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Chapter 116

Under Suzaku2’s gentle smile, Qi Huan still took the fire essence . In fact, she really didn’t want to refuse . After all, this thing was not like peanuts, or something she could have easily . Mo Ye had said that the elements’ essence were even rarer than innate spiritual beasts . She only hoped that her future cultivation path would not be so bumpy . Now that she had two essences, she had completed half of the task .

“Okay, you two don’t stay here for a long time . The time lapse here is different from the outside world . You two stayed for three days already, I am afraid that it had been a year outside . ” Seeing that Qi Huan had taken the essence, Suzaku also did not ask them to stay any longer .

“Yes . ” Ming Huo swept over Qi Huan . Before she could object, the scenery in front of them began to change rapidly . Qi Huan was dizzy, she closed her eyes .

When she felt her feet hit the ground, she realized that she had actually returned to the city of Ming Huo .

However, there was actually a tall and magnificent palace in Ming Huo City now——

Duan Sui12 Palace .

“This… we really stayed in there for a year?” Qi Huan asked in astonishment . She had heard that there were some strange treasures in the deity world that could change the passage of time, but in general, the time inside was lost quickly while the time outside was relatively slow . It was the complete reverse in the place where they had gone .

“I’m afraid we did . ” Ming Huo took Qi Huan down the city wall, and the two of them saw Ming Yan brought several people kneeling on the ground, making a path for them .

This scene… Qi Huan raised her eyebrows . She had never seen such an arrogant scene . At first glance, almost everyone in the city was kneeling .  What are they doing? Are they all kneeling just to welcome Respected Immortal Ming Huo who had been missing for a year?

Seeing the weird smile on Ming Huo’s face, and the eyes of those people looking at her, Qi Huan suddenly had a bad hunch, was she tricked?

“Respected Immortal Ming Huo . ” Before Qi Huan could ask first, Duan Sui’s voice suddenly sounded, and at the same time blocked Ming Yan’s unspoken words .

“Respected Immortal Duan Sui . ”

Ming Huo moved away the hand he had on Qi Huan’s waist and bowed to Duan Sui . They were of equal status, so Ming Huo did not need to salute to Duan Sui . His actions made Duan Sui’s face slightly changed . Qi Huan was confused .

She didn’t know why her ancestor looked so gloomy .

“I’m here to take Qi Huan back . ” Duan Sui glanced at Qi Huan, but the message in his eyes made her shiver . What trouble did she cause, why did her ancestor have that kind of expression on his face?

“Respected Immortal Duan Sui, erm…I am afraid that is not possible . ” Ming Huo still had a smile on his face, but the toughness in his tone was beyond doubt .

“Hmph, leave the gate without permission, this alone is enough for her to be punished for ten years, why, Respected Immortal Ming Huo, are you trying to intervene in my way of handling the Qing Yun Sect?” Duan Sui snorted, not knowing if he was dissatisfied with Qi Huan or Ming Huo .

“…Very well then . Do drop by to visit next time . ” Ming Huo paused before speaking, the smile on his face returned again, as if he didn’t feel any dissatisfaction with Duan Sui .

Duan Sui didn’t treat him politely anymore . He grabbed Qi Huan, and teleported directly back to Duan Sui Palace . After watching the two leave, the smile on Ming Huo’s face gradually dissipated, and his eyes looked coldly in the direction of Duan Sui Palace .

He had given enough face to Duan Sui . If Duan Sui still did not appreciate him, then he would not be polite anymore . Those who dared to stop him would definitely not end well, even if it was a Respected Immortal .

“Leave . ” With a wave of Ming Huo’s long sleeves, the guards who were kneeling on the ground immediately separated from the sides, and they didn’t get up until after Ming Huo entered his palace .

“What is good about her for you to spend so much effort!” Ming Yan didn’t get up from the ground until Ming Huo’s figure disappeared, muttering to himself as he watched his father’s disappeared .

Qi Huan, who was grabbed by the neck all the way by Duan Sui, struggled to speak as if she was a chicken being dragged . She would have thrown her thunder but she didn’t dare to do it because he was her ancestor .

“Old ancestor, what on earth did I do wrongly, please say something . ” Duan Sui threw Qi Huan into the conference hall without saying anything . He just sat on a chair with crossed legs and drank his tea, staring at her and giving her a horrifying smile .

“Huan Zi, where did you go? Why did you only come back now!” Before the old ancestor said anything, Xu Kong Zi ran in and shouted first . After seeing Duan Sui, he patted his chest, “Fortunately, the ancestor was quick enough, otherwise, I really don’t know what to do . ”

“What the hell is going on, what did I do?” She had only disappeared for a year . Why did she feel she had lost touch with society, she couldn’t even understand them .

