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Chapter 9

After successfully stunning Hua Xian Zi, Qi Huan satisfactorily carried a few large bottles of peach blossom wine and left . Although she didn’t have the courage to drink the wine, it was good enough to give it to her shifu to please him .

Walking on the bluestone stairs, Qi Huan greeted the disciples from the inner sect who were passing by her happily . Most people still greeted her politely when they saw her . However, there were also many disciples who were dissatisfied with her . After all, she had gotten lucky to come here . Although they were respectful to her on the surface, they felt disdain towards her secretly .

After all, the lowest level disciple was also a little higher than Qi Huan’s cultivation level . In their opinion, Qi Huan was just lucky to meet Xu Kong Zi . Although that was indeed true, in the world of cultivation, luck was not equal to strength!

“Great Senior Hua Huan Zi, please stop, this is the trial field of the division . ” At the end of the bluestone ladder was the trial field of the Qing Yun Sect . Usually, there would be people only when there was an annual trial meeting, but today was also considered to be a special day .

Those so-called elite disciples were only in the jiedan stage of their cultivation, Xu Kong’s transition totally wouldn’t help them in any aspect at all . Their attention was more focused on other elite disciples of the same generation as themselves .  

This time, the cultivators who came to Qing Yun Mountain were the most quintessential disciples of various inner sects in the world of cultivation . Since everyone was talented, they were naturally very competitive . Everyone wanted to fight for the first place, so the trial field had been lively a long time ago .

Qi Huan didn’t particularly like to join in the fun . She was really too bored, and no one could accompany her, so she ran here to see how the cultivators pk, but she didn’t expect to be blocked even before entering the door .

“Since when was the Shimen Training Ground became a forbidden place? Why did I never know about this?” Qi Huan stopped in her tracks and looked at the woman in a uniform worn by inner disciples with a smile .

The woman was very beautiful . She had a palm-sized small face, a pointed chin, a small cherry mouth, and a pair of big dark eyes that were shining brightly .

Qi Huan knew this person . Her name was Ou Yang Lin . She heard that this girl entered the mountain gate at the age of seven and was very talented in cultivation . At only nineteen, she was already in the mid-stage of Ningqi, and she was a sweet girl . Many men pursued her, if not hundred then there should be at least eighty disciples who had pursued her!

With so many men around her, her character was naturally more arrogant . Qi Huan actually had nothing to do with her, and so did she, but at Qi Huan’s apprenticeship ceremony, she whispered something to Qi Huan . The worst thing was that Ling Yun Zi actually heard her, and punished her for a month .

Qi Huan didn’t do anything, and yet, she was punished! That time, she didn’t take it to heart, she just sighed and let it go . However, she remembered the girl, she remembered her face being prettier than herself . This was a common problem about women . Qi Huan felt that she was not too bad compared to her, so she remembered her face very clearly .

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However, she didn’t expect that before she could trouble her, the other party had already approached her first . She was not allowed to enter the training ground? Well, nevermind then . It really didn’t matter much to her anyway . Qi Huan felt that she had a very good temper, and she was very big-hearted, even if she wasn’t the best in controlling her temper, she could still at least bear with this woman!

But she had a problem: If you respect me, then I will respect you . This was her motto in life, but if she had to do it the other way round…

Before Qi Huan time travelled, her biggest hobby was playing online games . At that time, a woman stole her in-game husband away from her . Qi Huan had endured it . After all, it was just a game, and there was no official marriage certificate . She couldn’t stop people from finding true love, so she divorced that man happily .

She thought the matter was over like that . Who knew that later on the wedding day of the couple, they showed their affection on the World Channel . Everyone could understand this . But the main point of their announcement was the description that they wrote: Qi Huan was the third party devil who wanted to ruin their relationship! That man was a peerless man who was loyal to love and did not fear power!

At that time, Qi Huan was the leader of the largest gang in the game .

Qi Huan couldn’t bear the embarrassment . If she really did ruin their relationship, then she would be able to accept their statement, but she didn’t do anything! Their announcement was basically a great disadvantage to her! They said she was the third party, and they said she was shameless! Very well then, she would show them what true shameless meant!

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As a result, Qi Huan gathered a group of more than 300 people that night and washed them all off at their wedding .

In summary, one could know that in fact, Qi Huan was usually very tolerant, and her endurance ability could easily exceed that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . But if her anger erupted, she would definitely not be inferior to a volcanic eruption .

Seeing that Qi Huan didn’t show any means to leave, Ou Yang Lin’s smile disappeared, and her voice became cold, “This is the teacher’s order, disciples who have not reached the Ningqi stage are not allowed to enter the trial field . ”

“Oh, I see . ” Qi Huan nodded to express her understanding, then she turned to leave . She had no choice, her cultivation level indeed hadn’t reached that level . In fact, she knew that Ou Yang Lin was purposely making trouble for her . With her status, no one would dare to stop her from entering the forbidden area of the sect, let alone the trial field . But she also didn’t want to quarrel with Ou Yang Lin .

However, Qi Huan hadn’t gotten far when she heard another male disciple talking to Ou Yang Lin, “Senior Sister, isn’t this rule limited to us low-level disciples only? Why must the Great Senior Sister obey it?”

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“Hmph, with such a low level of cultivation, she still wants to come in here? Don’t you think our teachers will be ashamed?!” Ou Yang Lin’s words were full of disdain towards Qi Huan .

Qi Huan paused after hearing their conversation . The strip of red cloth wrapped around her right index finger moved slightly, “Killing her is too cruel . I better give a small warning . Hmm, how about those methods that Senior Brother taught? Those seem pretty good . ” After muttering that, Qi Huan flicked her fingers, and the red cloth strips loosened from her fingers and drifted away in the wind .

“Senior Sister, it’s time for you to be on the field . ” Not long after, a male disciple walked out and said to Ou Yang Lin .

“Okay, I’ll leave first, you guys guard this entrance well . ” Ou Yang Lin turned, raised her head and entered the trial field .

Seeing her leaving, Qi Huan turned around and walked back again . No one came to stop her this time . She easily entered the trial field .

Qi Huan was surprised after entering . Almost all the heads of the sect were sitting on the high platform, and the disciples of the sect were gathered around the trial field . At this time, a disciple from Mount Shu was in the trial field with a disciple from Qing Yun Sect . They were competing!

Seeing Qi Huan appearing, Ling Feng Zi, who was originally as stable as Mount Tai, felt the eyelid of his right eye begin to beat violently, so he hurriedly gave Ling Yun Zi a look, gesturing to him that Qi Huan was here .

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