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Chapter 82

At this moment, Qi Huan was following Xu Kong Zi to the Kun Lun Sect . Since everyone was charging there to steal the Resurrection Pill, the Qing Yun Sect had to do the same . Xu Yang Zi stayed in the mountain gate to take care of Xu Ling Zi who had not yet awakened, while Qi Huan and Jin Xiu followed Xu Kong Zi .

The time for him to ascend was getting closer and closer . Xu Kong Zi was not sure if he would have time to return to the Qing Yun Sect after this incident was over, so he decided to bring Qi Huan with him, like enjoying the last short time with his apprentice . There were still a lot of things that Qi Huan needed to learn, but unfortunately he had not much time .

Within two days, Xu Kong Zi brought Qi Huan to the foot of Kun Lun Mountain . At this time, Kun Lun Mountain was no longer a quiet place . Under the mountain, on the mountain road, and even in the sky, the place was crowded with cultivators, regardless they were noble, or devil, or monster cultivator . Unexpectedly, there was no dispute . All of them were waiting for the Kun Lun Sect to express their views .

In the Kun Lun Sect, in the Yuqing Hall, a twenty-something-year-old Young Master was sitting on the only chair in the hall with a broad smile on his face, humming a little song contentedly .

Not far from him, there stood an old man wearing a robe symbolizing Kun Lun’s highest status . Unlike the smiling young man, the old man’s expression looked like he was about to cry .

“Master, what are you going to do?” After a long time, the old man courageously took a step forward and asked softly .

“What do you mean what am I going to do?” The young man put down the tea cup in his hand, half-squinted his eyes, and a ray of purple light flashed in his eyes from time to time .

“Those people outside the mountain…”

“Just let them be . With their courage, they won’t dare to break into our Kun Lun guardian formation . The only thing we have to wait for is that man from Mount Shu . But… hmph, he was not my opponent three thousand years ago . And, he is still not my opponent three thousand years later . ” The young man snorted coldly, the temperature in the hall dropped a lot . This young son was the Kun Lun ancestor who came down from heaven, Dao An .

“Whatever you say so, Master . Then, what should we do with the Qing Yun Sect?” The old man nodded repeatedly, not daring to deny what Dao An had said .

“Since they sent it to us, means they are cutting ties with Mount Shu . Hmph, although they played a little bit of cleverness, it is still acceptable . We don’t have to be too friendly with the people of the Qing Yun Sect, but we must not simply make a move . That idiot, Dan Jie, killed An Ming Seng’s fond apprentice . An Ming Seng will surely seek revenge . ” Dao An glanced at his apprentice, and closed his eyes, a little bored .

Although his apprentice was also in the dacheng stage, he was more than five times worse than An Ming Seng’s disciple . The Qing Yun Sect’s An Ming Seng soared later than him and Dan Jie, but his strength was already above them . Ish, Qing Yun Sect disciples are so outstanding! Dao An felt jealous, but he still didn’t dare to attack Qing Yun Sect simply . Any mistake would be enough for him to go into a dead end . Too bad, he didn’t know that he was already dead the moment he received the Resurrection Pill .

“Shifu, I don’t think Kun Lun Mountain is ready to send anyone out to speak . It has been so long . ” In a corner at the foot of the mountain, Qi Huan approached Xu Kong Zi and whispered .

Although the foothills were crowded, there was a lot of space around Qi Huan and the others because no one dared to get within ten meters to Xu Kong Zi . He also did not deliberately restrain his aura so everyone knew that he was a dacheng cultivator . People dared not take a step beyond the thunder pond .

“Yeah, because these people can’t even shake the foundation of Kun Lun Sect . ” Xu Kong Zi sat cross-legged on the ground, his head slightly raised, his eyes kept staring at the sky .

“Then what are we waiting for?” Since there was no good show to watch, Qi Huan became somewhat impatient . She originally thought that she would encounter a fighting scene, who knew that everyone was so calm, no one rushed into the sect at all .

“Dan Jie . Once he is here, we can watch the show . ” Xu Kong Zi stood up, pulled Qi Huan and Jin Xiu behind him, stood quietly and watched a hundred-meter-long blue sword light arrogantly drawn across the sky, hovering over the Kun Lun Sect .

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Qi Huan, behind Xu Kong Zi, no longer spoke . Her eyes calmly stared at the light, quite sure that it was Dan Jie, the person she must deal with to get revenge . What Dan Jie had done to her, she would definitely pay it back to him ten times more, even if he was a deity .

But she was not strong enough now . Her only reliance was the power of thunder in her body .

The Seven-Rank Divine Thunder that even her shifu couldn’t handle was her trump card . Unfortunately, with her current ability, she couldn’t control it well so she must use it wisely .

“Dao An, don’t be a turtle hiding in your shell, come out, come out, come out…” The last two words from Jie Dan’s mouth echoed loudly, causing most of the cultivators of cultivation level below yuanying stage fell to the ground unconscious, their primordial spirits were attacked by terror .

However, when the echo reached Qi Huan’s side, a hazy cyan halo suddenly appeared around her body, reflecting the frequency back . Subsequently, the halo returned into her body .