“A few days ago, Thunder God said that you went to see Suzaku . Where did you go?” Xu Kong Zi’s expression rarely became so serious . His words made Qi Huan frown . Was she not allowed to see Suzaku?

“That day Ming Huo said he wanted to take me out for a walk, and later he took me to a place called Tiannan Enchantment . ”

“Tiannan Enchantment? Have you seen Suzaku?” Duan Sui put down his teacup suddenly and interjected .

“Yes, but I didn’t see her body, only a very young woman, Ming Huo called her mother . ”

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“So it’s true, oh no, this matter is going to be troublesome . ” Duan Sui stroked his long beard, frowning . There were not many people in the deity world who knew Ming Huo’s true identity . He only saw Ming Huo’s true body last time in Ruo Shui City . Ming Huo’s mother was Suzaku (朱雀), and his father was Huo Feng3 (火凤) . Although he didn’t know how these two different beasts species gave birth to Ming Huo, there was one thing that was beyond doubt: Ming Huo’s ability to control fire lies in his parents .

Even a fool would understand what it meant when Ming Huo brought a woman to see his mother Suzaku .

If they hadn’t appeared after the new year, Qi Huan would have been welcomed back to the Ming Huo Palace at this moment, ready to attend her own wedding .

Duan Sui thought Ming Huo wouldn’t do too much if he was here, but he didn’t expect that Ming Huo would take Qi Huan to see Suzaku . Suzaku was the heaven beast guarding the immortal world, and her status was higher than that of immortals . She meeting Qi Huan was equivalent to giving everyone a message that she agreed to the relationship between Ming Huo and Qi Huan .

Poor Qi Huan was deceived by other people and she didn’t know anything . By the time she understood the matter, everything was over, he had done everything .

“Huan Zi? What’s wrong with you?” After Qi Huan heard this, Xu Kong Zi still could look calm and ask worriedly . His apprentice usually showed various emotions and anger on her face . Only when she was extremely angry, would she have a calm face . Although on the surface, letting Qi Huan marry Ming Huo was a great benefit to her, after spending so many years with Qi Huan, Xu Kong Zi knew that she was silent because of anger and not joy after understanding the matter .

Qi Huan was indeed angry, but what she was most angry about was not Ming Huo, but Thunder God . This news came from Thunder God Temple . Who wouldn’t believe what Thunder God said! Qi Huan couldn’t understand why Thunder God would do this . Why did he keep pushing her with Ming Huo!

“Old ancestor, is there any way to postpone this matter . ” Qi Huan would not marry Ming Huo, she would never marry a man she didn’t like . However, after some thinking, she realized that it was obviously impossible to rely on Duan Sui . It seemed that she had to rely on herself .

After having thought through the whole matter, she still felt that Mo Ye should take full responsibility . Who made her like him, if she didn’t like him, maybe she could have gotten married by now . It’s a pity that he had always disappeared . This ***** man, she would run him over if she saw him again .

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“I can only postpone it as far as possible, but almost all the immortals know about this, and I

I’m afraid they are already sending their gifts over to Ming Huo Palace . ” Duan Sui sighed . Even if Qi Huan denied it right now, no one would believe her . He could only help her delay a bit .

“Huan Zi, what do you want to do?” In the past, no matter what happened in the mortal world, she always had Xu Kong Zi to support her, but they were in the deity world now, even if Xu Kong Zi was a genius, he couldn’t protect her from the one-hundred-thousand-year-old Respected Immortal . He was really worried about Qi Huan, why must she always provoke powerful people .

“It’s okay shifu, I just want to go to Thunder God Temple . ” Since Thunder God had spread this, she should ask to make sure there was nothing wrong . She wanted to know why Thunder God, who had been with her for three hundred years, sold her off .

The news of Qi Huan’s visit to the Thunder God Temple did not stir too many problems, Ming Huo City was such a big place, people who should know about it, knew .

After Ming Huo heard the news, he didn’t react much . He even announced it to the public, saying that the marriage was temporarily postponed . The deities who had had “friendship” with him in the deity realm once thought that Ming Huo had changed his mind, but seeing the wedding invitations spread out in the palace, most people knew in their hearts that he had made up his mind . However, they had never seen the bride before, so everyone guessed where the bride came from, and what she had done to have the romantic Ming Huo put up such a big show .

Holding the transmission token from the Thunder God Temple, Qi Huan easily returned to the Thunder God Temple . When she arrived, she did not find Thunder God, only because Thunder God himself was already waiting for her .

“Little Huan, you are here . ” Seeing Qi Huan walking in calmly, Lei Gong smiled bitterly . He had been with her for more than three hundred years . He could easily tell when Qi Huan was happy or angry .

“Uncle Lei, can you give me an explanation?”

“Sorry, this is our last resort . ” Lei Gong looked apologetic, they didn’t want to force Qi Huan, but the news from Ming Huo forced them to make such a decision .

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