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Chapter 40

After a long time, about half a month, Qi Huan didn’t see Qing Se again . Although she had a very leisurely life in the Nine Floors Tower, and she also had Liu Ran accompany her to walk around the place, Qi Huan still did not find out the specific location of the sacrificial hall .

Every time Qi Huan mentioned the sacrificial hall, Liu Ran would hesitate, and from her expression, Qi Huan could feel that she seemed to dislike that place . People outside had called that place the monster’s holy land, so why would Liu Ran hesitate?

Qi Huan couldn’t help being curious, but unfortunately there was no way she could know the truth . Although Lang Xi would most probably know it, Qi Huan really didn’t have the courage to ask him .

After staying in the Nine Floors Tower for a while, she only knew that the monsters living in it were generally elders, who were at least in their later stages of Monster ying . Although their behavior was quite strange, for example, the nine-tailed cat monster staying opposite Qi Huan’s room, it especially liked to knock on Qi Huan’s door at night and give her some fish .

Another incident was the time when Qi Huan met a double-headed python named Yi Xiu, but she only heard that he was a python, she didn’t know that he was a double-headed python . He liked to turn into a little snake when he was at home . Last time Qi Huan and Liu Ran visited him, they almost stepped on him .

Although it is said that monsters were generally very xenophobic, Qi Huan felt that they seem to be friendly to her, perhaps because she was a guest that Qing Se invited . Qi Huan was still not sure why Qing Se had invited her .

“Head is back . ” Qi Huan was lying on her belly, playing with her one-meter-long Air Cutting Silk when she heard this . Although she was in the Monster Sect, she did not slack in her practice, perhaps she was already at her peak, so her practice did not seem to have any effect . Therefore, Qi Huan spent most of her time studying her Air Cutting Silk .

“Ah? He hasn’t been in the tower recently?” Qi Huan sat cross-legged, looking strangely at Liu Ran who walked into her room .

“…You are really slow, Head recently went to the sacrificial hall . ” Liu Ran shook her head after speaking . She stopped talking after that as if there was something Qi Huan couldn’t know .

“Head says he wants to see you . ”

Although Qi Huan had lived in the Nine Floors Tower for a while, it was her first time to go to the ninth floor, where Qing Se lived . Liu Ran only sent Qi Huan to the eighth floor, then she left, saying that only those who were invited by the Head could go on to the ninth floor, otherwise it would be trespassing and the punishment would be a death penalty .

The death penalty in the Monster Sect was definitely not as simple as wiping one’s neck . Qi Huan was secretly grateful . Fortunately, she was not very curious about this place, otherwise, Lang Xi would be very happy .

There was only a blue water curtain between the eighth and ninth floors, and Qi Huan knew that it was just a barrier, so she walked through it directly .

The ninth floor was completely different from the other floors, making her feel a little dizzy . Not far away was a small forest, she could hear some bird sounds from time to time, and there was also a clear stream that flowed around the forest to the distance . The egg-sized pebbles by the stream exuded a soft halo . Beneath Qi Huan’s feet were covered with green grass and several many pink wildflowers . This didn’t look like she was still in the Nine Floors Tower, it looked as if she was outside!

“You are here . ” Qi Huan who was still in awe, didn’t notice Qing Se at all, until she heard his voice .

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However, the person in front of her didn’t look like Qing Se at all, but a cyan fox as big as a car, with shiny fox fur . It also exuded a little blue light . It had nine big furry tails spread out on the ground like a peacock .

“Uh… Qing Se?” Such a big fox! Qi Huan finally knew why ordinary noble cultivators didn’t want to provoke the Monster Sect . Look at Qing Se! He didn’t need to do anything during a fight . He just had to transform to his fox form, and sit on his opponent to death!

“Did I scare you?” Qing Se’s voice was still the same, lazy with a little flattery . However, it was hard for ordinary people to not be scared when a giant fox was speaking to them .

“Nope! But it would be better if you are smaller . ” Qi Huan liked furry things . She used to like to rare cats, especially newborn kittens . She would pick them up with both hands, as if they were like cute little fur balls . However… Qi Huan’s eyes became a little dark, did her little cats at home die of starvation after she left… .

Qing Se actually became smaller and smaller, and finally turned into a palm-sized fox and jumped into Qi Huan’s arms . The closer she observed him, the more she felt that he looked as if he was carved from jade, with green halo emanating from all over his body, making her want to rub him hard .

“You were looking for me?” After enduring it for a while, Qi Huan finally couldn’t help it . She stretched out her hand and touched Qing Se’s small, jade-like and lovely ears, his little ears shook sensitively .

“I want you to bring something to Hua Xian Zi . ”

“My Senior Brother?” It seemed that the relationship between Qing Se and her Senior Brother was a bit strange . Qi Huan thought to herself that she and Hua Xian Zi had known each other for four years . She was still very curious about him, although he never seemed to hide anything from her, Qi Huan had always thought he was a little weird .

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Besides… “You, you, you…” Qi Huan finally recalled something! She did feel weird all the time before this . When she first saw Qing Se, she felt that something was wrong with him . Now she finally knew what it was! Hua Xian Zi’s eyes, nose and mouth were similar to Qing Se, but the two had slightly different temperaments . And Qing Se’s face seemed to be more inclined to a woman’s melon face .

“You are really, like he said, slow . ” Sitting in Qi Huan’s palm, Qing Se sighed . The two brothers looked so alike, and yet, this woman only realized it now . How could she be this slow… No wonder Hua Xian Zi always sighed when he talked about her .

“You two are…”

“Brothers, twin brothers . ”

“Then why…” Why was one human, while the other was a monster?

“Our mother is a half-monster, so when I was born, I was born with the orthodox blood of the Monster Sect, and he was born as a half-monster like our mother . ” Qing Se explained .

“What do you want me to give him?”

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“A medicine . It can restrain his monster influence . ” After speaking, he chuckled, “He doesn’t like staying in the Monster Sect, so he went to the Qing Yun Sect hundreds of years ago . In fact, you Qing Yun Sect people are really interesting . It’s obvious that he is not a human, but you all actually taught him spells, and made him an inner disciple of the sect . ”

Qi Huan nodded, that was indeed the Qing Yun Sect style .

“Um… so you can say that we are relatives, right?” She definitely regarded her Senior Brother’s brother as her relative .

“Just say it, what do you want to know?”

“I heard that Senior Brother snatched Lang Xi’s wife? But why have I never seen her?” She always liked to spend time with Hua Xian Zi when she was bored but she had never seen any woman in his house .

“… Usually Ling Long likes to be in her monster form . She’s a… oh, yes, she’s a snake, a green snake . ”

After Qing Se finished speaking, Qi Huan’s head was spinning so much . She remembered seeing a snake, it was a cute little snake . She remembered thinking to herself, if it weren’t because of its size being too small, she might have roasted it and eaten it… That snake… is her Senior Brother’s wife…

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