!" Craft
“Naturalyl. Is it a waste of treasure to have to use it according to the situation?” Old man  


When I look closely, the fast sword he stabbed on the ground has been pulled out and the heavy sword is pierced into the ground instead. Repeating this he changes between fast and heavy slashes!


“Irritating! Then how aboutthis!” Craft


I managed to dodge the old man 's pursuit and attack by discharging the magical power that I put in Danthes. Power is not high, but at this short distance it can’t be avoided.  


“Kuraee!” Craft  


The lightning shock produced by Danthes emits a dazzling light and wraps me and the old man, stopping our charges. I expected that if I aim at the gap he would flinch.


“I didn't think that I would need to use my third sword" Old man


The old man was standing there with a cool face even when sparks attack the ground mercilessly. Moreover, a new sword is held in his hand again. Apparently, the power hidden in the sword seems to prevent the Thunder from attacking him.


“This is a sword with the power of defense. Although it is awfully weak for physical attacks, it will neutralize most magic attacks. Let's just do this right now" Old man
“That's all. I thought this would be cool" Craft 


I realized that it would be a waste of magic, so I lowered Danthes to calm down the release of magic power. Well, in this situation, the ways to win against the old man are quite limited.


“Is it common for so many swords to have a wide variety of abilities?" Craft
“No, these are all treasured swords left by my ancestors. Looking all over the continent, there are unparalleled swords” Old man 


Treasured sword... Thanks to that, I am in a big pinch......


“But I'm going to praise you, youngster. The people who I fought with more than two swords can be counted on one hand" Old man
“I am honored. But can you win against me with only those three swords? The longer we fight, the farther Orochi will get away. Is that alright?" Craft 


It is not a good idea to say things like that to an opponent when you want to earn time. However, by being daring here, with luck it still is possible to produce useless conversation time as a result.


“I'm sorry, youngster, but Orochi that's supposed to have escaped is right there" Old man
“Aguaguu......muguu? Gekoo, shaaa!” Orochi
“Eeee?” Craft 


What are you doing? Orochi! I´m earning time for her to run away in this desperate situation and she only tries to catch frogs with her bare hands to eat them! Damn, do you know your position!?


“Kishaa! Damn it! Hold on! Hold on! Kubii!" Orochi
“Oh, is there realization that I am fighting for you in your head?" Craft 


Is it still better? No really, do not discourage my motivation here, Orochi-san. Moreover, when Orochi is so close to us, next time that old man will aim......


“......Back to the story, youngster, as your said, it will take a little time to settle with three swords. If so, shall we use the most efficient means?" Old man 


When he said that, the old man finally pierces his third sword into the ground. Uwaa, did I pull out the worst pattern in my assumption?


“I'll use this fourth sword to erase Yamatno-Orochi behind you" Old man  


The fourth sword is slowly released from the sheath. It seems to have the power of a wide-ranging magic attack as I feared.


“This sword following speed, weight and defense, has the power of magic. Strangely, it is a force similar to your sword, youngster" Old man
“A sword that amplifies magic. Well, when it is a sword that can match with my favorite sword, it wouldn't be so bad” Craft  


Why do I fear the sword with wide-range magic? It's likely I don't have the magic or the means of defence...but the reason is that only humans attack without merit. Even if I can strengthen myself like when I fell from the sky to increase my defensive power, I can't make a barrier for defense. In other words, there are two options when you are attacked by magic while protecting Orochi at the same time.


“Do I want to kill Orochi and avoid the attack or do I protect her with my body......" Craft  


It's easy to let her die while being unharmed myself. But the only risk is to protect Orochi. Even if I was able to defend, I will be killed by that old man and then he will kill Orochi immediatel.


“Uh. From common sense, this is checkmate" Craft
“When you understand, please retreat. It is impossible for me to kill an irrelevant person like you” Old man


Although he says so with his mouth, uncle's sword mercilessly casts fire magic. The fire that dies the blade in red will eventually burn up the surrounding trees. A samurai with fire attribute reminds me of that person.


“Environment destruction is not good, uncle. Value nature" Craft
“I don't want you to tell me about misfortune. It's important to close your eyes on trivialities" Old man 


Saying it like this. Shit, what should I do?


