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Chapter 28

“Miss, the warm water you want is ready . ” Xiao’er’s somewhat flattering voice sounded from outside of the room .

“Come in . ” Qi Huan curled her lips secretly as Xiao’er poured buckets of warm water into the bathtub neatly . It’s true that money can do anything . Mo Ye directly paid an ingot of gold to the shopkeeper, and now perhaps the only thing they hadn’t done was to personally feed her .

After dismissing Xiao’er, Qi Huan lay contentedly in the huge bathtub . This bathtub was also given to her by Mo Ye . It had black gold paint on it, and there was a vague flow of spiritual energy on it . It should be some kind of formation, but Qi Huan was sure that this formation might know her, but she didn’t .

From the material point of view, this suspicious bathtub should be a magical tool, but Qi Huan really couldn’t see how this thing should be used . Apart from being a bathtub, there seemed to be nothing special .

Anyway, Mo Ye didn’t say what this thing was for, and just so happened she needed a bath, so she used it rationally . Qi Huan also discovered that this bathtub had another excellent function . She had been soaking for nearly an hour, but the water temperature had not dropped at all .

Qi Huan rested her pinkish calf on the edge of the bathtub, lying on her back, she closed her eyes and hummed a tuneless tune .

“Is there anyone?” It was Mo Ye’s voice . Qi Huan rolled her eyes .  What nonsense is this? Obviously, she’s inside!

“No . ” Qi Huan took the towel on the side and wiped her body .

Outside, Mo Ye’s gloomy eyes narrowed slightly, this woman seems to like to go against him very much!

“Come out to eat . ”

“Ah, wait for me, wait for me, I’m coming out!” Qi Huan almost jumped out of the bathtub when she heard that there was food . She simply took the cyan robe hanging on the screen, put it on, and then kicked open the door . As the door swung open, a pair of bright, big eyes met Mo Ye’s dark, deep eyes .

Seeing Qi Huan’s untidy clothes, short hair dripping with water, flushed face, and smelling a faint fragrance exuded from her body . A strange color flashed in Mo Ye’s eyes .

“Let’s go, let’s eat . ” Qi Huan smiled brightly . She didn’t have any money . This Mo Ye was obviously a rich man, so she had to follow him closely no matter what during this time .

“Hey . I’m not a sheep, so I don’t need to eat grass!” Qi Huan picked on the plate of fried garlic seedlings in front of her with her chopsticks, these green stuff… who eats these stuff!

“…” Mo Ye didn’t even bother to look at her . He kept his head down and ate in silence . Silence was the best way to deal with Qi Huan .

Alright, the person who pays is the master . Qi Huan frowned, picked up a potato shred and reluctantly put it into her mouth .

“Where is the Chaos Cauldron I gave you?”

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“What? Ah, you mean that thing? It’s in the house, it works very well . ” Qi Huan added .  So it’s a cauldron~ No wonder the heat can’t escape . If they have put firewood beneath it, then won’t I become a cooked meat?

Mo Ye’s eyes became cold, his jaw twitched as he thought of what Qi Huan might do just now . If he was not mistaken, Qi Huan must have been taking a bath just now, but it seemed that there was no bathtub provided here, so she must have used his Chaos Cauldron as her “bathtub” casually…

“Um… hey, what’s the use of that thing?” Seeing Mo Ye’s cold eyes, Qi Huan hurriedly changed the subject . Well, he shouldn’t blame her, he just threw that thing to her without telling her what it was for . Besides, it looked so much like a bathtub, so of course she would use it for bathing!

Perhaps if Qi Huan’s thoughts were heard by the past masters of Chaos Cauldrons, they would be so angry that they came back to live . The Chaos Cauldron, a well-known magical tool in the realm of noble cultivators, was actually used as a bathtub! Only Qi Huan could do such a thing!

“It’s a defensive magical tool . ” Mo Ye put down his chopsticks, his expression had returned to normal . He didn’t waste too much effort to explain to Qi Huan the origin of Chaos Cauldrons . He assumed that it would be pointless if he tried to explain to her .

“Oh~” Qi Huan didn’t care very much . She had seen a lot of defensive magical tools, but none of them looked so strange .

“I have something to do, so I’ll leave first . You go back by yourself . ” After talking for a long time, Mo Ye finally got to the point he wanted to say .

Qi Huan stayed for a while, and then rushed to Mo Ye, grabbing onto his arm and refusing to let go, “No way, if you’re gone, what if Duan Cen Feng comes back again . ”

“He will not come back . ”

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“What if I encounter danger again?” Qi Huan continued .

“Chaotic Cauldron can protect you . ” Mo Ye replied calmly .

“Anyway… I just want to go with you . ” Qi Huan blushed . She couldn’t admit that she didn’t know the way back!


“If you keep quiet, I will treat your silence as an agreement!” Regardless of whether Mo Ye really agreed or not, Qi Huan ran to the guest room upstairs without even giving him a chance to speak .

Mo Ye’s deep eyes followed her back until the petite figure was completely hidden behind the door .

“Master?” Behind Mo Ye, a man, wrapped entirely in black suddenly appeared . The man had a pair of beast-like eyes . Only when he looked towards Mo Ye, his eyes showed some respect .

“Bring this back . ” Mo Ye handed a light green transparent porcelain bottle to the person behind him . A light red pill was vaguely visible inside the bottle . If anyone from Mount Shu was present at that time, he would be able to recognize it . That pill was Mo Ye that Xisui Pill that he used to win in the trial competition!

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“Yes . Master, the people of the Qing Yun Sect have already begun a large-scale search of her whereabouts . ” Soon after Qi Huan disappeared, Ling Yun Zi got the news . Unfortunately, when he found Yuan Chu, Qi Huan had long been missing .

Mo Ye tapped his index finger on the desk lightly, his expression remained calm as usual, “I will deal with the Qing Yun Sect, don’t come to me these few days . ”

“Yes . ” After the man replied, his figure disappeared again . Mo Ye glanced at the room where Qi Huan was staying again, then he returned to his room .

In the dead of night, there was only a small slit in the window of Qi Huan’s room, and the silver moonlight poured into her room, not disturbing Qi Huan who was sleeping peacefully .

Suddenly, with a creak, the window was pushed open, and a small masked man jumped in from the window . When he touched Qi Huan’s bed, a dark silver light flashed from his hand .

Before the man could take out his dagger, the originally tightly wrapped quilt was suddenly lifted . The masked man shrank when he saw the calm face underneath, and he stepped back without hesitation .

“Hmph . ” Mo Ye raised the corner of his mouth, waved his hand and casted a faintly red spell . The spell exploded instantly after it touched the masked man, and he was blown to pieces . A strong smell of blood covered the whole room .

Qi Huan, who had been lying sideways next to Mo Ye, saw this scene, and her face turned green in an instant . Her body that had been close to Mo Ye, quickly turned to the other side .

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