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Chapter 48

The man squatted in front of Qi Huan, put his hand near her nose, and found that she was still breathing, he couldn’t help letting out a “Huh” .

“What happened?”

“She’s still alive . ” The man stood up and stared at Qi Huan, his face uncertain .

“Brother, forget it, she… is different from those people . ” The woman hesitated for a while before speaking .

“Hmph, she’s no different from them . Since she’s still alive, then we’ll let her live for a while . ” After looking at Qi Huan who was unconscious, the man finally let out a breath and kept his sword, deciding to let her live .

In fact, although Qi Huan didn’t move, she didn’t really faint . She remained conscious, and she could hear the couple’s conversation, but her body wouldn’t obey her commands .

The last thunder just now was very strange . After hitting Qi Huan, it did not cause any harm to her body, but went directly into her body . After the thunder entered her body, it was immediately distributed into her meridians blood throughout her body, wrapping her up like a thunder net, causing her to be unable to control her body at all, so she could only let it wreak havoc in her body . After about two or three hours, Qi Huan could barely move her finger .

Silver sparks flashed between her fingers without warning, and then disappeared .

“Brother, are you sure that the devil killer tribulation (shajie) refination can succeed?

“The Master has specially refined this high-grade Dark Soul Flag for me . If the opponents weren’t in their late Yuanying stage, it should be no problem . ” The voices of the siblings in the open field could not be heard clearly, their voices were covered by the whining wind .

The sky gradually darkened, and the edge of the sky was dyed with a purple color, layer by layer from dark to light, it did look quite pretty . Unfortunately, if anyone was to be flying on their flying sword now, this beautiful scenery was enough to scare their hearts out . It would definitely not be a nice experience .

When Qi Huan opened her eyes . Then, she noticed that she was hung on a flying sword! Although it was not too far up from the ground, it was enough to scare her out of her life!

“You are awake . ” The two people on their flying swords noticed her opening her eyes . The woman reached out and helped Qi Huan up, and smiled at her .

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“Uh…Where are we going?” Although Qi Huan heard what they said something about refining devil killer tribulation, she totally did not know what they were talking about .

“Qian Li Town . ”

“Huh?” Qi Huan was a little dumbfounded . If she remembered correctly, that day the masked man seemed to tell his two subordinates that he would meet them in Qian Li Town .  It can’t be that coincident!

Qi Huan didn’t know how she should react upon hearing the news . However, there was still a hint of joy in her heart . Originally, she was still worried about how to escape from these two people, because although this woman seemed to treat her fairly, from their conversation earlier, she knew that it was the man who had the last call . That man did not seem like a good person, she’d better rely on herself to survive .

She had just entered the Golden dan stage, and she had two golden dan in her now . The ling qi in her body was still very unstable, so she hadn’t been able to deal with people simply for a while, otherwise she might break her dan .

So for the sake of her life, she had to ask for help . But she wasn’t sure if the masked man would show kindness this time…

The sky was getting darker and darker, but the man and the woman didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping to rest . Qi Huan had no choice but to stay on her flying sword, holding the hilt tightly with both hands, and looking up boredly to count the stars . Although she wanted to take advantage of this time to absorb more ling qi, she was worried that her night spirit secret would be discovered . Therefore, for precautions, she could only forcibly close all her five senses to prevent her body from absorbing ling qi .

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Just like that, they flew for another day and another night . During the whole journey, Qi Huan took a few naps on the flying sword, and almost fell off several times . Fortunately, the woman turned around and pulled her back up before she fell down .

Just as Qi Huan was still in a daze, the flying sword finally descended slowly, and she was also roughly dragged down . Finally, when her feet touched the ground, her pounding heart finally calmed down .

“Be careful here, it’s best not to let people know that you are a noble cultivator, otherwise…” Liu Mo Yi whispered behind Qi Huan . The man only spoke a few words in the past few days, but Liu Mo Yi chatted with her frequently .

Through their chats, Qi Huan knew that these two were brothers and sisters, the female was Liu Mo Yi and the male was Liu Mo Yuan . She also inquired that Liu Mo Yuan was roughly in the middle stage of yuanying and Liu Mo Yi was roughly in the early stage of yuanying . Both were disciples of An Yue Guan .

As for Qi Huan’s identity, she certainly wouldn’t publicly announce that she was a second-generation disciple of the Qing Yun Sect . She only told Liu Mo Yi that she was an inner disciple of the Qing Yun Sect . With Qi Huan’s current age and cultivation level, It wasn’t that she had insulted the reputation of the inner disciple .

Originally, even Xu Kong Zi thought that she would not be able to reach the jiedan stage until at least 50 years old . But who knew she had broken through so inexplicably, even she herself was surprised . However, she had to admit that she was able to get to the point where she was today, all because of those thunders that she had accidentally sucked into her body .

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“Uh…” Qi Huan nodded subconsciously . She didn’t need Liu Mo Yi to remind her, this town was not obviously not an ordinary town . It was the devil cultivators’ camp! Soon after she stepped into the place, she saw a group of monks wearing red robes and a string of skeletons hanging on their bodies, passing by her in a hurry .

There were also noodle shops on both sides of the street . Qi Huan looked at them curiously but unexpectedly she saw a finger inside one of the soups, and she almost spit out her meal from last night .

“You stay here first, I will come to you later, remember, don’t cause trouble . ” Standing at the entrance of an inn, Liu Mo Yuan said coldly .

“Don’t worry, come back soon!” Liu Mo Yi smiled and patted Liu Mo Yuan on the shoulder, and led Qi Huan into the inn, called “Black Shop” . In fact, Qi Huan had always liked an inn named Dragon’s Entrance Inn, it was similar to a black shop . It had such an artistic and majestic name, unlike this “Black Shop”, this one was obviously a scam!

Two rooms cost three golds! If she didn’t have to pay for it herself, she would want to fight with the shopkeeper . However, Liu Mo Yi seemed to think such a price was normal . She calmly took out the money and paid the shopkeeper .

When Liu Mo Yi was talking to the shopkeeper, Qi Huan took a look at the black shop . She heard that this was the only inn in Qian Li Town, and so devil cultivators who travelled around, usually stay here .  I wonder if I’ll bump into him…

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