“Kishaa, fight back. Kubi, help!!” Orochi
“Hey, kid. My name will be written on your head” Old man 


Frightened by the fire, Orochi came to me and cuddled to my right foot. I would like to complain about various things, but this all happened because of me.


“Hmm…...I can't understand. Youngster, why are you protecting Yamata no Orochi? It can't be that you have been deceived by her naked body even though you are married" Old man
“Well, even I have no resolution for cutting down a child who is the enemy. However if it's an opponent that wants to take revenge against me and my precious family, I will deal with him without mercy" Craft
“Why then stand in front of me? What do you have from protecting this child" Old man
“Nothing. This one is more interesting......just that is enough" Craft 


She looked like one of my important wives──a small embarrassed reason sticks in the interior of my chest. And I don't want to see my life saver killing a kid which offers no resistance.


“'re a bad guy. No, exactly not talking about everything......" Old man  


I don't know the reason, but the old man opened his mouth against my words. Zenan said, that she heard the soldiers of the Dora Castle calling me the ‘Virgin Prince that doesn’t lie’ behind my back......but am I really that easy to understand as a human?


“Youngster, if you and I don't come to a mutual consent......then there is no other way but to settle it. We dont need to exchange words anymore" Old man  


In spite of that, the old man wields the burning sword with a calm face that is different from a few moments ago. He is showing a sense of fulfillment that he had already achieved something, but......the match is not over yet. .


“Kishaa......wind, from where?" Orochi  


At the same time as Orochi looks up at the sky, the flames around the old man trail. This wind......ah, finally? I'm tired of waiting.


“Well, this is the end!" Old man
“......Hey, old man. Is this really the end, is just one sword okay?" Craft
“What, you don't know when to give up, youngster” Old man

“Don't say that. It's a little confirmation" Craft 


The old man is still unaware of the wind becoming stronger. From the feeling 20 seconds......this is the last stand-off I can do.


“If you think carefully, is it not too cramped to use five swords?" Craft
“What do you say. A weapon is something like a body to me and they all have their abilities" Old man
“Well then, I'll use that too. The best trump car I can have" Craft

“Nonsense. If so youngster, receive my strongest attack!" Old man 


There is no time to stop his attack, the old man´s sword is swung down swiftly. The vortex of flames released from the tip of the sword condenses so as to be twisted in the air, and eventually turns into a giant flame dragon. It is a technique with power that can truly be called one’s strongest attack. I bet I would lose certainly in a normal case. That is why this man is strong.


“However old man, this match is mine......" Craft  


If you listen, you will hear it faintly......the strong wind. There was no need to confirm it or doubt it. I just have to trust them and wait for them.


“Now, we win” Craft  


Four shadows came flying from the sky to match my words. People, who I know well and love, cover Orochi and landed in front of the flame dragon, a short reunion and they began to act respectively.


“Naahaahaahaaa! We finally found you! Sensei!” Meri  


Meri is the first to jump down and with her trident she stops the flame dragon. She casts a wall of water that collides with the flame dragon and both evaporate instantly. The water vapor generated covers all our fields of vision. I thought that her attack was completely ineffective......because Meri would receive the remaining flame dragon.


“Uwaachachaii!! Aachaiii! Acyacya!!” Meri  


It seems that Meri hasn't received much damage because she has offset the power of the flames somewhat. It was good that there was no injury and I'm relieved.


“Ooohoohoohooho! Good job Meri-san!” Venu


Following that, Venu pulls the trigger of Virgil which I gave her. The released red-brown bullet clears the water vapor and flies straight at the old man.


“Nuuu!” Old man  


Within this evil sight there is no insane mismatch, sniping the handle of the sword that the uncle holds. His sword is knocked away by the magical bullet and swirls, dances in the air......


“Haaaaaaaaaa!!” Musashi  


Musashi who jumped out of the clear water vapor takes the sword of the old man and attacks with two katanas. It was not seen during many of her matches with me, Musashi in a serious state. While drawing the trajectory of the beautiful flame, a splendid slash is aimed at the whole body of the uncle.



“Gaa, guaa!” Old man  


No matter how strong the old man is, he must have suffered considerable damage. Well, his armor is also sounds painful.


