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Published at 27th of July 2020 10:18:30 PM
Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Daddy, Love Grandpa! (3) 


“Okay, let the cook fry one more . ”

Huo Xiaoxiao held out two fingers and said to her grandfather, “Two . ”

“Alright, fry two . ”

She did not see her father get rebuked by her grandfather . Huo Xiaoxiao, who was robbed of a fried egg, was upset and took a spoon to drink porridge .

“Will you go to the company later?”

“Hmm . ” Huo Suicheng ate his bread and talked to Mr . Huo as if nothing had happened, “There is a board meeting today that I have to attend . Vice President Zhou has been with you for a long time . Are you still in touch with him?”

Old Master Huo put down his chopsticks and heaved a sigh . “He was also confused for a while . ”

“Confused for a while? It’s impossible to live a happy life . ”

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Hearing Vice President Zhou’s name, some thoughts came to Huo Xiaoxiao’s mind .

She remembered that Vice President Zhou was always the one who was crazy about doing things in China when Huo Suicheng went abroad . He even wanted to sabotage the board members to kick Huo Suicheng out of the board of directors .

Of course, such a person was instantly crushed by Huo Suicheng and used to threaten his wife and children abroad .

Knowing that to deal with this matter, Huo Suicheng was bound to have no compromises . Still, Huo Xiaoxiao racked her brain but could not think of any methods to stop him .

“I’m done eating . I’ll leave for the company first . ” Huo Suicheng got up and left .

“Daddy!” Huo Xiaoxiao quickly called him .

Huo Suicheng stopped and looked back at her . “What’s wrong?”

“…” Some words were stuck in her mouth . In the end, she only spat out a sentence, “Come back early . ”

Huo Suicheng was slightly shocked, and a grunt came out of his throat, “Hmm . ”

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On the way to the company, Huo Suicheng frowned and kept looking out of the window .

“Brother Cheng, what’s wrong? What happened to the company?” Xiao Wu asked, who was beside him .

Huo Suicheng shook his head . “No, just remembered a dream I had last night . ”


Recalling that dream, Huo Suicheng’s eyebrows were even more gloomy .

Fire, documents, men, chandelier, Huo Xiaoxiao .

Although it was only a dream, the moment when the burned chandelier hit Huo Xiaoxiao was still shocking .

“Just a dream, don’t worry about it . ”

“Okay . ”

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Soon, they arrived at Huo Group Building .

Huo Suicheng had gone abroad for one year to explore overseas markets and seek cooperation to establish branches .

His goal was simple . His father took a conservative attitude towards the company’s development, and he hoped that the company could take advantage of the wind at the right momentum .

Although the development of foreign markets was difficult, all was well .

It was a pity that during his time abroad, there was a fire in his backyard . Vice President Zhou, who had been in the company for many years, even wanted to join hands with board members to kick him out of the board of directors .

He got out of the car .

Just at rush hour, the company’s employees greeted Mr . Huo, who hadn’t appeared in a year .

“Good day, President . ”

“Good day, President!

Huo Suicheng went to the elevator with his expressionless eyes .

Before the elevator door closed, Xiao Wu answered the phone and entered the elevator . Then he said to Huo Suicheng, “Brother Cheng, Vice President Zhou said he wanted to see you in front of the board of directors . ”

Huo Suicheng had apparently expected it . “I know . ”

The elevator stopped at his office floor . He had just stepped out when the president’s special assistant came up to follow him and said, “President Huo, Vice President Zhou is in the lounge now, saying that he wants to see you . ”

“Let him come to my office . ”

“Alright . ”

Huo Suicheng stepped into the office . Not long after, his assistant knocked on the door . Behind him, a middle-aged man in his fifties walked in with a calm face .

He came straight in . “President Huo, I want to talk to you about something . ”

Huo Suicheng was kind enough to ask him to sit down on the sofa, though . “I remember the board meeting today was brought up by Vice President Zhou . Why hasn’t the meeting started? Vice President Zhou is in a hurry to see me . What’s the matter?”

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