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Chapter 41

“So what you’re saying is that my Senior Brother is also a member of the Monster Sect . In that case, why doesn’t he come back to take the medicine by himself?” Qi Huan looked a little strangely as Qing Se handed her ten celadon bottles . The medicine inside should last a long time .

“If I’m the only one in charge in the Monster Sect, then, of course he can come and go anytime he likes, but… forget it, I will send you back in a few days . No matter what you are planning to do in the sacrificial hall, with your current strength, you would undoubtedly die . Besides, the elders in the sacrificial hall have already left, so you should go back to Qing Yun Mountain first . ”

Qing Se seemed to have known that Qi Huan was looking for the sacrificial hall, so he directly dispersed Qi Huan’s idea . Qi Huan felt a little depressed, are foxes smarter than people? He even knew what she was thinking!

“Okay . ” Anyway, she didn’t even know where the sacrificial hall was, and she guessed that Qing Se was not going to tell her either .

“You’re easily tricked . ” Qing Se’s nine tails shook, and Qi Huan was sure that she saw a tricky smile on that little furry face .

Rascal, he actually dared to deceive her!

Qi Huan stayed in the Monster Sect for more than half a month again, until her storage ring was filled with the Monster Sect’s specialty products and Dark Sea Crystals which she dug out from the walls of Nine Floors Tower . She finally felt content to go back home .

Because Qing Se was in isolation (TLN: Some kind of meditation/cultivation), he asked Liu Ran to take charge of sending Qi Huan out . While looking down at the map of the nine sects that Qing Se gave her, Qi Huan walked forward with Liu Ran .

“I can only send you until here . You just walk straight ahead to get out of Nine Floors Monster Mountain . ” Liu Ran was reluctant to let Qi Huan go . There were already few people in the Monster Sect who could talk to her . Now that Qi Huan was gone, she had to get back to her boring life .

“Ah? Why does it feel that this road is different from the last time?” Hearing Liu Ran’s words, Qi Huan raised her head, looked around, and asked . Indeed, she felt that this road was different from the road when she sent the elders to Mount Shu last time .

“Of course it’s different . There is not only one exit . You just exit from here, then go straight, follow North and you will soon reach Qing Yun Mountain . ” For fear Qi Huan would get lost again, Qing Se specifically pointed to the nearest exit towards Qing Yun Mountain . And he even gave orders to the all Monster cultivators to clear the path for her .

“Oh, then I shall go… Why don’t you come with me?” Qi Huan thought for a long time before suggesting . She felt that if she abducted Liu Ran back then her wood Junior Nephew should be very grateful to her .

Liu Ran smiled bitterly and shook her head . “Don’t even think about it . I took a death oath back then . As long as I leave this place half a step, I will be killed by lightning . No one can change my fate . ” The oath of the cultivation world is not like the one in the human world . If you violate the oath here, you will be punished a hundred times more severe than in the human world, and you can’t escape death .

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In the end, Qi Huan could only leave alone with regret . She also knew that Ling Yun Zi and Liu Ran would not be able to be together in this life, unless both of them could achieve transition but that would take ages . There were only very few cultivators who could truly become deities, even her shifu had just achieved transition recently .

The ways of heaven are just!

Qi Huan walked slowly along the dirt road, and suddenly a drop of liquid fell in front of Qi Huan, “What’s that!?” Looking at the ground under her feet, the ground instantly became scorched, Qi Huan couldn’t help swallowing her saliva, and she felt that the sky had suddenly become dark .

Lifting her head up, she grinned at the behemoth above her head, and then a bolt of lightning struck, and Qi Huan disappeared instantly .

“…I just wanted to send you off…” That 10-floor tall, two-headed giant python uttered something with regret . He thought that Qi Huan was quite a decent person so he came to send her off since he had just shed his skin, but who knew that she would run away without giving him any chance to speak .

Qi Huan also didn’t bother where she was anymore, she used all her strength to stimulate the power of thunder and lightning in her body, and from time to time, silver-purple electric light would burst out from the dark forest . It wasn’t until Qi Huan felt that she had no more strength that she finally stopped . She turned around and looked at the back with lingering fear, “Phew, it probably can’t catch up to me now…”

It was such a big snake, and it had two heads! Nevermind how many of Qi Huan it could eat first, that drool alone was stronger than sulfuric acid! Qi Huan didn’t have the courage to stay and talk .

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After closing her eyes for a long time, Qi Huan recovered 80% of her stamina . Then, she stood up and patted her butt . Earlier, she had just been focusing on escaping for her life, without paying attention to the direction she went so… she was lost again now .

Ish!!~~ After a long sigh, Qi Huan jumped on a towering old tree next to her . Although she didn’t expect much, she decided to go up to take a look, maybe she could find a way out .

Holding the tree trunk with both hands, she tied her waist to the tree with her Air Cutting Silk . Qi Huan looked into the distance with trembling legs . The scenery in front of her made her suddenly forget her fear of heights . And then something caught her eyes as she stared at the simple but majestic palace not far away .

Ah, she was really lucky! After painstakingly looking for the sacrificial hall for more than a month, she accidentally found it! However, she wasn’t sure if she had self-inflicted a snare, the elders in the sacrificial hall seemed to have gone out .

While Qi Huan was still hesitating, a black mushroom-shaped cloud suddenly appeared outside the sacrificial hall in the distance, and the entire sky seemed to be enveloped by the black cloud . Qi Huan watched the trees and lakes around the sacrificial hall, everything turned into ashes, and only the sacrificial hall stood bare in the blink of an eye .

“Who dare to come to the sacrificial hall wantonly!” Qi Huan’s ears were hummed by a booming voice .

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“What the heck!” Upon hearing these three words, Qi Huan was taken aback for a moment . The voice felt familiar .

“Who dares to look for death!” The voice in the sacrificial hall sounded again, and a dazzling golden light shot into the black cloud . After a long while, the black cloud showed no signs of dissipating .

“The four old immortals in the sacrificial hall only know how to hide . You have the courage to steal from the Heavenly Devil Sect, so why don’t you have the courage to show yourself!” The ridiculous ridicule made Qi Huan suddenly remember who that person was .

The man who was talking now must be the non-mainstream man named Chi Yi, and the man who was talking just now must be the masked man, he was also here! And they even went to the sacrificial hall to provoke the elders personally! Those devil cultivators were really daring!

The next voice was much softer, Qi Huan also didn’t listen to it carefully . She could only see golden light shooting everywhere, and then the black clouds gradually dispersed . Although the cloud was getting smaller, more and more clouds appeared .

Then Qi Huan saw four golden lights flying out of the sacrificial hall, chasing Chi Yi and the masked man to the east .

“…” Qi Huan was stunned for a long time, then she got an idea . She snapped her fingers, a small lightning struck out, and she had disappeared again . If her shifi was not mistaken, there were a total of four elders who lived in the sacrificial hall . Since she had some help now, how could she miss such a good opportunity .


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