“............Striking with the back of the sword” Craft  


Almost at the same time as Musashi returns the swords back to the sheaths, the old man collapsed. No, I managed to survive. I nearly was burned black.


“......So? What are you doing, while the other three tried to help me?” Craft
“Nhuhuu. My job is to clean up, I am charging power now" Efrika 


Unlike Musashi who went towards the old man, Efrika had begun to hug me after coming down from the sky. No, because her magic is water, she should have managed to help Meri defeat the flame dragon.


“Nshaaa......? Somehow  it’s increasing?"  


Orochi seems to be shy towards my wives who suddenly appeared because she crouched down at the moment of that old man´s attack. Well, it really was a momentary event, so it can not be helped.


“Shaaa! Who are you?" Orochi
“That is my line......but its fine. I have to take care of my older brother" Efrika
“I'm fine. Ask Meri who has received more damage" Craft
“Ueeeh, please do it quickly Efrika!" Meri

“Ah, sorry. I'll heal you right away” Efrika 


Efrika runs to Meri´s side after pulling out her cane from her waist. Because her healing skills are the best in this continent, it is safe to leave it to her.


“Ooohoohoohoo! Craft, I believed that you were safe from the beginning!" Venu


Venu laughs gracefully, before bringing the back of her hand to her mouth. However, the face shown here was a miserable contrast to her laughter.


“Kimi, surely ...... Safe, because ... ... So, I......I......bieeehh!" Venu
“WaaWaa! Don't cry Venu! I'm sorry that I made you worry" Craft 


Whether she felt sorry for me falling down, but Venu broke down with a crumpled expression. With Efrika´s cane they would have confirmed if I´m dead or alive......absolutely.


“Shaashaashaaa! Crybaby, be silent” Orochi
“What! Who are you? Suddenly being rude! And why do you wear Craft´s cloak......? Ma, maybe this is cheating!" Venu
“Do not make the story-leap. I will explain it all together later, please wait a moment now" Craft 


As for Orochi who is amused because of Venu's crying, she doesn't show any anxiousness anymore.


“Venu, where is Kaitos?” Craft
“Kaitos-san will be waiting in the sky. She can't come down here with all the trees and because she has the luggage, she can’t change into her human figure. She is also dissatisfied playing the housekeeper" Venu 


That's true. Kaitos is someone who forgets herself when she gets angry knowing I'm in a pinch......but she trusts that the others will rescue me.


“Alright. Lets move to an open place where Kaitos can come down for the time being. Meri and Efrika extinguish the burning trees. I will carry the old man there with Musashi" Craft
“Okay! Efrika, lets play a game who can extinguish the fire first!!" Meri
“Yes Yes. But I'm not good at magic other than healing” Efrika 


Although complaining, Efrika sprinkles a stream of water from the tip of her cane toward the burning trees. Meri also fires at the fire in the same way, there is no worry that the fire will be burning up again.


“What are you going to do with this kid, Craft?" Venu
“Kishaa! I'm not a kid!” Orochi 


Well, it should be put on hold once for the treatment of this child. But I can't afford to stay in this place......uh, there is only one way.  


“This girl is Orochi. I´m sorry Venu, but I'll leave you to deal with her for a while" Craft
“Uee? I, I shall take care of her?” Venu
“Yes. I want you to take care of this girl" Craft
“What are you saying!! I and a child......” Venu 






Venu and Orochi look at each other. Oh, what about this?


“Child, or something like that......” Venu
“......Shaa? Child?” Orochi 


Grabbing a bunch of undulating hair with both hands like a cat's forepaw, Orochi hit herself. This girl is a clever mythical beast......I believe so.


“Kya, cuteee......” Venu


Venu shook her body and mutters. And then──


“Nnhaaaa!! She is so cute! Ah, that's right! I have candy! And chocolate also! Which one, I'll give you this caramel!" Venu
“Shaaa! WaaiWaai!” Orochi 


Venu takes candy from all over the dress and pass it to Orochi. I always thought she smells sweet, so she carries many sweets with her.


“Here, it was solved, The last problem......" Craft「 


The old man fainted and collapsed and Musashi who doesn't move too much stares at him. It may be a strangely familiar face, but for that reason it looks pretty stuffy.


