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Chapter 29

Go . ” Mo Ye ordered, still looking as usual as he pulled Qi Huan’s arm and got out of the bed .

“What… What?” Qi Huan’s voice was trembling . It was one thing to see a dead person, and now that dead person was lying in front of her, and the murderer was pulling her arm!

“Are you going to wait for death or follow me?” Mo Ye turned his head, forcing a smile .

“Is there a third option?” She felt that no matter which one was life-threatening .

“You can also go by yourself . ” Mo Ye stopped and looked at Qi Huan with extreme contempt, “but I don’t think you can get out of this room . ”

“Who says so . ” He dared to peep at her from the crack of the door! Qi Huan rolled up her sleeves and was about to rush out, but suddenly a flying sword pierced through the door frame and dived towards her head .

“Oh my god!” Qi Huan flew back behind Mo Ye instantly, she didn’t even have time to cover her ears . Subsequently, she pushed Mo Ye in front . Qi Huan dared to swear to a candle that she definitely didn’t push him on purpose . It was just a conditioned reflex, alright? You see, she was so short, so her reflex arc was naturally short too .

Mo Ye turned his head and glared at Qi Huan fiercely . Without even looking at the flying sword, he waved his hand, and the Chaos Cauldron that was used as a spare bathtub that had been placed behind the screen, flew out .

After some racket, Qi Huan tiptoed and carefully poked out her head from behind Mo Ye, and saw that the flying sword was broken into pieces .

“Oh my god!” Qi Huan looked at Chaos Cauldron again, this time with a gaze like a big bad wolf saw a little white rabbit . It was good enough if a typical defensive magical tool could block a flying sword . But this thing could actually break it, how powerful! She didn’t expect that this thing Mo Ye threw over was such a precious tool!

After the crisis was resolved, Qi Huan slobbed towards the Chaos Cauldron, she fumbled it here and there, refusing to let go, and finally she turned around to confirm with Mo Ye, “This, this is for me?!”

Seeing Qi Huan’s fascinated face and wide eyes, the corner of Mo Ye’s eyes twitched almost invisibly . He was already regretting his decision now .

“Let’s go . ”

“I’m curious…” The two of them walked out of the inn, leaving at least two dead bodies behind . Although Qi Huan couldn’t see the cultivation of those two people, she was certain that they were at least in the yuanying stage, or even higher .

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Qi Huan was not curious about how Mo Ye was able to kill those two in the blink of an eye . After all, everyone had their own secrets . If she asked too much, maybe the next person to be killed was herself . Besides, he could simply give her the Chaos Cauldron, this meant that there must be more treasures on him . Sometimes to win a PK, it also depended on the person’s equipment!

What she was curious about was Qing Xiao . Even if he hated her to the bone, he really didn’t have to order so many people to kill her all at once, did he? Or could it be that she had a hateful face?!

“What?” Mo Ye didn’t take Qi Huan to leave immediately after going out, but took her hand and started shopping . She also didn’t know what was so nice about shopping in these dark streets, but anyway, Mo Ye seemed to be in a good mood .

“Why are so many people coming out to kill me? I thought it was just Duan Cen Feng?”

“You can’t be thinking that only Qing Xiao wants your life, can you?” Mo Ye chuckled lightly . The deep and magnetic laugh echoed in the dark alley .

“There are others?” Qi Huan was surprised . She didn’t remember offending so many people . Although she also knew that she was a little sinister and cunning occasionally, and she also liked to take advantage of others, this couldn’t possibly be the cause of people’s anger, right! Besides, she had almost stayed in Qing Yun Mountain every day since she came to this world! Except for those Qing Yun Sect disciples who were already accustomed to being bullied by her, Senior Uncles and Junior Nephew, who else would want to kill her?

“You have many Senior Brothers and Sisters . ” Mo Ye said with a smile .

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“So?” Qi Huan knew that she had many Senior Brothers and Sisters, but she really hadn’t seen anyone except for Senior Celestial Brother . She heard that the others were driven down the mountain by Senior Uncle Xu Ling Zi and Senior Uncle Xu Yang Zi . As for why Senior Celestial Brother was the only one left on the mountain, it seemed that it was because he was the only one who knew how to brew wine . Qi Huan decided that the secret about the wine brewery should be kept silent forever . Anyway, she would never drink the wine brewed by that Senior Brother anymore!

“After your status was revealed… many people are looking forward to meeting you . ” Mo Ye explained rather euphemistically, but in fact, many people were queuing to kill her!

Qi Huan vaguely remembered that her Senior Celestial Brother once said that she had several Senior Brothers and Sisters who were kind of useless . They would once a while single out some demon elders, or run to the demon cultivator’s base camp and kill some demon cultivators for fun when they were bored . Occasionally, they would also conveniently rob some noble cultivators along the way . They had done all these things so Qi Huan could understand why her Senior Uncles drove them out and prevented them from coming back . If they really came back, the Qing Yun Sect would definitely be in risk of getting attacked by other people hundreds of times a day .

“Actually… they are just picking on the weak . ” Qi Huan sighed . It turned out that it was not a big deal to offend the head of Kun Lun Sect . No wonder Ling Yun Zi didn’t react much after learning about what she did . Qi Huan was definitely not at the same level as one’s heart who was more experienced in bullying .

“Don’t worry, they won’t trouble you personally . This time they sent an assassin in his yuanying stage is probably that they overestimated your strength . ” Mo Ye’s words were straightforward as usual, Qi Huan was no stranger to it .

“True, true! I’m just a newbie in the early stage of ningqi, hmph!”

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“You have a magical tool with you, right?” Mo Ye didn’t continue to entangle Qi Huan with this topic . He already felt the grievances around him, even if he wanted to help her in cultivating her cultivation level, it was harder than it looked . Moreover, for a lazy woman like Qi Huan, asking her to practice was probably the same as taking her life .

“Yeah, I have a strip of cloth . ” Qi Huan took out her Air Cutting Silk and shook it in front of Mo Ye . Because Qi Huan recently discovered that the Air Cutting Silk could change in size, becoming big and small at her will, it had completely been used as a handkerchief by her now . In fact, she preferred to turn it into a bodice . Anyway, it was all red, so it didn’t look too bad on her . Besides, she could pull it out easily to protect herself, but it would look a little unsightly, so she threw the idea behind her head .

Qi Huan didn’t realize that Mo Ye looked a little weird after seeing the Air Cutting Silk, but he soon returned to normal .

“I have a formula that can control the Air Cutting Silk . ” Mo Ye stared at the Air Cutting Silk for a long time before speaking slowly .

“You know this thing?” Qi Huan was taken aback for a moment . According to her Senior Uncle, it seemed that this thing was only known by people inside of Qing Yun Mountain . How could Mo Ye know about it?

“My knowledge is a little bit more than you . ”

Mo Ye’s truthful words severely poked Qi Huan’s heart . She stared at him fiercely, ah, this man likes to trigger me so much, eh? Does it make him feel fulfilled doing so?!

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