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Chapter 38

“Why?” Seeing Qi Huan’s expression, Qing Se slightly raised his eyebrows .

“Uh… because it seems like it’s going to explode soon . ” Qi Huan put her right hand in front of Qing Se . A small black bead rolled around in her palm . The bead was still covered with purple and black electric lights . People with lesser knowledge would mistakenly think that it was some kind of thunder spell magical tool . Only a few people who had seen its power understand how terrible such a small bead was .

“What is this?”

Qi Huan smiled embarrassedly, “This is Destroyer Leishi, and it is about to explode . ” Well, it was not her fault that Qing Se came late . In order to protect herself, of course, she had to make early preparations .

Qing Se and the rest had never seen Destroyer Leishi before, but this thing was quite popular so it was impossible for him to not know about it . In modern terms, this small bead is equivalent to a small atomic bomb! Moreover, it is a portable compression type . Regardless of its small size, its power is definitely not small . The only drawback is that it is too difficult to refine .

Lang Xi’s eyes changed a bit when he looked at Qi Huan this time . The hairs on his body stood up . Fortunately, he didn’t kill this woman just now . If she died, almost everyone in the Nine Floors Tower would be dead . The power of Destroyer Leishi was not a joke!

“Do you know how to stop it?” This thing was so expensive that Xu Kong Zi only gave Qi Huan two in total . If it exploded just like this, it would be such a pity . If her old man knew about this, he would definitely scold her!

“There is no way to stop it . The power of the Destroyer Leishi is too powerful . The only thing in the world that can suppress it is leijie . ” Qing Se smiled bitterly, he was already thinking where else could he rebuild their Nine Floors Tower if this one were to collapse to the ground .

“Hmm, in that case…” Qi Huan blinked . Since no one could stop it from exploding, and she certainly couldn’t escape from the explosion, then she had only one option: She was going to try to use the leijie in her body, hopefully it could suppress the explosion .

Qi Huan felt her dantian, she carefully pushed the Taiji pattern, a trace of silver and purple thunder separated from it . After those thunder came out of the Taiji pattern, without having Qi Huan to control, they automatically gathered towards her right palm .

In front of everyone’s startled gazes, countless thin silver lines appeared in Qi Huan’s palm inexplicably . There was even tiny purple lightning hanging on it . Those thin lines wrapped the Destroyer Leishi tightly in the center, and then the Destroyer Leishi unexpectedly started to shrink slowly at the speed visible to the naked eye until…

It’s gone?! Qi Huan stared at her right palm, she felt a little bloated as if she had eaten too much .

Qing Se, who was able to smile lightly just now, was completely shocked now . His eyes were still staring at Qi Huan’s white and tender palm, he couldn’t figure out how the Destroyer Leishi disappeared .

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“What happened?” Liu Ran whispered, covering her mouth .

“Probably…hehe… it disappeared . ” Qi Huan covered her mouth and burped secretly, she would never tell them the truth . She would never tell them that she had made a mistake and actually ate it .

Qi Huan could still feel the self-destructing power of the Destroyer Leishi constantly flooding her dantian . Her Taiji pattern was spinning slowly . A thundercloud formed above it again but this time, it was not a beautiful silver purple, but black and purple .

“Since it’s gone, then let’s forget it . Don’t bring such dangerous things out next time . ” Although Qing Se knew that the inexplicable disappearance of Destroyer Leishi was related to Qi Huan, he just smiled and reminded her to be more careful next time, he did not question her at all, which made Qi Huan’s impression on him slightly improved . In the cultivation world, some things are better to be kept as a secret even if you saw it, after all, everyone has their own secrets .

“That’s true . There aren’t many of them in the first place . My shifu only gave me a few . ” Qi Huan grinned towards Lang Xi, clearly unkind .

Only a few?! The corners of Qing Se’s eyes twitched, one is enough to blow up the place, and yet Xu Kong Zi actually gave her a few! Is he trying to let Qi Huan destroy the entire Nine Floors Monster Mountain?!

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The murderous Lang Xi was completely dumbed . He hated the Qing Yun Sect but it was not to the extent of trading his own life! This woman actually had so many this kind of dangerous item! He had better watch his mouth, he wouldn’t want to offend Qi Huan this time .

“By the way, I also have another magical tool by my shifu, Sky Breaking Ruler . Elder Lang Xi, do you want to have a look?” Qi Huan deliberately looked at Lang Xi when she asked this . Hey, since Qing Se was here, she better teach him some lessons!

However, the Sky Breaking Ruler was not in Qi Huan’s storage ring . That thing, even if it was given by Xu Kong Zi, she couldn’t use it yet with her current strength, so it was better to use her Air Cutting Silk for the time being even though she couldn’t control it well now . She thought that the Air Cutting Silk was just a common magical tool, but since Mo Ye taught her that special formula, its power had increased several times . Qi Huan could even feel that this was not the end of its power, it was far from the end . If she was strong enough, she could display the full power of her Air Cutting Silk .

“Miss Qi Huan, you’re so funny . ” Lang Xi’s voice sounded bitter . Sky Breaking Ruler, a Celestial Device, and also Xu Kong Zi’s famous magical tool . Lang Xi believed that since Xu Kong Zi could give Qi Huan several Destroyer Leishi to defend herself, then he would certainly give her his Sky Breaking Ruler . Although Lang Xi didn’t think Qi Huan would be able to hurt him, he was not willing to take this risk .

“Ah, what a pity . ” Qi Huan sighed deliberately .

Qing Se smiled lightly and glanced at Qi Huan’s expression, he couldn’t help feeling funny . He could see that she was bluffing . Lang Xi was just scared by the Destroyer Leishi, and hadn’t recovered from it yet, but he had to give it to Qi Huan, she was quite courageous to even threaten Lang Xi who was in his huashen stage .

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Originally, he didn’t believe in the rumors about Qi Huan, but he had gained some insights this time . It was no wonder that Xu Kong Zi doted on this apprentice so much . He felt that the two of them really had the same personalities .

“Mount Shu’s fellow Taoists are leaving soon, do you want to send them off, Miss Qi Huan?” Qing Se coughed lightly, attracting Qi Huan’s attention .

“They are leaving?” Qi Huan was taken aback . She thought that even if Qing Se didn’t kill them, he wouldn’t have let them off so easily . How could he let them go so easily?

“Of course . They got their Spirit Cicada Slough so they’re going home now . ” Qing Se narrowed his eyes . Of course, he didn’t need to tell Qi Huan the price they had to pay to get it, presumably she wouldn’t want to know too .

“Oh…” Qi Huan looked at Qing Se suspiciously, lowered her head and pursed her lips . In her head, she classified Qing Se as a dangerous species . She didn’t believe that Qing Se was willing to give the Spirit Cicada Slough out so easily, nor letting those people from Mount Shu go so easily . If Qi Huan was the Head of the Monster Sect, she would have “skinned” those people before sending them off .

If Qing Se knew what Qi Huan was thinking, he would definitely come over to shake hands with her, and say, let’s form an organization .

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