“Hey Musashi, you improved your skills while I wasn't looking. It was a perfect surprise attack" Craft
“......Craft-dono. Whats more important is that you´re safe” Musashi 


Even when I talk, the eyes of Musashi stay locked onto the old man and never stray. This is it. It seems that my intuition is right.


“Musashi, maybe this person is your......" Craft
“He is just an old acquaintance──for me now, nothing more than that" Musashi

“Huuuh? I thought you knew him because he said he is serving the Sando castle" Craft
“Therefore, I......nothing......” Musashi 


It's not about me, but Musashi’s reaction is bad. Does anyone has such a painful face at a reunion with just acquaintance.


“Craft-dono. What I'm doing from now is a monologue" Musashi
“Ah, I understand” Craft 


I put my hand on the head of Musashi and patted it softly. Now is not the scene where I speak. It's Musashi´s spotlight.


"I have always longed for my father, I believe that this is the opportunity to meet him at least, but my father taught me I have followed without a doubt" Musashi  


Not to mention the narrative, but for isn't directed at me.


“I believe that my father's words are all true and when you declined the marriage proposal in the past, I said that I will do my best to become stronger" Musashi
“............” Old man 


There is no reply. Is he playing death to listen──


“As a result I got stronger. No, I misunderstood that I became stronger. Just in my own sense of value, a narrow world.....I restricted myself by longing for my father" Musashi
“Musashi......” Craft
“However that's not all to live for and Craft-dono told me that” Musashi 


He. like me......kuu, the eyes were getting hot.


“Craft-dono is indeed a indecisive, lewd and cowardly brute......Ihyiiihyiii!!" Musashi
“Hey, if you say something extra, you will be punished later" Craft 


I pinch Musashi´s soft cheek just now and suppresses a useless faux pas. It may not be heard, but if asked, it's going to be a hassle.


“Uuu......anyway, Craft-dono showed me a new way. As there are various forms of strength, I should live as I wish" Musashi  


Musashi, whose cheek was released, continues talking with a slightly shy expression.


“Therefore, I´m not going to regret our marriage and I don’t intend to leave from Craft-dono´s side. Even if my father opposes the marriage, I will stand up for it!" Musashi


There was no hesitation or confusion in her voice.


“I will overcome it together with Craft-dono and the others! Thats what I'm aiming for, now you´re my strength!" Musashi


The statement of Intention......or a declaration of war? Musashi who put her feelings out in the open from the depths of her heart turns around while clenching her trembling fist.  


“My monologue ends here. Let's go, Craft-dono" Musashi  


Musashi who is desperately trying to strengthen herself squeezes out a trembling voice. After all this old her father.


“......You okay? You were able to meet him after a long time" Craft
“I´m fine. Whatever the reasons, those who turn their blades towards my dear Craft are enemies. Even if it real father" Musashi 


Musashi, I am thankful for that straight feeling......don’t you feel refreshed while holding back with each other like this?


“Hey, Uncle! How long are you going to pretend to be asleep" Craft 


Musashi´s dad shows a small reaction to my call. It seems that he was awake, as he glares at me.


“You promised me, didn't you? You´re going to say thank you to my wife for the lunch box" Craft
“Craft-dono? What on earth are you talking about......?" Musashi
“Just shut up and wait. It is a promise that a man must fulfill" Craft 


When I keep on......after a little silence, the old man finally shows a big reaction. Raising his upper body slowly from the back, he looks at Musashi.


“......Musashi, you said?” Old man
“! Yes!!” Musashi
“I got a share of the bento you made. It was to my taste, and it was the same as the dish that my wife had made when she was young. In the will be a better wife than you are now" Musashi´s dad


To the compliment which she didn't anticipate, Musashi is rigid with a stupid expression.


“Fa, Father......” Musashi 


Over and over again......she dreamed of some time with her father. The overflowing feelings can't be endured at last and a tear flows down Musashi 's soft cheek.  


“For the future......your father has no son and as I´m old now, I must say it. You might think it's nonsense, but can you hear me out?" Musashi´s dad
“Hiiku, father, father......guzuu, yes......!!" Musashi 


Musashi nods powerfully and her voice returns to being one filled with kindness and warmth. There were only two people in this own little world of a reunion and their feelings were enough to fill the endless space.


