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Chapter 11

There was still some time before the arrival of the transition, and there were waves of conversation from the observatory deck . Xu Kong Zi closed his eyes and sat cross-legged in the air, beneath him was a beam of light gathered by spiritual energy . From a distance, the beam of light glowed like stars . It was very beautiful .

“This old man really loves showing off . ” Qi Huan would never admit that she was jealous . She heard that this method of gathering spirits was mastered by only a few people in the entire world of cultivation, and Xu Kong Zi was one of the masters .

Xu Yang Zi and Xu Ling Zi nodded in agreement, Qi Huan also despised the both of them secretly . This is a typical sour grape character of Qi Huan, she can’t help others being better than her!

Xu Kong Zi sat quietly for about half an hour . Suddenly, there was a faint thunder in the sky . Qi Huan raised her head to only see a series of dark purple lightnings blasting silently above Xu Kong Zi . Dark clouds covered the entire Qing Yun Mountain almost instantly .

“Hiss~” Qi Huan felt the roots of her teeth were a bit cold . The lightning alone was so scary . If it really thundered, who knew if it would kill anyone . This thunder could really spot someone before it fell . If it really accidentally deviated, the lives of the people around it would be gone .

When the sky became dark, several elders in the Nine Layers of Demonic Mountain, thousands of miles away from Qing Yun Mountain, looked into the distance with serious expressions . At the same time, in the forest a hundred miles away from Qing Yun Mountain, a gust of gloomy wind blew across the forest, and hundreds of different devil cultivators appeared in the forest .

Everyone’s eyes were on Qing Yun Mountain . There were people who were surprised, frightened, and resentful . Everyone knew that if Xu Kong Zi successfully achieved dujie, Qing Yun Mountain’s momentum, in the next 100 years, was bound to be equal to that of Mount Shu and Kun Lun, thus becoming one of the true three giants in the cultivation world .

One who successfully transitioned will become a semi-deity . As long as he cultivates enough, he can ascend on the ground . It is said that in the cultivation world, anyone who reaches the dacheng stage, if he or she did not anger the Gods and have the devil suddenly come down to kill him or her, then basically they can safely fly to the deity world, it is just a matter of time .

“Ninth-Rank Purple Lightning Thunder . It’s no wonder he’s known as the first one to practice ascetical cultivation in the cultivation world . If he survives the transition, he will probably rank in the top three . ” In the forest, a tall white man looked up at the sky with his hands behind his back . There was an indescribable tone in his voice . Hundreds of devil cultivators stood neatly behind him . Beside him, an old man with white beard holding a blood-red, crystal-like skull, nodded his head solemnly . He had the same thought as him .

“When they leave Qing Yun Mountain, then only you attack . Move sharply . ”

“Yes, Young Master . ” A red light flashed in the old man’s eyes, giving out a light that was even brighter than that of a searchlight .

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If Qi Huan was present, she would definitely notice the two beams of light shining from the old man’s eyes . If Xu Kong Zi and the others were there, they would definitely recognize that this old man was actually the rumored man to have ascended to the Heaven Demon Realm with the name Blood Demon .

At the observatory deck, Qi Huan only blinked, and a bucket of thick silver thunder pillars had already slashed towards Xu Kong Zi . Qi Huan’s legs were weak now .  Is this really the so-called dujie? This is simply suicide!

Not only Qi Huan, even the heads of the other sects who came to watch the ceremony, couldn’t help but shiver . They had also seen their Great Senior achieve the dujie stage, but such terrifying thunders were usually taken place at the end . And yet, Xu Kong Zi’s first test turned out to be so powerful . If this was the beginning, then the latter part would be even worse .

Xu Kong Zi’s face was calm . After seeing the thunder striking towards him, he did not dodge it, instead, he rushed up to face the test . Qi Huan only saw a flash, and Xu Kong Zi was swallowed by thunder . Then, sparks of silver light were seen flying in all directions, and the powerful and terrifying thunder vanished just like that!

Qi Huan turned her gaze back to her shifu and saw that the tip of Xu Kong Zi’s hair was a bit scorched . But he was pretty good overall . It seemed that this old man was really not bragging, his strength was indeed really strong .

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After the first tribulation, not only did the dark clouds in the sky not disperse, more and more clouds gathered! Those purple lightnings were like a large net covering the entire sky . Everyone was worried for Xu Kong Zi . The following thunder test seemed more difficult to deal with than the first one .

Just as Qi Huan opened her eyes wide and waited for the second sky thunder to appear, she suddenly noticed that the Taiji pattern in her dantian (sea of qi/energy center) had moved . At first she didn’t care about it, but gradually Qi Huan felt something was wrong, and the Taiji pattern seemed to have lost control, spinning frantically in her dantian . Qi Huan could clearly feel the qi of heaven and earth gathering crazily toward her body . After a while, Qi Huan’s whole body was wrapped in blue light, looking like a blue cocoon from a distance .

At this moment, Qi Huan could not feel everything around her . She only felt a pain, a heart-piercing pain . Those spiritual energies (ling qi) rushed into her body violently, rushing across her odd meridian and eight channels . Qi Huan was obviously in pain but she endured it .

At the beginning, she could still try to resist those spiritual energies, but later she felt that she had no strength to move her fingers, let alone stop those raging qi, so she let them continue to destroy her meridians, recreate and destroy all over again .

When Qi Huan found out that she was finally able to move, a deafening thunder sounded, and purple snake-like thunder lights suddenly enveloped her . This time, she fell into a coma without even thinking about how these thunder and lightning appeared . Before she plunged into darkness, Qi Huan heard cheers from the surrounding sky . Fortunately, the old man survived the transition, Qi Huan felt a little relieved .

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“Brother, Huan Zi will be fine right?” Vaguely, Qi Huan heard Xu Yang Zi’s voice, but the voice seemed a bit blurred .

“On the surface, it doesn’t seem to be a major problem . It’s just that she absorbed half of the force from my body, so I don’t know when she will wake up . ” Xu Kong Zi sighed . Originally, he himself thought that he could not survive the last thunder . Who knew that Qi Huan suddenly sucked half of it from him, so he passed the tribulation inexplicably and entered the dacheng stage .

“It turns out that the last thunder light was a sky thunder… That’s too much!” Qi Huan cursed silently . She couldn’t open her eyes and couldn’t move her body . She could only look at the taiji pattern in her dantian through her inner vision .

At this moment, the taiji pattern was slowly rotating, and many purple thunderclouds were condensed on it, which seemed to be formed by the half sky thunder that she had forcibly absorbed .

It’s all right now, a cloud of tribulation appeared in herself now, perhaps this is also considered a great wonder of the ages .

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