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Great Merchant - Dao Ming (Chapter 8 - Disciple of Parvati, Disciple of Bhaisajyaguru 3)

Previously on Dao Ming

Tong and his physician master treats a commoner girl and finds out that the ones that poisoned her were likely the same people that poisoned the physician’s wife at some point in the past, whose status we aren’t sure of.


Southstop City, Stone Moon Pavilion - Inn’s register

“Owner Yang, here’s our rent. A tael of silver and 52 bronze coin as agreed upon.” The scholarly man places the currency on the counter after checking the total twice over. 

“Honoured Guest, Honoured Guest, we can’t accept your money.” The owner shakes his large, calloused hands in front of his chest.

The scholarly man narrows his eyes. “Are you saying my money is no good here?”

“Aiyah! Of course not, Physician Li! It’s just… I’m afraid the Heavens will smite me with lightning if I were to take the money of my benefactor!” The yellow-faced looking man explains with exasperation before pointing toward the clear, blue sky beyond the entrance of his inn.

[T/N: Yellowface has a dual meaning, it is used to indicate someone not feeling well, as well as an indication of liver diseases, had it as sickly, then pale, then finally went back to transliteration of it to keep the nuance due to the hints of his illness mentioned below]

I was thinking, Business and Pleasure don’t mix, but this isn’t exactly pleasure.

“‘Personal relations are Personal, Business relations are Business’, your wife paid for your treatment, this and that are different transactions, there’s no need to drag them together, you still have your business to tend to.” Physician Li flatly refuses the excuse and pushes the currency to the center of the counter, right in front of the owner.

[T/N: 數還數,路還路 translates to ‘Bills are Bills, Ways are Ways’ is an idiom that means social capital and business shouldn’t mix, everything should be clear cut.]


[T/N: 龍精虎猛 translates to ‘Dragon’s Spirit Tiger’s Might’, meaning someone that’s vigorous and healthy.]

Mount Southswan, southern edge of Extreme Harmony province, Jade Wing Sect’s main hall

“Godfather Li! Big Brother Tong!” A happy little boy limps his way toward the sitting duo with hopping, uneven steps, a wide smile plastered on his face.

“““Young Master!””” The disciples cum servants greet the boy by saluting. Two dozens or so are stationed around the rectangular perimeter of hall, which sinks into the floor, 3 steps deep, as the main hall is also used as an arena for sparring. There are small ramps on each side of the sunken rectangle for ease of movement and transportation. Supporting the main hall, which is a fine structure of wood and masonry, stand large pillars, with motifs of various birds in flight and birds of prey engaging in hunting or combat. 

“Ahahaha, Chunye, slow down, slow down.” The scholarly man laughs while getting out of the fine teak chair he’s sitting on to receive the 8-9 year old boy. Likewise, Tong stands up to offer his greetings.

““Ha!”” As soon as the boy gets within reach of Tong, he suddenly launches a lunge punch with a yell. From the side of the main hall behind Tong, a similar yell by a feminine voice came at the same time alongside a flying kick.

“Hup!” Tong takes a step back from the pincer attack and cranes his right wrist, raising it towards the leg aiming for his head. His left hand sweeps out from his chest, colliding against the boy’s wrist with the outside of his palm. Upon their impact, he twists both his hands and pulls both of them towards himself using their existing force while taking another step back, causing them to lose their balance and collide into one another, resulting in a pile of limbs.

““Omph!”” The voices let out groans as they try to untangle themselves on the floor.

“HAHAHAHAHA!” A booming laughter comes from the back entrance of the main hall. “See, Chunye, Chunlai, our Little Friend isn’t that easy to take down.”

“Hmph!” The teenager girl helps the boy up before turning her head to the side with her nose facing upward, away from Tong’s view.

“““Greetings, Sect Master!””” The disciples salute as the man walks out of the passage leading to the inner section of the sect, the bead curtain rattling softly as the burly man, dressed in a jade studded black robe embroidered with silver threads, walks through them into the main hall.

“Big Brother’s really good at martial arts, as always!” The young boy pats the dust off his pants while beaming. Physician Li smoothly starts checking the boy’s condition, by first diagnosing with palpitation before moving onto reflexology.

“Ah, please don’t make fun of me, ‘my skills are still half-baked’.” Tong turns and bows slightly towards the approaching figure.

[T/N: 三腳貓功夫 translates to “3 legged cat kung fu”. In this context, he’s saying his skill is only superficial.]


[T/N: Yes, she just referred herself in third person. Supposedly the ‘cutesy’ way to talk for girls.]


[T/N: 君子一言,快馬一鞭 translates to “Gentleman’s one word, fast horse one whip”, meaning ‘a gentleman’s word is as good as gold’]

Jade Wing Sect, Sect Master’s private office


[T/N: He’s calling the official bitches for a lack of a better word, due to incompetency, corruption, abuses their powers, arrogant, etc… This terms comes up a lot, but dogs have a pretty low standing in chinese culture historically, on the same level as livestocks. So the disdain is pretty obvious :3]


[T/N: Yeah, rehab is slightly different from recover/heal. Rehab means working towards full functioning prior to the illness/injury. Recover means that the wound/illness is gone and no longer actively affects you.]


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