“Your father is proud of the current you. Your heart and body have grown so well" Musashi´s dad


A carefree laugh and Musashi´s dad spills out the feelings that he had accumulated for a long time......


“......You got stronger, my daughter" Musashi´s dad  


The growth of his beloved daughter......he finally acknowledged her strength. Musashi, who said that she never received a straight compliment from her father, has finally──


“Unnecessary words......higuu, but......zubi, I will accept them!" Musashi


Musashi with a wet face and a runny nose leaked a sobbing voice while running away. I would have wanted to hug her right now. They are so it out of shame or pride? Anyway, this might be good for those two right now. First of all......this is the first big step.


“Old man and Musashi...Isamura people are still stubborn" Craft
“What did you say. You who didn't hand over that big snake which is my aim is quite the stubborn one" Musashi´s dad 


When Musashi´s dad says so and stands up, he starts collecting his swords that are stuck in the ground.  Even though he received an attack that could crush his armor, he still can move......what a monster!


“Well, in the middle I became aware of it somehow, uncle wasn't fighting seriously" Craft
“Hou? Why do you think so?" Musashi´s dad
“If uncle was serious, you would have cut off my head with the first sword, right?" Craft 


It is a confrontation with a close start in such a small place. It's only a miracle that I earned that much time against this old man. As a result, the reason is somehow understandable. The old man might not have intended to kill Orochi which became a girl from the beginning. On top of that, he was trying to test me with his swords, because I´m Musashi's husband.


“Come on. Even if I wasn't serious......the fact that I was defeated doesn't change" Musashi´s dad


As he finished collecting his swords, the old man begins to walk in a different direction from Musashi. Does he means that there is no use to be here anymore, did he gave up the matter with Orochi?


“Is it okay old man? Your target is staying with my wives" Craft
“It's fine. It is not necessary to kill her, because Yamata no Orochi is now weak. If she regains her power and goes on a rampage......I won’t show any mercy then" Musashi´s dad
“Well then I'll take Orochi" Craft
“You like her. However, no matter who you help, I have the responsibility in the end" Musashi´s dad


The old man keeps saying so and starts walking towards the exit of the forest.


“Wait a minute, uncle! Isn't there something else?" Craft  


In a panic, when I stop him, the old man turns around with a monstrous face. Don't look at me like that, because this is the real issue.


“Emm......I'm sure your daughter will be happy. So please forgive me and give me the permission for marriage" Craft  


I am in a fearful attitude, but I bow down──to Musashi´s father. My heartbeat accelerated with the tension and I´m feeling hot as my whole body burns by shame. If he can't accept this......what am I gonna do?


“To make her happy......” Musashi´s dad  


The eyes of the old man overlap with me and start to loosen as if time is frozen. It is dangerous. I'm so nervous that I'm going to lose teeth because of the tension from my yaw.


“Huh, Haven't I told you before? I will sink my daughter's marriage partner into the Sanzu river" Musashi´s dad
“A, ah, was it so......? Aha, ahahaha......” Craft 


Uoeepu. His words. Not good, it is over......


“But......I right now have no power left to kill you. Unfortunately" Musashi´s dad
“Ee?” Craft 


I endured to not throw up Musashi´s bento that crawled up my throat and I raise my face.


“Let's assume that the fight is a chance. Until then, the most important thing for daughter is entrusted to you" Musashi´s dad
“Another chance, perhaps uncle accepts our marriage......?” Craft
“You are planning to go to other countries from now on as well, right? If so, don't stay too long in such a place and go to the next place" Musashi´s dad 


Is he embarrassed, Musashi´s dad keeps speaking while embarrassingly shaking his fingertip.


“Next time we meet, get stronger, to beat me with your own strength. If so......I will voluntarily guide you through Isamura" Musashi´s dad
“Yes! Next time, I'm sure I will defeat you alone, uncle" Craft
“Fuu. At that time I will show you my fifth sword──until then, youngster" Musashi´s dad


Musashi´s father turned around while raising his right arm high and left to the depths of the forest this time. Looking at his good-looking back.......even I was mesmerized.


“Thank you very much” Craft  


He may not be able to hear me anymore, but I just say thank you again. When I meet him next time, I will be able to respond to his expectations firmly. Wait for me.


