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Chapter 108

“Where did you find him?”

“In the mortal world, the sacrificial hall of the Monster Sect . ” Qi Huan didn’t intend to lie, anyway, they were all in the skies now, who cares what happened in the mortal world .

“You went to the Sacrifice Hall, alone?” After hearing Qi Huan’s answer, Miss Nine’s eyes flashed with a strange light, looking differently at Qi Huan, as if she was examining something .

“Yes . ” Qi Huan didn’t know why Miss Nine emphasized the word “alone”, but she did not deny that she had indeed gone there alone . She still felt very proud thinking about it, not everyone had the courage to break into the Monster Sect’s territory alone, even though she was basically thrown in there by her shifu .

“I guess you got a lot of benefit…”

A smile flashed in her eyes, and she immediately turned her gaze to Tian Wu, under her black veil . A sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth, “Then… Tian Wu, how did you meet my son?”

“I…we…we are…” Tian Wu couldn’t come up with any excuses . He didn’t expect Miss Nine to believe Qi Huan . Jiu Girl’s character was erratic . The big guys in the immortal world all knew that it was basically impossible for her to trust someone else’s words easily .

But Tian Wu was really unlucky though . That time when he snatched the little fox from Qi Huan and suppressed the little fox’s spirit with absolute strength, before he could start to refine the elixir, the battle between the immortals and devils broke out earlier than he expected .

The battle was in its late stages, but the Heavenly Devil Realm suddenly made a big move, and the entire Mo Family suddenly retreated from the battlefield . That was why the duration of the war became so short .

After the war, Tian Wu didn’t even want the many treasures he had robbed, instead he directly took the little fox, who had been in a state of confusion, and hurried back to an unknown cave in Juliu Mountain, and prepared to refine elixir from the little fox’s soul .

But it took him nearly two hundred years to wake the little fox up, and for unknown reasons, its nine tails began to fade, and finally its fur returned to black .

As far as Tian Wu knew, the nine tails of an adult nine-tailed celestial fox should have nine colours, and the whole body should be white . The black state was only during its juvenile age . If that was the case, the only reason was that the little fox had degenerated .

Not only was it degraded, but also it had lost its sanity . Only an adult nine-tailed celestial fox possessed the nine-colour inner dan which could be refined to alchemy elixir . It was obvious that Tian Wu couldn’t get anything from the little fox in this current state now .

He was so annoyed! If he hadn’t delayed for so long, this thing wouldn’t have happened .

That night, Tian Wu madly punched the boulders in Juliu Mountain until they were flatten . Unexpectedly, the noises woke up Miss Nine who had been sleeping for thousands of years .

Then, she saw her little fox . Had it not been for Tian Wu that said he had never touched the fox, and that the fox had been like this when he saw it, Miss Nine would surely to murder him on the spot .

Although he was a great immortal, he was nothing in the eyes of Miss Nine .

He confidently brought Miss Nine to look for Qi Huan, because he believed that she would never trust Qi Huan’s words . But it seemed that his guess was wrong… Tian Wu couldn’t help shivering in fear . Miss Nine was very cruel…especially now that she found out that he had been lying .

One hundred thousand years ago, the status of monsters and humans in the deity world were unequal . Monsters were always in a state of being suppressed, and everyone was used to it, even the monsters hadn’t complained .

But one day, for the sake of a twelfth-rank lotus seed that had become extinct in the deity world, a large-scale conflict between monsters and humans occurred . The lotus seed was originally obtained by a Fifth Heavens celestial fox, but it was killed by seven immortal emperors after obtaining it . Thus, the conflict between the two races begus and lasted for a very long time .

Three of the respected immortals involved in the fight accidentally knocked down Miss Nine’s house…With this excuse, she kept the three respected immortals, along with the Immortal Emperor that had caused this incident, and the others immortals on the hillside outside her home . No one knew whether she did it because she was in a bad mood or she was trying to help out .

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After hearing the news, the other immortals came and saw a fox lying lazily on a hillside basking in the sun . And there were some blood stains on the fox’s paws . Its nine brightly coloured tails made it look even more terrifying .

No one dared to come forward to question her, because she was the highest status monster in the entire monster race . And ever since then, the nine-tailed celestial fox, which was believed to have been extinct, finally appeared in the immortal world again .

It was also because of Miss Nine’s appearance that the status of the monsters and humans finally began to slowly restore equality . Although there was still no monster in the Nine Respected Immortals company, no one dared to devise any conspiracy against the monsters .

Because no one wanted to be like the three respected immortals who perhaps have already died . It was one against three but she still won . That was Miss Nine back then, what about now?

“Tian Wu, your performance makes me very unhappy . ” Miss Nine lowered her head . She stretched out her small, delicate hands from  her black sleeves . Her hands were as delicate as fine white jade . Her simple move made all the respected immortals nervous .

Although Qi Huan also wanted Tian Wu to die, this matter was obviously not very suitable to be discussed in Shui Mansion . Even if Miss Nine was powerful, she could not deal with all the Respected Immortals alone .

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Qi Huan understood this fact . The nine-tailed celestial fox, who had lived for so many years also knew this fact . Therefore, she did not kill Tian Wu . Instead, she turned her head to Qi Huan, and asked, “Would you like to go with me to see my son?”

Although Qi Huan didn’t have a good impression on Miss Nine at first, after all, she had wanted to murder her earlier, but at the moment she noticed her soft eyes . When she mentioned the little fox, her eyes were filled with tenderness . Just looking at those eyes, Qi Huan could imagine how perfect the face under the veil was .

Only a mother who really loved her son would show this kind of look . This alone was enough for Qi Huan to throw away all the dissatisfaction in her heart . Whatever the reason, Miss Nine was not with her biological son so her reaction was normal . She was a mother after all .

“Of course I want to go, it’s just…” Qi Huan glanced at her ancestor, then at Thunder God . When would she return if she leaves now?

“Don’t worry, I live nearby . No one can leave Ruo Shui City without alerting me . ” Miss Nine glanced at Tian Wu with a smile, her eyes clearly suggesting that if he left Ruo Shui City, he would be dead . If Tian Wu didn’t even have the courage to leave Ruo Shui City, then his Respected Immortal status had come to an end .

In any case, she would not let Tian Wu live well . She had endless life, powerful strength, and energy that couldn’t be compared with normal beings . As long as she wanted to, she could drive these respected immortals crazy .

Kill him? No, that would be letting him off too easily . He dared to harm her son, death was not enough as a punishment!

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