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Chapter 19

“Senior Sister Huan Huan, why don’t you compete in the audition?” The audition for the trial meeting officially began early in the morning . Ling Yun Zi took the inner disciples to the audition arena, and Qi Huan, who was obviously lacking sleep, snuggled in Ling Yun Zi’s seat, trying to make up for sleep .

“Junior Sister Xiao Xiao, you didn’t sleep last night, aren’t you sleepy!” Qi Huan lay weakly on the table . She really didn’t understand, she was also a woman, why did this girl stay up all night as her but still looked energetic while Qi Huan looked like a wilting cauliflower . She was only seven years older than Xiao Xiao, that wasn’t too old…

“Hehe, is this what the legend calls it, natural beauty?” Xiao Xiao rubbed her small chin, showing a thoughtful expression .

“Shoo, shoo, stay away from me . ” Qi Huan gave Xiao Xiao a sullen look .

“Senior Sister, don’t sleep, come on… Let’s go watch Senior Brother in the competition . It’s so boring and hot to be under the sun here . ” Xiao Xiao rubbed her body against Qi Huan, grabbing her arm and shaking it until Qi Huan had to give in to her .

“Okay, okay, stop shaking me . I have old arms and legs, later you might accidentally break me . ”

“Don’t worry! I took several bottles of bone-strengthening pills from my father . You can take one pill if I accidentally break your arm . I can confirm that it will give immediate results, hehe…”

“…You wicked girl . ” Qi Huan really couldn’t do anything with Xiao Xiao, so she had to let her drag herself to the audition venue .

“The audition is coming to an end . Let’s just wait outside . ” This time the audition was held in the Forsythia Mountain outside of Mount Shu . This mountain was stocked with many spirit beasts that were in their pre-Jiedan stage, before the audition, so as long as disciples could get out of the mountains and forests safely, they would pass the test .

Qi Huan and Xiao Xiao sat under the pavilion and waited for Dong Yuan to come out . Dong Yuan’s strength should be the highest among this group of disciples, so the spirit beast inside would not hinder him at all, so should be the first one to come out .

But the result was unexpected . Dong Yuan was not the first person to come out .

“Xiao Xiao, who is this person?” Qi Huan saw a bunch of referees surrounding him, so she couldn’t help nudging Xiao Xiao who looked a little disappointed .

“His name is Mo Ye . He is a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect . I heard that his strength is similar to that of Senior Brother . I thought they only said that because they were jealous of Senior Brother, but now it seems that he is indeed as good as Senior Brother . ” Xiao Xiao supported her chin with her hands and stared at the forest eagerly, without even looking at that Mo Ye .

However, Qi Huan stared at Mo Ye curiously for a long time, “He has a good figure . ” After watching for a long time, Qi Huan shook her head and sighed . This Junior Brother had the figure of a devil and at the same time had the face of a devil . God was really fair .

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Seemingly to have noticed Qi Huan’s naked eyes, Mo Ye turned to look at Qi Huan . It was obviously an unfamiliar face, but Qi Huan had a strange feeling . She felt like she was being stared at by a terrifying animal, her hair was standing .

Qi Huan quickly turned her head away, no longer looking at Mo Ye . But Mo Ye’s mouth hooked up slightly, and a strange light flashed in his eyes .

Some time after Mo Ye came out, Dong Yuan also walked out of the forest, but he did not look as cool as Mo Ye . Judging from his torn clothes, he must have encountered a big thing in the forest .

“Senior Brother, why are you only out now? Senior Sister and I have been waiting for you for a long time . ” Finally seeing Dong Yuan, Xiao Xiao couldn’t help complaining . She just couldn’t bear it . Why was Mo Ye first to exit? The first one should be Dong Yuan! 

“Hehe, maybe it’s my bad luck . I ran into at least fifty spirit beasts along the way . ” Thinking of the magnificent scene just now, Dong Yuan couldn’t help grinning bitterly while touching his nose .

Although those were low-level spirit beasts, and they wouldn’t cause much harm to him, if more than fifty low-level spirit beasts attacked him together, even he couldn’t deal with them all at once . Fortunately, it was him who had encountered those beasts, otherwise, ordinary disciples would surely lose their lives!

“Could it be that someone deliberately harmed you?” Qi Huan curled her eyebrows and asked . Ling Yun Zi once told her that spirit beasts were very territorial, and even low-level spirit beasts would not casually visit other spirit beasts, unless there were some unnatural forces that brought them together .

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“I don’t think so, but when I encountered  those spirit beasts, I could clearly feel that they were scared . I didn’t know what scared them like this . ” Dong Yuan shook his head, denying Qi Huan’s guess .

“Perhaps there was a big demon hiding in the woods, preparing to eat people, hehe…” Xiao Xiao interrupted, causing the solemn atmosphere to dissipate immediately .

Dong Yuan rubbed Xiao Xiao’s head, and then followed the referees who came to take notes . Only Qi Huan shivered inexplicably . She felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong .

The next day after the audition was the real trial meeting . After the audition, Qi Huan wouldn’t budge no matter how they asked her to, so in the end, Xiao Xiao had no choice but to send Qi Huan back to the guest room to rest, and she was unfortunately, taken back by her father to practice .

After lying back on her bed, Qi Huan didn’t even turn, she went straight into a deep sleep . When she woke up, she realized that it was late at night .

The room was pitch black, but there was a little blue light flashing around her body . Those were exuded by all the qi that condensed into her body . Qi Huan lay on her bed, turned her head to look at her arm that was glowing with blue light, she smiled .

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In every novel, it is said that almost all protagonists, who have time travelled, have a few unthinkable abilities . Although her night spirit was not considered an unthinkable ability, it was much worse than Dong Yuan, but God had also treated her not too bad .

However, whether it was a night spirit body or a sun spirit body, she would be starved to death, if there was no food .

“I wonder if there’s anything left to eat . ” Although she had reached her Ningqi stage, Qi Huan still felt that if she didn’t eat, she would starve to death . She had to eat 3 meals a day, and all of them must have meat . Ling Feng Zi said that Qi Huan had cultivated everything to her stomach .

If she was in Qing Yun Mountain, she would be fine, because even if Qi Huan pulled off a tail of the eight-tailed scorpion raised by the Sect and roasted it, no one would dare to say anything, but she was at Mount Shu now, there weren’t any meat for her to eat .

After getting out of bed, Qi Huan took a look at the table expectantly, and unexpectedly, there was an oil bag on the table . Judging from the shape and smell, it must be roast chicken! Not only that, it was also the unique roast chicken from a small town 100 miles outside of Qing Yun Mountain!

“Ling Yun Zi bought it? That wood finally became smart?” Qi Huan gnawed the chicken legs while guessing who was so kind to even give her roast chicken to eat, but after thinking about it for a long time, she really didn’t have any idea .

“Perhaps… the sky is dropping roast chicken now?!” Anyway, she, a living person, had fallen from the sky, so it didn’t seem impossible for a roast chicken to fall from the sky .

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