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Chapter 39

Qi Huan followed Qing Se to send the Mount Shu people out of the Nine Floors Monster Mountain . Along the way, Dong Yuan wanted to say something to Qi Huan, but because Yuan Hui and others had been by his side, he couldn’t find a chance to speak .

“Hey~~” Standing on the ground outside of Nine Floors Monster Mountain, Qi Huan smiled bitterly while looking at the mountain range in front of her .  Shifu is really so “thoughtful”, did he had planned to abandon me a long time ago! He just threw me here suddenly, how can I find my way back!

“Miss Qi Huan, do you want to follow them?” Qing Se asked with a smile .

Qi Huan turned her head and glanced at Qing Se . Knowing that Qing Se would not let her go so easily, she still couldn’t help explain herself, “I really got here by mistake…” She definitely did not think of causing trouble at the Monster Sect, she was forced by her master!

“Oh, then where did you enter by mistake, Miss Qi Huan?”

“…” If I say from the sky, do you believe it? ! Qi Huan wanted to cry, but anyway, since Qing Se didn’t ask her why she came here, nor did he plan to chop her and eat her, even though occasionally her life would be threatened, she was not in too big of a problem generally, she had just treated all this as an experience .

“That elder Lang Xi…has a great hatred towards us Qing Yun Sect?” After sending away the Mount Shu disciples, Qi Huan followed behind Qing Se, they were silent for a long time before she finally couldn’t help asking . She was really curious, did Senior Celestial Brother snatch someone else’s wife, or else why would they have trouble getting along with him, but the woman that Lang Xi was fond of… could she be a beautiful wolf?

“It’s not a big feud, Hua Xian Zi snatched elder Lang Xi’s fiancee on the day of their marriage, and injured his monster dan, causing him unable to transform into a human form forever . ” Qing Se explained somewhat casually, anyway, it didn’t happen to him .

“This is not a big feud? His wife was snatched away, he actually didn’t go to Qing Yun Mountain to make trouble?” Any normal men would try to snatch their wives back, even if they couldn’t do it, they wouldn’t sit back and behave obediently!

“Hehe, your senior has some origins with us Monster Sect . As long as he out of the Nine Floors Monster Mountain, whoever dares to trouble him is tantamount to trouble at the Sacrifice Hall . ”

“I heard that my Senior Celestial Brother is the Great Elder of the Sacrifice Hall’s illegitimate son?” Qi Huan rarely gossiped but she guessed that Qing Se should also be aware of such confidential information, after all, he was the head of the Monster Sect .

“Hmm…” Rubbing his chin lightly, he smiled brightly at Qi Huan, “This is an internal secret, but if you join us, I can consider telling you~” He looked completely at her confidently .

Both Monster Sect and Devil Sect seemed to like to pry on Noble Cultivators . Qi Huan suddenly remembered the non-mainstream man she met last time . He also wanted Qi Huan to join the Devil Sect . When had she been so popular?!

“Tsk tsk . I was the first to mention this to Miss Qi Huan . Why can’t you monsters learn what is first come, first serve!” Qi Huan was just thinking about the non-mainstream man, and now he was actually here .

Judging by his black leather airy jacket and the black bird’s nest style hair, it seemed that he had not washed his hair in the past few years since their last meeting . Qi Huan always thought that her memory was not very good, but this man, she would never forget him .

“Red Guardian of the Heavenly Devil Sect?” A sharp look flashed in Qing Se’s eyes .

“Call me Chi Yi, Miss Qi Huan, do you remember me? You said you want to join the Devil Sect, you can’t go against your promise!” Chi Yi leaned to Qi Huan’s side and held her hand very enthusiastically with a flattering face .

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“…” Qi Huan carefully retracted her hand, took two steps back, and hid behind Qing Se, “I have no plan to change career now . ”

“Ah, that’s a pity, even our boss has agreed . ” Chi Yi looked sad .

“Hehe, thank you for your appreciation . ” Qi Huan laughed . She must be the most unfortunate person ever . If she could get out of Nine Floors Monster Mountain alive, she must learn astrology from Ling Feng Zi some day to see if she had offended Tai Sui or the lone star of the evil gods, because why was she running into trouble no matter where she went!

“May I know what you are doing here in our Monster Sect, Guardian Chi Yi, are you here to look for someone or something?” Qing Se spoke lightly and slowly, giving Qi Huan goosebumps . She murmured in her heart, does Qing Se have something against this non-mainstream man? Otherwise, why would he speak in such a “sweet” tone?

“I don’t know if Head Qing Se has heard that we, the Heavenly Devil Sect, lost something recently, and some people say that they have seen our thing in the Monster Sect . ” Chi Yi didn’t seem to be affected by Qing Se at all . He had the same smile on his face, just that his smile was really wretched .

“Since it belongs to the Heavenly Devil Sect, naturally, it will not be here in our Monster Sect . I am afraid that someone has misinformed you . ”

“Perhaps they might have made a mistake, hehe . ” Not sure why, Chi Yi suddenly changed his tone, “Since it’s a misunderstanding, then goodbye . ” Chi Yi looked at Qing Se with strange eyes, and then he left with a grin . “Ah, by the way, Miss Qi Huan, our boss missed you very much . ” After two steps, Chi Yi turned back, leaving a sentence that would make Qi Huan have nightmares when she sleeps, patted his butt and left .

Looking at his figure getting smaller and smaller in the sky, Qi Huan couldn’t help shivering . The masked man remembered her, oh no, what an unfortunate thing to know .

“Uh… why didn’t you keep him here?” Qi Huan was a little curious, wasn’t Qing Se very strong? The elders of Mount Shu were like mouse meets cat when they saw him . Chi Yi had broken into the Monster Sect’s territory, but Qing Se was not angry at all!

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“There is another person next to him . ” As if nothing happened, Qing Se continued to walk forward gracefully .

“No way~~”

“It’s on the tree next to you . ”

“Why didn’t I notice?” Qi Huan was horrified, what on earth was happening!

“Both of them are in the beginning stage of huashen . Things won’t end up well if they joined hands . It’s okay if you did not notice them, it would be abnormal if you do . ” Qing Se’s words severely hit Qi Huan’s fragile self-esteem .

“Then you let them go just like this?” One against two, although it would be quite risky, Qing Se still had a possibility of winning, right? He was so strong anyway .

“Don’t worry, they will come back again . ” With a grin, Qing Se’s snow-white teeth flashed with cold light . Foxes also like to eat meat .


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“Boss, why did you call us back? It was such a good opportunity, the two of us can definitely catch that Qing Se alive . ” In a cave outside the Nine Floors Monster Mountain, Chi Yi squatted on a boulder, carrying an unknown animal and chewing its thigh happily .

“I don’t like to eat fox meat . ” Standing next to Chi Yi was a man in pitch black, revealing only two wild beast eyes . He also carried a fragrant animal thigh in his hand .

“We have found out the location of the thing . ” A low and charming voice sounded from the darkness .

“Where?” Chi Yi asked vaguely .

“In the sacrificial hall, those old things took it away from us . ”

“Oh…it seems that we have to go there again, ah, so troublesome . Oh, by the way, boss, I saw your little friend today . ” Chi Yi suddenly thought of Qi Huan, a wretched smile appeared on his face .

“Bang!” With a loud sound, the huge rock on which Chi Yi was squatting fell apart, and Chi Yi was buried by the smaller pieces of the rock .

“Ish, just say it if you’re shy~ You don’t even want me to talk about it…” A little voice from Chi Yi, who didn’t want to give up, sounded from the cracks of the stone .

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