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The Flower Fairy had transformed, how strong was her current sensing ability?

How much can it cover?

Her perception covered a large area, allowing her to communicate with any plant within this area.

Thus …

Within her perception, she knew what had happened.

Long Fei looked at her.

The Flower Fairy's beautiful flower suddenly shook, and a halo of power burst forth.

A shock.

All the flowers, plants, and trees in the entire valley fell out...

The distance between them continued to increase.

10 km, 100 km, 1,000 km … It continued to spread.


Flower Fairy's body trembled again as he retracted his power and said: "Right now, the maximum distance I can cover is 1.8 million kilometers."

Long Fei:...

Long Kuang: …

Even the gods pavilion s were …

They were all speechless.

This perception distance … It could only be described with one word, it was too f * cking amazing!

Even an Empyrean powerhouse like Undead Lord would not be able to sense such a distance. Forget him, even emperor Xuan wouldn't necessarily have this kind of perception range.

The most important thing was …

Her perception was established with plants and was something that no powerhouse would be able to sense. It was the most abnormal thing about her.

Long Fei immediately said: "Now, let's see if we can find the location of the Undead Lord."

Flower Fairy said: "The perception range has increased by a lot, but to find the location of a person, requires a period of time."

He could establish a connection with any plant within one million and eight hundred thousand kilometers, but... The number of plants in this range was in the billions, which was not even enough to be counted in a year. Even if the Flower Fairy had his own unique ability, it was impossible for him to know all of this in an instant.

Long Fei asked: "How long will it take?"

Flower Fairy said, "At least half an hour."

Long Fei replied: Alright, I'll wait for you.

The Flower Fairy felt the strength and released.

At the same time.

Long Fei was refining another Holy Source Pellet.

… ….

Undead Lord stood up and looked at the northern region of Mu Clan.

Originally, he wanted the Undying Legion to disrupt the progress of the activation of the Turtle Mountain, but now, the Undying Legion had yet to appear.

After daybreak, Turtle Mountain would completely open.

At that time …

Everyone from Mu Clan hid inside the Turtle Mountain, he really did not have any ways to deal with them.

He couldn't wait.

If he couldn't find Long Fei's aura, he wanted to break the opening of the Turtle Mountain. As long as the people of Mu Clan couldn't enter the Turtle Mountain, then it would be like fish on the chopping board to him. He could cut whatever he wanted.

Undead Lord moved slightly, "Boom!"

His figure seemed to travel through time and space, moving thousands of miles in an instant.

While he was shuttling back and forth.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind in the forest, causing the trees to sway.

"Found it!"

Flower Fairy suddenly said.

Long Fei also immediately stood up, asking, "Where is he?"

Flower Fairy said: "He's rushing towards the northern region of Mu Clan. His speed is extremely fast."

"North District?"


Long Fei's brows tightened, the idea moved, "Golden Fur!"


Sensing Long Fei's summons, the Golden Fur Giant Ape responded immediately. Within ten seconds, the Golden Fur Giant Ape fell down heavily and said, "Boss!"

Long Fei jumped onto the back of the giant golden-furred ape and said, "North region, use your fastest speed."

The giant golden ape replied, "Understood!"

"Boom, boom, boom …"

With a stomp of his feet, the entire valley caved in.

Long Fei secretly thought: "I wonder how is the opening of Turtle Mountain going?"

"I don't know where Mu Yun is either."

"Sigh …"

At this time, he could only give up looking for Mu Yun.

With so many people from the north region, once the Undead Lord arrived, it would be equivalent to a dinosaur entering a flock of sheep.

All of the ancient strong s were concentrated on opening Turtle Mountain. They did not even have a profound strength in the Primordial Era, how could they be a match for the Undead Lord?


"Goldfur, go faster!" Long Fei had a bad premonition.

… ….

"Crack …" "Rumble!"


A power rumble began to sound out from within Turtle Mountain, and the traces of spatial light started to flicker, as if Turtle Mountain had split apart.

Mu Hetai said solemnly, "We have already reached the second stage. Elders, concentrate.

"Cough cough …"

As they spoke, Mu Hetai coughed continuously.

At this moment.

His black hair had turned white.

His hair was white, and he seemed to have aged by more than a hundred years. The wrinkles on his forehead made him look like an old man who was about to die.

"Patriarch, your hair …"

Mu Hetai replied: "I'm fine, don't worry about me."

Mu Hetai clearly understood her current situation.

As long as he could save them, it didn't matter if he sacrificed himself, because he was the Patriarch of the Mu Clan!

"Ahh …"

"Keep using your strength!"

"Hua la la …" "

The northern plaza began to shake more and more violently.

The ground seemed as if it was about to split open.

Many of the disciples were excited as they thought that a miracle was about to happen.

But he didn't know that the storm was coming!

… ….

"Ol 'Three is about to reach the northern region of the Mu Clan. If he is really looking for Long Fei, then he should have found out the location of the boy by now, right?"

"Big brother, what should we do?" the old man asked.

In the void.

A voice sounded, "There's no rush, Mu Tianhe still hasn't appeared. This old fox of his might very well be hiding in the shadows."

The old man asked: "Is Mu Tianhe third brother's opponent?"

"Mu Tianhe is naturally not Third Bro's opponent. You should also be clear about what kind of person Third Bro is, he is also a who has lived his eldest brother's life to the peak until now. In the entire divine space, aside from a few outer space powerhouse s, no one else is a match for him.

"So, it's not that easy for Ol 'Three to break into the Mu Clan."

"If the Mu Clan can set up the entrance of the Turtle Mountain in the northern region, then there must be a spatial restriction in the northern region."

"We don't need to rush. Let's let Third Bro find that kid first."

He was calm and not in a hurry at all.

Other than the relationship with the Mu Clan, he also knew that if Long Fei really had the power of Long Batian's legacy in his body, then he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Otherwise, Long Batian would not have chosen him.

The old man paused for a moment, then asked: "Big brother, will emperor Xuan be able to find Long Batian's body after entering the abyss of hell this time?"

emperor Xuan has been gone for a long time, for many months.

For a long time, there was no news at all.

People would inevitably think too much about it.

In the air, a voice resounded, and said: "The Ashura's Abyss is extraordinary, there must be a reason why Long Batian chose to fall in that place."

"If this is all arranged by him, I guess. emperor Xuan might not be able to get any benefits. "

The old man said, "Even if you have the Black and White Envoys, isn't that fine?"

"Long Batian was once the number one powerhouse of the ancient times, and he fought against foreign invaders.

The old man asked: "Is Long Batian that strong?"

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