“Hahahaha, why? Are you angry because you didn’t get the Resurrection Pill? It’s a shame that you have lived for so many years, you used three indiscriminate tricks to deal with a junior, but you actually let him run away!” A purple sword light from the Kun Lun Mountain soared into the sky, the aura unexpectedly suppressed Dan Jie . Although Dao An’s voice was also loud, it was not as aggressive as Dan Jie’s voice .

“Hmph, I will resolve this matter with the Qing Yun Sect later . Bring out the Resurrection Pill, otherwise don’t blame me for disregarding our many years of friendship . ” Dan Jie’s cold eyes swept across the place where Xu Kong Zi and them stood . His cold gaze made Xu Kong Zi’s brows furrow . Qi Huan’s body shivered in fear by the gaze, and it took a long time for her to calm down .

She was still secretly amazed in her heart . That man was really worthy of being a deity, with just a lethal look in his eyes, she knew it would be difficult to deal with him .

“Forget it, is your friendship comparable to a Resurrection Pill?” Dao An’s tone was somewhat mocking . There was no such thing as friendship in the deity world . Most people who had cultivated into deities or immortals had reached the point of ruthlessness and hatred that they could sacrifice everything in order to climb higher .

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“Since you are looking for death, then don’t blame me for hurting you . ” Standing alone on his flying sword, a strange smile appeared on Dan Jie’s face . He held a crystal clear square chalcedony in his right hand behind his back . Only two words “Heaven’s Punishment” were engraved on the square chalcedony .

This is the Heavenly Penalty Order of the Thunder God Temple . Any immortal who has violated the Heavenly Rule and is found out, will be punished by the law enforcement god of the Thunder God Temple to punish the fairy . Dan Jie had spent a lot of effort to obtain this token before descending to this world, in order to obtain the Resurrection Pill .

Dan Jie’s right hand was slightly clenched, and the piece of chalcedony melted into powder and flowed down from his hand . At this time, a loud thunder shot out of thin air from the sky . Under everyone’s horrified eyes, Dan Jie sneered, smacked himself at the chest hard and then he spat out a mouthful of pale golden blood, standing on the flying sword and laughing wildly at Dao An .

“Oh no . ” Xu Kong Zi was one of the few people who could see the truth clearly . The expression on his face had become more solemn, things had not proceeded as expected . Dan Jie’s intention to get the pill was more than he expected . His desire for the pill was so big that he was actually willing to destroy his deity cultivation level . That smack was extremely ruthless . He actually directly broke his cultivation level to the dacheng stage so he was no longer considered a deity now . Therefore, even if the law enforcement god of the Thunder God Temple came, only Dao An would be punished .

“Dan Jie, you shameless villain . ” Dao An’s shout did not last long . The sky above everyone’s head suddenly darkened . All the slightly knowledgeable cultivators fled the place, no one dared to stay at the Kun Lun Mountain .

They had never seen Five Thunders before, but they had heard of its punishment . It was not an ordinary leijie . This punishment was so severe that anyone, no matter who you were, would be dead half a life .

“Dao An, descend privately, punishment: Five Thunders . ” A cold voice without a trace of emotion sounded from the sky . As soon as the voice fell, five thick thunders fell from the clouds and struck Dao An’s head .

Qi Huan had been protected by Xu Kong Zi, so she was not affected and she did not run away .

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She had always thought that the Five Thunders meant that the person would only be struck by thunder five times . After listening to Xu Kong Zi’s explanation, she finally understood that Five Thunders meant striking five thunders at once, and there were a total of forty-nine times in the end .

According to Xu Kong Zi’s estimation, even if the person was a deity, without the Triple Heaven cultivation level, perhaps he would not be able to stop the power of the Five Thunders, and the chance of becoming dust was inevitable . Dao An…most probably wouldn’t survive this time .

In an empty space where no one paid attention, Qi Huan hid behind Xu Kong Zi, with her right index finger and thumb slightly gapped, an extra light of thunder appeared between her fingers . That thunder attribute was exactly the same as the penalty thunder that came down from the sky .

A faint smile appeared on her face . She could simulate many styles of leijie with her Seven-Rank Divine Thunder in her body, but unfortunately the number was too small, and she also noticed that these thunders were still little weak compared to the Seven-Rank Divine Thunder .

Could it be possible that she would become Thor when she went to heaven? Qi Huan rubbed her nose and dropped her head to ponder the question hard .

The leijie that lasted for more than two hours was finally over . Qi Huan could no longer hear Dao An’s roar by the 30th leijie . He most probably was already dead by then . After the leijie was over, only a golden skeleton and a fist-sized golden dan remained over Kun Lun .

The golden skeleton disappeared along with tianjie in the air, that skeleton was the golden body left by Dao An, but the golden dan stayed in place .

At this time, the dacheng cultivators who had been hiding in the dark also showed up one after another . Since Dan Jie was no longer in his deity cultivation level, then this meant that the Resurrection Pill was up for everyone to grab, whoever grabbed it first would be the winner!

Looking at the cultivators staring at him, Dan Jie’s eyes flashed a trace of disdain, a cold smile appeared on his face

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