“............alright, go quickly to chase after those girls” Musashi´s dad  


We talked so long that I kept them waiting. I hurry up and start running towards the direction where my wives are.

“Hey! I'm sorry for being late!” Craft

“Mou, how long will you let us wait, Nii-san. Kaitos was noisy since a little while ago" Efrika 


I had joined my wives within a few minutes and they gathered in a open place of the forest. At the center Kaitos in her giant form rests her wings and everyone seems to be waiting for me to arrive, but......there was one worrisome point.  


“What the hell, Kaitos? Do you have such a weird face because you´re depressed?" Craft  


It is unusual for her to have moist eyes to such an extent that it seems she cried. I instinctively wanted to point it out......but I could not do that.


“Naturally, you big idiot! I thought that I killed you, who is my most important person!" Kaitos
“Uowaa! Don't scream so loud! I will be scared!"
“Mou......Kaitos.Like I said many times, everyone is at fault" Efrika
“But it was me who throw him off......” Kaitos 


Even after receiving Efrika's comfort, Kaitos seems not to be convinced.


“Oh dear, I'm glad you think that far......but I don't want to see you so depressed" Craft
“Craft. Indeed, you're not......" Kaitos 


My words sounded like coming from heart and Kaitos shakes her tail with a boom. She seems to be in a good mood now, so it will be fine.


“Naahaahaahaa! Hey Craft-sensei, are we heading to Isamura´s castle now?" Meri


I looked at Kaitos´s big smile and started laughing cheerful as everyone else felt relieved. At last, we are together again.


“Nope. Even if we go now, Musashi's father will be absent, so let's end this day" Craft
“Is that so? But then, the main subject......" Efrika


Efrika is uneasy about our original purpose of marriage greeting not be fulfilled. I can't believe that the old man who killed those ogres in a few minutes is Musashi´s father.


“Don't worry. If it's my father, he will definitely understand it" Musashi
“Musashi is right. If you talk about it unexpectedly, he will understand, maybe” Craft
“I don't understand it well, but if Craft says so, there is no problem"
“That's it. So, lets start preparing for travel for the moment”


I've been in a dark forest for a long time, so I want to go somewhere else. After I said so, everyone climbed on Kaitos´s back at their own pace. However, Venu seems to have noticed some anomalies......


“Hey, what's wrong, Orochi-chan? You have been scared for a while now" Venu
“Shaa......big, scary” Orochi 


Orochi clings around Venu´s waist with agitated hair while being embrace by Venu. I thought she was awfully quiet, but......she pointed at Kaitos for some reason and cried.


“What is with that child? I can't see her face" Kaitos
“Hiii! Sorry, sorry! Don't eat, don't eat Orochi´s head!" Orochi 


Don't eat......? Oh, yeah! We used to eat Orochi´s heads before. That's why Orochi is so scared to see Kaitos.


“Speaking of which, I haven't heard the details yet. I would also like to know how you fought with that samurai......Nii-san, could you talk to me?" Efrika
“At another time. But it's fine to go to the next destination" Craft
“Okay. Hey Orochi-chan, be a good girl and ride with me together" Venu

“Kishaaaaa!! No, No, No, No, No! Scary Scary Scary!" Orochi 


I follow everyone and jump on Kaitos with Venu who climbs up while hugging Orochi.  


“KuuKuu. It smells delicious somehow.....this is the smell of a snake" Kaitos
“Oh, snake! The Anaconda of Bunna is excellent!" Meri
“Sha, Shaa…...Orochi doesn't taste good. Don't eat me......” Orochi
“Kaitos, Meri. I'm sorry, but will you please be quiet until I finish explaining?" Craft


The greedy Katios is interested in that meal. Now, how to explain. It seems to be longer to explain from scratch......well, we still have a lot of time.


“We finally got together. Let's continue our honeymoon so that we don't lose time" Craft
“Yes. Dont let me worry so much anymore, Nii-san" Efrika
“I will do my best. But for me, I think that this promise won't make sense" Craft
“Must. If you try to worry about Craft properly, you won't have a heart" Efrika


I'm sure you know it very well and soon Kaitos spreads her wings.


