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Chapter 107

“My painting skill is pretty good, right?” A voice sounded coming from afar, and when Qi Huan reacted, she could already feel a hot breath blown at her ear .

Qi Huan suddenly stiffened, feeling goosebumps uncontrollably burrowing from under her skin .

After a few seconds, she slowly turned her head, and at the same time hurriedly backed up a few steps until she felt a chill at her waist . She made a mistake, she forgot about the table .

“True Ruler… Ah, I mean Respected Immortal . I haven’t seen you for a long time . ” Qi Huan wasn’t angry or what at Ming Huo, after all, she had nothing to do with him, they had just met only a short while . In any case, he should be angry at Tian Wu since he had thrown her into the formation . However, she felt her feet were softening when she saw Ming Huo .

“Call me Ming Huo . ” Ming Huo hadn’t changed much, but he felt quite… melancholic, like a boy who was in the sentimental stage of 18 or 19 years old . Qi Huan couldn’t recall Ming Huo showing such an expression before, could it be that his heart is broken? Qi Huan guessed silently .

“Respected Immortal, you can’t be asking for me just to tell me that I should call you Ming Huo, right?” Qi Huan blinked, insisting on making things clear with him that they were not very close .

“Why? Can’t I find you for no reason?” The melancholy on Ming Huo’s face quickly disappeared, and it was replaced by a playful smile . Qi Huan just stunned for a moment, and suddenly she felt another hand on her face .

She subconsciously turned her face away from his hand . Ming Huo smiled lightly, but did not intend to withdraw his hand . Then, he squeezed Qi Huan’s chin, and moved her face close to his .

Looking at the face in front of her that was getting closer and closer, Qi Huan’s heart began to flutter . No, don’t misunderstand, she was afraid .

“I’ve been missing you for three hundred years…” 

Ming Huo’s voice sounded like he was almost groaning, and his charming voice almost made Qi Huan’s entire body soft .

Qi Huan was stunned by Ming Huo’s confession . Her eyes widened in surprise, trying to see if he was joking, but unfortunately, his expression was very serious, and the sincerity in his eyes shocked her even more .

Am I in my prime time now? Qi Huan mumbled to herself .  Unfortunately, you came a little late .

“Respected Immortal, are you here to ask me for rental fees three hundred years ago?” Qi Huan pushed away Ming Huo’s hand, deliberately misinterpreting his words, and turned away from his eyes .

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“You don’t believe me?” Ming Huo didn’t touch Qi Huan anymore . He stood up straight now, staring straight into her eyes .

“We have known each other for no more than twenty days . Respected Immortal, could it be that you fell in love with me at first sight?” Since Ming Huo had confessed, Qi Huan also no longer pretended to be dumb . Truthfully, Qi Huan herself didn’t think she had the ability to let Ming Huo fall in love with her at first sight .

“No…” Hesitation flashed in Ming Huo’s eyes, as if he wanted to explain something to Qi Huan, but in the end he didn’t say a word .

“If that’s the case, then I will leave first . ” Qi Huan sighed . No matter whether Ming Huo was on a whim or in a frenzy today, she was not going to continue to accompany him . This kind of thing was too stressful to her .

Seeing Qi Huan turning around to leave, Ming Huo stretched out his hand to grab her wrist, “Qi Huan, I love you . ”

This was the first time Qi Huan was confessed to, and to be honest, it felt very good, but it’s a pity that it was only one-sided . If she also liked Ming Huo, maybe there wouldn’t be so much trouble, but who was right when it comes to talking about feelings? She had made her move first to Mo Ye, and things even got a little out of hand .

It would be fine if that rascal soared without saying a word, without leaving any promises, but he actually forced her to soar to the sky to find him . And after experiencing so many things with him, the bond between the two of them might be difficult to break . Therefore, no matter whether what Ming Huo said was true or false, they were not destined, and she could no longer fit another man in her heart .

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“Sorry . ” Qi Huan withdrew her hand and left without looking back .

Behind him, Ming Huo’s face gradually changed into a look of a boy with a beautiful face and very fair and sunny skin . If Qi Huan looked back now, she would definitely see it . Unfortunately, she didn’t look back until the door of the hall was closed again .

Not long after Qi Huan walked out of Ming Huo’s residence, she happened to run into Thunder God who was walking in her direction . After seeing Qi Huan, Thunder God looked up at the palace not far away, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes .

“Uncle Lei, where are you going?” Qi Huan asked subconsciously .

Thunder God raised his eyebrows, “Oh, I was just shopping and then I was looking for you . ”

“Why are you looking for me? What happened?” Qi Huan was surprised . What’s so big of a deal that he had to come look for her?

“Tian Wu is here, says he wants to see you . ” At this point, Thunder God’s face was not looking very happy . Except for the people in the Thunder God Temple, not many people knew that Qi Huan had been staying in the Thunder God Temple, but this time the person Tian Wu brought over, seemed to be a man who wanted to deal with the Thunder God Temple .

If this matter was not handled properly, not only Qi Huan, but also the entire Thunder God Temple would encounter a lot of trouble .

“What’s the matter?” The Thunder God Temple had been inquiring about Tian Wu’s whereabouts all these years, but to no avail . Now that he had appeared, why was Thunder God not feeling happy?

Thunder God nodded, “This time it’s a bit troublesome, follow me, I’ll show you . Remember, don’t talk nonsense, that person’s temper is not very good, he might attack you for all we know . ” Qi Huan froze, feeling scared after listening to Thunder God’s words .  Who is that person? Since when did she offend such a man that even Thunder God himself was taking precautions?

She followed Thunder God into the living room of Shui mansion . The living room was located in the center of Shui mansion . There was no main door . This so-called living room only had four walls, and the roof was composed of condensed water, the sun shone through the transparent water, and the reflected light produced was like a golden wave .

There used to be 16 chairs for 16 immortals to sit but now there was one more chair in the hall, and that chair was placed facing the main seat at the exit .

At this time, there was a woman in black silk dress sitting on the chair . Qi Huan could tell from her chest that she was a female, but female or male, Qi Huan knew that this person was a very difficult master judging from the expressions of the other immortals in the hall .

“You are Qi Huan?” Seeing Thunder God walking in with Qi Huan, the woman stood up from the chair with a chuckle . Her eyes looking at Qi Huan were extremely cold, and Qi Huan clearly felt her murderous aura charging towards her .

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