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Chapter 18

At night, Qi Huan lay on the wooden board with her eyes open . She rolled around, couldn’t sleep . The image of Dong Yuan’s face appeared in her mind from time to time, and finally Qi Huan simply got up and decided to go out to look for food .

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Dong Yuan leading a bunch of people approaching her . Seeing Qi Huan coming out, Dong Yuan stopped and greeted him with a smile .

“Junior Sister, you’re going out?” Dong Yuan was a little curious, because everyone was preparing for tomorrow’s trial at this time . Why did it seem that this Junior Sister was not in a hurry?

“Um… I’m going to look at the moon…” Qi Huan’s smile was extremely bright .

“Oh, then I won’t bother you, Junior Sister . ” After Qi Huan left, Dong Yuan scratched his head and looked up at the sky with some doubts, “There is no moon today…”

“Is there a kitchen in Mount Shu…” Standing in the open mountains, Qi Huan endured her hunger, her feet felt like they were about to break, she had walked so much but she could not find a kitchen!

Two hours later, Qi Huan squatted on the ground with a pale face and drew circles to curse the 180 generations of Mount Shu .  What a show off! Why did you guys make Mount Shu so big? Just great, now I can’t find my way back!

“Junior Sister, why are you here?”

Looking at the pair of soft boots that appeared in front of her, Qi Huan sighed, thank goodness, someone was here! “The view of the moon is better here . ” Qi Huan stood up with a smile on her face . She would never tell anyone that she was lost .

“But according to my observation… The nine stars are avoiding the moon tonight (TLN: A fengshui), it seems that the moon will not appear in the sky tonight, I supposed?” Dong Yuan, who had always been confident in his stargazing skills, spoke in such an uncertain tone for the first time .

“Senior Brother, why focus so much on foreign objects, who says that there’s no moon in the sky, means that there’s no moon in my heart?” Qi Huan revealed a disappointed expression, and patted Dong Yuan on the shoulder . She recently learned a trick from her Senior Uncle Xu Ling Zi that when someone asks you something but you don’t want to answer, or you don’t know how to answer, you must not tell them that you don’t know, because that will ruin your reputation .

You have to use logic to defeat them, despise them strategically, and make them think you are right . It will be the best if you can fool them into the sect conveniently .

In fact, Qi Huan had always wanted to know how many of the disciples in the sect were fooled by Xu Ling Zi .

“Junior Sister, you’re really thorough . I, Dong Yuan, really admire you!” Qi Huan’s words made Dong Yuan stunned for a while, then he showed a sudden realization expression on his face, and hurriedly bowed to Qi Huan .

Qi Huan turned around and said, “Senior Brother, you don’t have to be too polite . We are all disciples . It’s only right to help each other . ”

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“Then… Junior Sister, you continue to watch the moon . I won’t bother you . ” Seeing Qi Huan’s professional appearance, Dong Yuan decided to let his Junior Sister continue to admire the mood at his martial arts training ground .

He was just very curious . His martial arts training ground was in the col of Mount Shu Ding Yun Peak, which was separated by four hills from the guests’ peak where Qi Huan stayed . How did his Junior Sister find this place?

“Wait… Senior Brother, is there any food around here…” Qi Huan finally couldn’t bear another round of war with her stomach . She could pretend to be a pro another day . It was important to get some food for her stomach now!

“…If you don’t mind, you can go to the bamboo house I built, have some rest . I think there is still some food there . ”

It was the middle of the night, what would happen if a man and a woman stayed in the same room? Qi Huan didn’t know what others would do, but she knew what she would do, her purpose was obvious .

“Junior Sister, eat slowly, don’t choke on your food . ” Dong Yuan sat on the bamboo stool, staring at Qi Huan with a dull gaze . He had never seen such a scary girl in his life .

Taking a sip of the Qing Yun Mountain brand mineral water that she had brought, Qi Huan patted her slightly bulged belly with satisfaction, “Senior Brother’s cooking is really good~”

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Dong Yuan smiled bitterly . Originally, there were only a few wild fruits in the house . Although they were not bad, they did not look good, so Dong Yuan was embarrassed to give them to Qi Huan . In the end, he had to go to the mountain to hunt a pheasant, and then roasted it with three flavors of fire for Qi Huan .

Dong Yuan also only knew for the first time in his life that grilling pheasant with three flavors of fire was really delicious . It seemed that the pheasant was roasted with celestial fire, so it was stained with celestial qi, that was why it tasted so good .

“Junior Sister, are you not participating in the open audition tomorrow?” After Qi Huan finished eating, the two sat in the room face to face, not knowing what to say . Qi Huan didn’t feel much, but Dong Yuan felt a little embarrassed so he simply started a conversation .

“Yeah, shi… Senior Uncle, that old man says that my cultivation level is too low, so he says I’m here to watch only, forget about participating in the audition . ” Qi Huan replied with a smile . Her expression totally did not hide the fact that she was actually glad that she wouldn’t be participating in the trial .

She knew she was not strong enough, so she would go up to pretend to be Superman . She would never do such a foolish thing . Besides, the early stage of Ningqi was more powerful than the late stage of Jiedan, even a fool would know not to take this kind of risk, so Qi Huan had long given up the thought of participating in the audition .

“Hehe, Junior Sister, you’re so open-minded…” Before Dong Yuan finished speaking, he heard the sound of the small door of the bamboo house being opened, and a little girl with two braids on her head barged in .

“Hehe~~ Brother Dong, I finally found you!” The girl rushed into Dong Yuan’s arms and arched her head in his arms coquettishly, completely unaware that there was another person in the room .

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“Xiao Xiao, why did you come here? Didn’t the sect’s Senior Uncles tell you to practice in isolation?” Dong Yuan pushed the girl in his arms away awkwardly and asked sternly .

“Hmph, don’t mention my stubborn father . He only knows how to ask me to practice every day . The trial meeting is about to begin, who would still be in the mood to practice! Eh? Who is she? Ohhhhhh, I see, Senior Brother, you sneakyyy!” Xiao Xiao opened her mouth and pointed at Dong Yuan with an expression that said, “Aha, I’ve caught you!”

“Little girl, don’t talk nonsense . This is Senior Sister Qi Huan from Qing Yun Sect . Say hello to Senior Sister, where are you manners?” Dong Yuan glared at Xiao Xiao .

“Oh, Senior Sister, huh? There’s really nothing between you two?” Xiao Xiao ran to Qi Huan and whispered in her ear .

“I’m too late . ” Qi Huan narrowed her eyes and chuckled .

“I say…” The two girls whispered in each other’s ears as if they had known each other for a long time, but they didn’t know that Dong Yuan could actually hear every word .

“Ahem, you two talk first, I’ll go out… for a walk . ” Dong Yuan left as if he was escaping them . That darned Xiao Xiao was actually discussing with Qi Huan how to pursue him . These two girls were simply acting as if he didn’t exist!

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