“Let's go, everyone. This time no one shall be thrown off, grasp firmly" Craft 


Remembering her previous remorse, Kaitos began flying after confirming that everyone was holding on properly. first the flapping speed increases and Kaitos floats in the air. Raising the altitude as it is, in the meantime we also quickly overtake the trees of the forest and jumped high into the sky. Oh, it's been a couple of hours ... ....but after all the sky is comfortable.


“Shaa! Tall, tall!” Orochi


Orochi who experienced her first large sky seems to be afraid and forgets her fear of Kaitos.


“Fufufu. Can I fly higher?" Kaitos
“So big! But, don't eat my head......” Orochi
“Head? What are you talking about?" Kaitos


You seem to be getting along somehow. They are similar to each other.


“Naahaahaa! Next goal is Bunna!” Meri
“Is the arrival in the evening? I'm afraid we will spend the night in Bunna" Craft


It was originally planned to stay one night in Isamura, but right now we aim for our next location, Bunna. For the sake of Musashi, I think we should have done some little sightseeing.


“Musashi......we could hardly stay in Isamura this time, but we'll come back soon" Craft


I say so instead of saying that I have an appointment with Musashi's father. Therefore, Isamura´s sightseeing should be done slowly at that time.


“I really appreciate it. But, you dont have to worry about it" Musashi  


To my proposal, Musashi stares at the far away scenery and feels happy.  


“Everything I want is here. My beloved partner, my important companions, and──"Musashi  


Musashi put her hands on the chest from above the armor.


“The thoughts from my father are here" Musashi
“......Yes. I´m feel the same” Craft 


It is necessary to fulfill the promise of a match when meeting Musashi's father next time. However, it seems to be hard to let her father unsheat his fifth sword.


“I'm training a little, so that I’ll become even stronger......" Craft
“Ah, speaking of which, Craft-dono! After finishing the lunch box, where is the package?" Musashi
“Lunch box? Oh, did I leave it behind?" Craft 


Hmm, until I've defeated the Onis, I should have had it......did I drop it at that place where I found Orochi? I don’t remember seeing it since I fought with that old man.

“Was it something important?" Craft
“No, it is not. It is one of the clothes that my mother gave me when I came for the bride training......but there are still other ones" Musashi
“It still is an important thing. I'm going back to fetch it" Craft 


I try to talk to Kaitos in a hurry, but Efrika interrupts me.


“Okay, Nii-san. I collected it properly and gathered it together with the luggage" Efrika
“Oo! Efrikdono! How can I say thank you!" Musashi
“I just found it by chance, so don't mind. And that washcloth, it has a very wonderful color" Efrika 


Certainly, that vivid hue did not seem to be a average washcloth.


“It was woven by my mother! Since I was young I was told that it was a something special for father’s lunch made from my mother......thereupon, that......for Craft-dono" Musashi  


Is it embarrassing to say it, because she is jealous? I want to recall such a cute moment......wait?


“That wrapping was for Musashi's father, that uncle......did he notice it from the beginning? " Craft


That uncle seemed to have seen the lunch box when he helped me from the top of the tree, there is no mistake.


“From beginning to the end, I was tested by that old man......hahahaa" Craft


When I recalled the things we had talked about on the road, I could cry to my own stupidity.


“He has a nice personality, that old man" Craft
“What are you talking about, Nii-san? Look, over there!" Efrika


Meanwhile, my wives who did not know such circumstances enjoyed the scenery of Isamura which can be seen from the sky.


“Shaa!! A house in the mountains!” Orochi
“Ah, it's true”  


This mountain shrine is a symbol of wealth in Isamura. Everyone is unconsciously deprived of its beauty.


“Hey brother, there is such a good view of the scenery......tell us what happened" Efrika
“Eehehee! I wonder how Sensei who fell from the sky was saved!" Meri
“Umu. I´m also curious” Venu
“Ou, I suppose I should speak about it soon. I want to talk to you about that child there first" Craft 


Our air travel became more lively with a new companion. In the first country alone there was such a turmoil, but our honeymoon has just begun. The remaining locations are Bunna and Baretoria. What difficulties will we have in the future?


“First of all, I pulled out my sword to save myself......" Craft  


I was so excited about the future that I started to talk about what happened.──

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