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Chapter 17

After Qi Huan and Ling Yun Zi negotiated “kindly”, Ling Yun Zi finally agreed to take Qi Huan to the trial meeting . Qi Huan happily packed up her baggage and prepared to travel to Mount Shu, while Ling Yun Zi was being reprimanded by his shifu with a dark face .

It didn’t take long for the news that Qi Huan provoked the leader of Kun Lun Sect to spread throughout the cultivation world . Everyone knew that a female disciple from Qing Yun Mountain couldn’t be compared to the leader of Kun Lun Sect . In fact, Qi Huan had been despising that man for a long time . He was a man anyway . Just because he was scolded by Qi Huan, he wanted to seek revenge on her . So for the sake of her safety, she was unfortunately barred from leaving her sect .

And yet, Ling Yun Zi agreed to take her to Mount Shu, so getting reprimanded by his shifu was inevitable .

In fact, Ling Yun Zi really had no choice . If he could, he was willing to stay away from Qi Huan as far as possible . Unfortunately, he was too weak compared to Qi Huan, “Great Senior, Senior Uncle threatened me with a sword . ”

“Why are you so stupid, and yet you dare to call yourself my disciple! Huan Zi is in her early stage of Ningqi! Even ten flying swords from her couldn’t hurt you!” Xu Yang Zi glared at his genius disciple . This disciple was indeed smart but besides being talented in cultivation, he was really hopeless .

“…Her sword was at my neck…” Ling Yun Zi took a breath, gradually sounding sadder . Qi Huan had threatened him with a flying sword, saying that if he didn’t take her to Mount Shu, she would cut off his neck, and complained to Xu Yang Zi .

He also knew that Qi Huan was less courageous than a mouse, and she definitely wouldn’t have the courage to cut his neck, but he couldn’t say no to her! Besides, the trial meeting was not led by leaders of various sects this time, as long as he was careful, he could still keep Qi Huan safe .

But Ling Yun Zi just didn’t understand that even though his Great Senior Uncle Xu Kong Zi was occasionally sinister, he was not as shameless as Qi Huan, who taught her that?!

Two days before the trial meeting began, Qi Huan followed Ling Yun Zi and several other Qing Yun inner elite disciples to Mount Shu . Mount Shu is strangely tall and steep, and it is the place with the most lingqi . Qi Huan walked up from the mountain gate and felt the extraordinary momentum, even judging from the looks of the guardian formation, the place was more luxurious than Qing Yun Sect!

Seeing from a distance, Mount Shu was wrapped in thick clouds, and people with insufficient cultivation like Qi Huan couldn’t locate it even with their spiritual consciousness . When they got closer, there were totally two kinds of scenery: bursts of dazzling golden light gushing out from Mount Shu, enveloping the entire Mount Shu Sect, making the sect look brilliant . Ignore how the thick clouds protect the people at Mount Shu first, just the look of it was more luxurious than the one at Qing Yun Sect!

Sighs, Qing Yun Sect really can’t compare to Mount Shu Sect!

The rank ancestors of the Qing Yun Sect weeped at this thought . If they let the world know about the Nine Ranks Demon Grand Formation they refined, no one would dare to say it was bad . But now they were actually being despised by their disciple! 

“Haha! Junior Brother Ling Yun Zi, you’re finally here!” Qi Huan had never seen the person who came to greet Ling Yun Zi before However, judging from his attitude, he should at least be an elder . He stepped forward, and patted Ling Yun Zi’s shoulder warmly .

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“Senior Brother Yuan Hui, it’s nice to see you . ” Ling Yun Zi bowed in return . He forced a slight smile on his stiff face . Qi Huan was frightened when she saw that smile .

“Dong Yuan, come here to meet Senior Uncle Ling Yun Zi . ” Yuan Hui Zi turned around and chuckled softly . Behind him, a young man with a long and handsome face came forward .

“Senior Uncle Ling Yun Zi, I am Dong Yuan . ” The man bowed gracefully and smiled brightly .

At this moment, Qi Huan was in a daze . In her mind, only one man would wear purple clothes so beautifully, elegantly and unpretentiously . That man would also smile brightly at her, tolerate all her shortcomings, say she was a beautiful girl, guide her in studies, teach her to play games, and many more .

He clearly said that he would always be with her, but he left in the end . Qi Huan, who was eighteen years old at the time, didn’t understand why God deprived her of her last happiness . After five years, she thought she had forgotten, but when she saw this man who was so similar to him, Qi Huan felt sour .

“As expected, as the most outstanding disciple of Mount Shu, you really deserve your reputation . Senior Brother Yuan Hui has accepted a good disciple . ” Ling Yun Zi’s heartfelt admiration made Qi Huan look up and look at Dong Yuan carefully .

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“Senior Uncle Ling Yun Zi, you’re too kind . I am just a little lucky . ” Standing behind Yuan Hui, Dong Yuan’s tone was neither humble nor overbearing .  

Ling Yun Zi nodded . He also knew what Dong Yuan meant . Dong Yuan was born with an innate vitality, a hundred openings and eight channels unblocked . In just 25 years, he had reached the peak of the late stage of Jiedan, and he just needed one chance to enter the Yuanying stage .

In the entire world of cultivation, one could easily count with his five fingers the number of people that reached the Yuanying stage before 100 years old . Even if Dong Yuan had started practicing in his mother’s womb, it had only been 25 years! No words can describe this genius, this man is basically a monster!

“Dong Yuan, take the juniors to the guest room, so that they can have a good rest . ” Yuan Hui was very satisfied with his eldest disciple .

“Yes . Junior brothers and sisters, please, follow me . ” Dong Yuan bowed once more, then nodded slightly to the Qing Yun Sect disciples .

Ling Yun Zi looked back at Qi Huan, and saw that she hadn’t paid attention to him at all . He couldn’t help sighing . He didn’t explain anything to Qi Huan though . Anyway, there weren’t people who would do anything to Qi Huan here at Mount Shu, so he could relax a little .

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Because Qi Huan was afraid of heights, and he didn’t have any flying devices other than the Flying Sword, so Ling Yun Zi had totally lost to Qi Huan . They could have arrived at Mount Shu in three days, but they took half a month on foot .

Ever since he started practicing cultivation, Ling Yun Zi hadn’t traveled so long before .

“Junior Sister, are you new? I haven’t seen you at Mount Shu before?” Dong Yuan asked Qi Huan embarrassedly .

Usually, if others didn’t speak, he would never speak first, but Dong Yuan noticed Qi Huan’s terrifying and weird gaze at him since her arrival, so he was actually quite frightened . Did he offend her before?

“Ah? Oh, yes, it’s my first time coming to Mount Shu . I followed Ling Yun Zi… Senior Brother, nice to meet you . ” Qi Huan also seemed to notice that her gaze must have been too obvious, so she hurriedly lowered her head .

Upon hearing Qi Huan’s nonsense, the Qing Yun Sect disciples behind her dared not go forward to tell her off, instead they lowered their heads and walked quietly . They still wanted to study in Qing Yun Sect, so naturally they knew they shouldn’t offend Qi Huan .

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