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Chapter 45

Where are we going?” After the masked man fired two swords, the second elder took the half-dead fourth elder and ran away without looking back, and the great elder of the sacrificial hall did not show up at all .

“It’s not “we”, it’s just me . ” They had already flown to the vicinity of the Kun Lun Mountain . Although there was still a long distance from Qing Yun Mountain, they were relatively safe . Although the two of them could be regarded as deadly enemies of the sacrificial hall, it was impossible for the elders of the sacrificial hall of the Monster Sect to want to kill people in the vicinity of Kun Lun Mountain unscrupulously, so Qi Huan’s free ride could only get her here .

“Don’t you just leave me behind, I’m a weak woman…” Qi Huan looked at the masked man pitifully, and the little fox on her head squatted down with a pitiful look .

“Aren’t you great at escaping with your thunder spells!” The masked man said with a smile, and regardless of whether Qi Huan wanted it or not, he directly threw her to the ground . Although she was thrown off, the masked man’s actions were very well-measured, so she didn’t feel any pain .

“How do you know that I know Thunder Escape?” Qi Huan was certain that she had never used Thunder Escape in front of the masked man before . Besides, except for those people in Qing Yun Sect, it seemed that only Mo Ye knew that she knew how to perform Escape Thunder .

The masked man did not answer Qi Huan, the flying sword under his feet turned and he immediately flew in the opposite direction .

“Mo Ye?” Qi Huan shouted loudly with her hands in a trumpet shape . However, the figure did not show any hesitation at all before disappearing in front of her eyes .

Could it be that I made a mistake? Qi Huan was curious, she didn’t know why, although she couldn’t see his face clearly, she had a feeling that that person was Mo Ye . Too bad he didn’t admit it at all . Qi Huan also didn’t think she would have the courage to remove his mask .

“It’s alright, there will be more chances to meet in the future . ” Sooner or later she would take off that weird mask to see who he was .

After the masked man left, Qi Huan sat on the ground for a long time, thinking about where she should go next . She was definitely not returning to Qing Yun Mountain for the time being . Anyway, the book was already in her hands . She would also only be practicing alone when she returned . Her shifu was in isolation, her Senior Uncles looked at her as if they were mice and she was a cat, avoiding her at all cost .

During the zhuji stage, Ling Yun Zi and the others could still guide her . But in the late stage of ningqi, her cultivation methods were very different from theirs, so she could only practice by herself, so it wouldn’t matter where, her practice would be the same anywhere .

What Qi Huan worried most was that she wouldn’t be trapped in a huge problem, once the Monster Sect elders ran to Qing Yun Mountain to make trouble? And it was very likely to cause great trouble to Qing Yun Mountain . If she didn’t return, the elders probably couldn’t do anything to the Qing Yun Sect . She didn’t believe that those elders in the sacrificial hall would be able to find her in such a big world .

Qi Huan flipped the stuff in her storage bag . There was a pile of spirit stones, a lot of millennia herbs, and other stuff but there were no copper coins . The storage ring given by her old man was even worse . It was filled with a pile of Dark Sea Crystals, and some single use life-saving luxury items, but no silver .

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Why would any cultivator still need to bring money when they go out! Qi Huan wanted to cry, it’s really true that a penny can kill a hero! Although she was in the late stage of ningqi, not eating for a month was not a big deal, but she would need a place to live! How could she survive in this world without any copper coins!

Qi Huan pulled the little fox off her head, pointing to its nose with a grim threat, “Keep your eight tails, now!”

The little fox stared at Qi Huan, shook its head hard, and then shook its nine little tails violently .

“I’m telling you, people in town like fox meat the most, especially foxes with nine tails!” If a mortal sees a fox with two tails, he will kneel down and worship it as Great Deity, let alone a fox with nine tails . Qi Huan was afraid that they would bump into cultivators and certainly there would be some who had extraordinary knowledge . If they recognized this fox as the nine-tailed celestial fox, nevermind the little fox first, even Qi Huan herself wouldn’t be able to escape death .

After being intimidated by Qi Huan, the little fox shrank its neck and kept all eight tails, and to be more careful, it even consciously changed its overly conspicuous black fur to khaki colour .

Seeing the little fox lying on her chest obediently, Qi Huan had to admit that this little fox had really lived up to its reputation for having nine tails, its IQ was so high! It even knew how to take an extra precaution step! This little thing was more afraid of death than her!

After everything was prepared, Qi Huan tidied up her clothes and walked to a small town not far away . After walking into the town, she couldn’t help but smile . She didn’t know if it was fate or what, but she had returned to Qing Tang Town . When she first crossed over space-time, she landed in this small town . She didn’t expect to have a chance to come back here again, she wondered how that Old Master of the Song Family was doing now .

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After entering the small town, she noticed that there were not many people, so she asked around and found out that a Great Deity had eliminated the monsters in the Song Family .

Qi Huan didn’t expect that in merely four years since she had left this place, the Song Family’s curse had been getting worse and worse . At first, they were haunted by ghosts, and now they were haunted by monsters?

Although she hadn’t come back in four years, she could still find the Song Family’s house with ease . Their house had not changed much from that of the past . It just looked a little old . Some of the broken glazed tiles had been replaced by red tiles . It looked nondescript in the distance, and there were some strange stripes painted on their blue two-meter-high walls . It seemed that the Song Family’s life over the years had not been too good .

Qi Huan followed the crowd and squeezed into the Song Family’s house . No one was guarding outside, probably because the house was haunted . She walked through the front hall easily, and looked around with her spiritual sense, and found nothing wrong .

There could only be two explanations to this: One . there were no monsters here at all; or two, the other party was more powerful than her and could conceal his aura . Anyway since this matter had nothing to do with her, she was just here to have fun .

Arriving at the familiar backyard again, Qi Huan instantly saw the old Taoist man in a yellow robe, holding a talisman in his left hand and a peach wood sword in his right hand, walking in the seven-star pattern . It was interesting to see his posture . Although the lingqi in his body fluctuated slightly, he was obviously trained .

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Just as Qi Huan was staring at him with interest, the door of the room where the Old Master Song lived in, was kicked with a loud bang, and the Old Song Master came out in a stride .

Upon seeing Old Master Song, the Taoist took his sword out without saying a word . Qi Huan felt quite surprised at first, but when she took a closer look, she discovered that there was something wrong with Old Master Song .

In the past, he was only slightly fat, but now he was so fat! He could be easily the size of four or five Qi Huan combined, and his eyes were green! He looked like a beast!

The Taoist was not slow with his sword, neither was Old Master Song . In Qi Huan’s eyes, the two of them looked like they were playing Tai Chi, but in the eyes of others, this was quite an exciting scene . Qi Huan frowned and stared at Old Master Song, unable to see what was going on with him .

“Miss, you don’t seem to be from here?” Just as Qi Huan stretched her neck to watch, a sweet voice suddenly sounded from her side .

Qi Huan turned her head to look at the speaker, then her eyes turned cold immediately .

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