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Chapter 22

Ling Yun Zi, don’t joke about this matter . ” Qing Xiao’s expression became a little difficult to look at . If the matter was really as Ling Yun Zi said, then everything he had done before would be useless . If Qi Huan beat him again, things wouldn’t be so easy to solve .

And as far as Qing Xiao understood Qi Huan, that woman was definitely a stumbling block . Regarding this point, one has to agree with Qing Xiao .

“I never joke, Senior Uncle is the only disciple of Great Senior Uncle Xu Kong Zi . You can go to Great Senior Uncle to verify it personally . ” Ling Yun Zi hummed, but he was eager for Qing Xiao to ask Xu Kong Zi personally . He had a taste of Xu Kong Zi’s measures . Perhaps after that, Qing Xiao wouldn’t think Qi Huan had done too much at that time .

Neither the master and the apprentice were easy to deal with . Back then, Great Senior Uncle’s Senior Brothers were the ones to help him deal with his mess . Now Qi Huan’s mess would be cleaned up by her Junior Nephew? He had lived for so long to become his Senior Uncle’s nanny? Nothing could be worse than this!

Also, just now, Mount Shu sent someone to ask if he noticed any suspicious people . After asking carefully, Ling Yun Zi found out that they had asked him that because several Mount Shu’s dragon scale carp were lost . Ling Yun Zi immediately knew that it must be related to Qi Huan .

All in all, it was his Great Senior’s fault . Before Qi Huan came to Mount Shu, she asked him what rare and exotic beasts that were also delicious in Mount Shu, and the old man actually told Qi Huan that dragon scale carp was abnormally delicious . He even asked Qi Huan to bring two back for him to try . Those things had to be taken care of for tens of thousands of years before they could become a dragon . The elders in Mount Shu offered those fishes as their ancestors, but in the end, the two of them actually ate it .

When the upper beam is not right, the lower beam will also be crooked, Ling yun Zi finally understood this saying, but he seemed to have forgotten, Xu Yang Zi seemed to be his Great Senior .

“I hope you are telling the truth, and I will personally ask Senior Xu Kong Zi for advice . ” Qing Xiao turned and left with a grimace . He also understood that since Ling Yun Zi dared to say such words in front of so many people, he mustn’t be lying . In fact, he had only said this just to give himself a way to step down, otherwise, he would have to admit his mistake, and that would be too embarrassing!

“I won’t send you off . ”

“That’s it?!” Qi Huan watched Qing Xiao gradually walk away, with a disappointed expression on her face . She was still waiting for some kind of show .

Qing Xiao left, Ling Yun Zi turned to look at Qi Huan, “Senior Uncle, we must have a good talk . ” He didn’t want Qing Yun Sect’s reputation to be ruined in his own hands . Therefore, for safety measures, he must talk to Qi Huan about the three big rules .

“First: Don’t provoke other sects casually!” This was very important .

“Ah… But what if they come to bully me?” Qi Huan showed a pitiful look . She was so weak, so usually others would provoke her, but luckily she had a good temper . She never bullied people openly, she only bullied them behind their backs…

“You must endure it . ” He absolutely didn’t believe that if Qi Huan didn’t take the initiative to provoke others, others would be so stupid to delivere themselves to her automatically, especially after her identity was disclosed .

“Okay, okay . You have the final say . ”

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“Second: Before the trial meeting is over, you must stay by my side all the time!” Ling Yun Zi was really worried that the spirit beasts raised by the leader of Mount Shu would face the same consequences like the ones rare by his Senior Brother, broken limbs, missing tails and what not .

Qi Huan blinked, “But… unmarried men and women must not sleep together!”

“Except sleeping, we don’t have to sleep together!!!” Ling Yun Zi finally changed from a wooden lump to a fire-breathing dragon . His one-hundred-year cultivation was instantly ruined by Qi Huan .

“Ah~ what a pity~” Qi Huan sighed . Well, it was not often she could have the opportunity to sleep with a handsome guy .

After Ling Yun Zi roared, the people who were still standing around, wanting to watch the excitement, disappeared instantly, for fear they would be scolded for nothing .

“Don’t be angry, you see, I even brought you a grilled fish!” Qi Huan took out a dragon scale carp that was still exuding heat and dangled it in front of Ling Yun Zi .

“I don’t want to eat it!” His will was very firm .

“Really?” Qi Huan shook it in front of him again .

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“I… No, I don’t think I should eat it…” He hesitated, this is such a struggle!

“Then… I’ll just eat it for myself?”

“Forget it, I shall kindly help you to eat it . ” Finally made up his mind, the carp disappeared from Qi Huan’s hands .

In fact, according to Qi Huan’s analysis, the entire Qing Yun Sect disciples had one of the following two personalities: one was a sneaky type like her shifu Xu Kong Zi, and the other was a boring type like Ling Yun Zi .

“Is Qing Xiao so easily scared away?” The two chatted as they walked to the guest room .

“Of course not . Qing Xiao’s methods are so vicious . It is impossible that he will let you off so easily, but he absolutely dares not deal with you openly . ” Ling Yun Zi and Ling Feng Zi had fought with Qing Xiao for several years, so they were very positive and clear about his character .

At that time, Qing Xiao was definitely not the most outstanding disciple in Kun Lun Sect, but he replaced his Senior Brother as the head of Kun Lun . Almost everyone thought that his genius Senior Brother died in the hands of the demon cultivators . However, only Ling Yun Zi, who personally witnessed the entire matter, knew that Qing Xiao had tricked his Senior Brother into the demon gate .

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The real scary thing about Qing Xiao was not his cultivation level, but his poisonous and cruel heart . In order to be the leader of Kun Lun Sect, he could trick his Senior Brother, who had basically grown up with him, to death . Such a person would definitely not forgive others who offend him .

“Then, that means I am in more danger now? If he secretly kills me, even shifu, that old man, won’t know about it!” She hadn’t married yet, so she couldn’t go to heaven so soon!

“No, the matter is not that exaggerating . At least he won’t do anything for now . If anything happens to you, our first suspect will be him . You also know Great Senior Uncle’s style, he never needs evidence . ” Ling Yun Zi was not as nervous as Qi Huan . Qing Xiao was definitely more afraid of death than Qi Huan .

“By the way, I heard that you have been very close to Dong Yuan recently?” Ling Yun Zi suddenly asked .

“Ah, what’s the matter?” Seeing Ling Yun Zi’s hesitation, Qi Huan couldn’t help asking curiously .

“It’s better to stay away from him . ” Ling Yun Zi didn’t say the reason, but obviously, he didn’t want Qi Huan to have too much contact with Dong Yuan . Perhaps Qi Huan didn’t notice it, but Ling Yun Zi could see that the way Qi Huan’s eyes looked at Dong Yuan were different from those of others . If it was someone else, Ling Yun Zi might just turn a blind eye, but he absolutely could not do it if the person was Dong Yuan .

Dong Yuan’s identity was far from being as simple as others thought . He didn’t want his simple-minded Senior Uncle to be hurt then .

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