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Published at 5th of August 2020 09:02:06 PM
Chapter 1192
Chapter 1192: Using All Killing Methods (Part Two)

While changing positions in the air at a speed that no mortals could comprehend, Fei and Platini attacked each other with simple moves head-on .

The hammer and the lance collided with each other repeatedly, creating deafening noises .

Also, these two left many afterimages in the air as they battled . It felt like there were thousands of Fei and Platini at a given time .

The attacks that these two used were simple; even ordinary warriors could use them .

However, each strike contained terrifying laws of nature, able to strike down and destroy the land . If this space wasn’t maintained by the residual laws of nature that belonged to this goblin supreme god, it would have shattered a long time ago .

“Hey, be careful . You have to hurry up; the 12 minutes is almost up . ” Maradona who was casually watching on the side reminded Fei .

Maradona had comprehended a portion of the secrets regarding the heart of this fallen goblin supreme god, so he was able to barely control this green light prison for 12 minutes . Once this time passed, it was highly likely that Platini would be able to reclaim the control over this space . Even if he couldn’t turn the tables around, he could escape .

Once Platini escaped and returned to the headquarters of the Holy Church, it would be almost impossible to kill him again as he would be protected by countless masters of the Holy Church .

“Got it!” Fei shouted, and the giant hammer in his hand shot out a series of red runes and knocked Platini away .

In the next second, a light flashed in Fei’s hand . The [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] was replaced by a simple-looking silver scepter .


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Fei pointed out with this scepter, and Platini instantly flew back while puking up golden blood .

The situation was instantly turned around .

“The Scepter of Creation?!!” Platini screamed on top of his lungs as an incredulous expression appeared on his face . The stalemate was instantly broken!

Platini sensed the terrifying power contained inside the silver scepter! This scepter left a mark on the Scepter of Ragnarok, a god-tier combat weapon, in his hands .

“That is right . Now, let everything end!” With the Scepter of Creation in his hands, Fei quickly flew higher into the sky . Endless godly-king-level core energy was injected into the scepter, and unimaginable power started to surge .

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Although Platini was a top-tier godly king, his body started to crack and collapse when he slightly touched this presence .

“Damn it! You actually fully comprehended the secrets of the Scepter of Creation?” Platini was shocked to his core .

Fei didn’t reply . Instead, he unleashed his full force and empowered the Scepter of Creation .

An immense amount of godly power was required to fully energize this legendary and invincible scepter . Although Fei was already a level 6 godly king, he was still having trouble to do so .

This was why he saved this hidden card to the last moment .

If something went wrong, Fei would be sucked into a dry corpse .

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Platini was completely suppressed, and many bloody cracks appeared on his body as if he was a porcelain jar that was dropped onto the ground . Even though the scene looked terrifying and gruesome, Platini’s godly-king-level power allowed him to defend for a while .

“Human Emperor of the North! You forced me to do this!”

Platini’s expression suddenly turned vicious, and he no longer looked cold and graceful . Like a beast that was severely injured, he roared loudly as if he made an important decision .

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