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Chapter 166: The Meeting of Two Kings

The bloody killing at night came and left fast.

In less than ten minutes, Blackstone's cavalry of two hundred men was completely wiped out after the last scream resonated under the night sky. The six masters from Chambord didn't stop and quickly disappeared into the darkness like ghosts in the night. Except for the blood that was running on the ground like rivers and the bloody smell from the one-sided cruel battle that occurred, no trace was left.

After more than an hour, there was finally some other sounds.

A small team of cavaliers in silver armor that were riding on black armored war horses rushed out of the stone fortress from afar with torches in their hands. Their cavaliers were chatting and laughing among themselves, and the atmosphere was very light. Soon, they got close to the battleground. When they were about to arrive, a single-eyed cavalier frowned out of curiosity as his guards paced themselves. He made a hand gesture to the cavaliers that were still charging after him at full speed, and the cavaliers immediately slowed down. They drew out their swords and held tightly onto their shields as they all went on guard.

"There's such a thick and bloody smell. Could it be that Prince Eric and his men fought with the bastards from Chambord already?"

With the question on his mind, the single-eyed cavalier slowly rode his horse forward. He saw a dark small hill in the shadows. A night breeze suddenly blew by and brought along a thick, disgusting and bloody smell that made him and the rest of the cavaliers want to puke. The horses that the cavaliers were riding on were scared; these horses neighed in fear as they stepped back continuously. The single-eyed cavalier jumped off of the horse as he grabbed a torch from a cavalier beside him and threw it forward.

Whoosh – !

The flames flickered in the night breeze and lit up the darkness in front of them.

"God… What am I seeing?"

At that moment, every cavalier felt like they were placed in a fridge in hell; they felt like all their blood was freezing up.

No one expected that the small hill in the shadows was made from piling Blackstone Kingdom's corpses. Blood, torn armor, broken swords, chipped blades, dead horses, white bones, and human heads… they were all piled onto each other uniformly by someone. On top of this hill made of corpses, a somewhat complete cavalier spear was stabbed onto the "hill", and a head with a helmet was attached to the other end of the spear. Red blood was dripping down the body of the spear, and most of the blood had already solidified… "No… it's Prince Eric!!!" The single-eyed cavalier shouted as he couldn't believe what was in front of him.

"Who attacked them?"

"It must be those guys from Chambord… They must have ambushed them around here and attacked Prince Eric by surprise. Except for them, no other forces are a match for Prince Eric and his men…"

"So cruel, not a single person survived!"

These cavaliers couldn't think straight anymore. As the night wind blew through the trees, numerous leaves fell off the trees to the ground. These cavaliers felt like there were numerous killers hiding in the dark, preparing to give them the lethal and deadly blow. The scenery around them was scary and ghastly; since their enemies could kill Prince Eric with his two hundred cavaliers quietly, then the twenty of them couldn't even last a second if the enemies really wanted to kill them. The single-eyed cavalier quickly realized the dangerous situation they were in, so he took the head of Prince Eric off the spear on the "hill" and carefully wrapped it in his cape. After he did that, he quickly turned around, jumped onto his horse, and quickly escaped from this murderous place with his cavaliers as if they would die if they stayed there one more second.

They came fast like the wind, but left in a hurry like homeless dogs; they didn't even take care of their peers' corpse by burying them properly.

The beautiful golden sun gradually climbed out from behind the mountains on the Far East and covered the land in a bright golden light.

It was another pretty, yet quiet morning.

The only thing was that there was a red glow in the sky, as if red blood had dyed the half of it. It was very clear and eye-catching.

The Chambord Expeditionary Force started to progress forward again. They marched towards the entrance to the [Burning Sun Mountains]. The temperature in the morning was still a little bit chilly. Angela and Emma went into Eldest Princess Tanasha's magic carriage to chat with and keep her company. Fei rode on the big black dog and led everyone at the very front of the troop. As he saw the red glow in the sky, he laughed and said, "Oh, see? Blood had stained the sky. There must have been some bloody fight that occurred last night…"

Everyone around the king laughed as they heard his majesty speak.

Two of Fei's henchmen Pierce and Drogba were both riding on the back of Roaring Flame Beasts. They rubbed the blades on their axes as they still felt a little thirsty when thinking about what happened last night. The fat and huge Warden Oleg was obviously still immersed in the beautiful memory, but the commander of the Saint Seiyas Force Cech was still silent. He carefully observed the surroundings, and there were Saint Seiyas on Roaring Flame Beasts from afar who were waving a little green flag. This meant that everything was fine.

A smile appeared on Lampard, who was riding a Roaring Flame Beasts behind Fei, subconsciously. Last night was the first time that he used Lighting Speed Fists in battle, and the effectiveness of it was beyond his expectation. Using lightning-attribute warrior energy, his attack speed after being empowered from a few secret energy connection channels was very impressive. Lampard had never dreamed that he would be able to retrain his lightning-attribute warrior energy after that devastating destruction; e also never dreamed that he could get his hands on a new and unimaginable training path and retrain. His warrior energy recovered at such a fast speed. He couldn't imagine what kind of power and achievement he could obtain if he trained the Lightning Speed Fists to its peak since King Alexander said that this training scroll wasn't at its final form, and that there was still room for improvement and refinement.

With his fists held tightly together, Lampard felt the power that he missed for a long time.

As the expeditionary force got closer to the foot of the mountain, the military fortress of Blackstone Kingdom was getting clearer and clearer in their eyes. This fortress made out of a black material was built right next to the mountain, where its defense walls covered three directions. The defense walls that were about twenty meters tall were very hard and firm. When Fei took a closer look, he could tell that they were made by stacking unforged iron ores together. Two-hundred-meter-tall warrior statues were standing on top of the two mountains behind the fortress. Battlements on the defense wall were placed uniformly, and a ton of heavily-armored soldiers were sent here by the King of Blackstone to guard it. This was a strategically located fortress that was easy to guard, but hard to siege! On top of that, this fortress perfectly blocked the only path on [Burning Sun Mountains] that led to the Capital St. Petersburg, so it was a very important fortress that took advantage of Chambord!

If Chambord's Expeditionary Force wanted to arrive at St. Petersburg on time, they would have to get across this fortress called Blackstone Fortress.

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