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Chapter 373: Backlash

Han Shuo didn’t remain in Helon Duchy for long in the end. He stayed for exactly two days, just like he’d said. He rushed straight towards Narsen Duchy after separating from Helen and arrived at Duke Benedict Sackville’s residence within the night.

The former teacher of the state, Stratholme of Verdun’s Imperial Court, had left a deep and profound impression on Han Shuo. Thanks to Helen, Han Shuo realized that this teacher of the state was still alive. By normal standards, when an expert advanced to the level of a sacred magus or swordsman, their lifespan would extend accordingly. Stratholme had broken through to be a sacred level of existence a long time ago. Having been a sacred swordmaster for so long, the reclusive Stratholme was most likely still living healthily, according to logic.

This teacher of the state from the imperial court was also the seven grand duchy’s sole sacred level existence. If Han Shuo wanted to seize the seven grand duchies for himself, then this Stratholme would indeed be a threat. Luckily, this person had already secluded himself long ago and Han Shuo only needed to make use of his mystical demons and attach them to the grand dukes before slowly turning them into his personal puppets one after another.

Han Shuo believed that this method would definitely be more dependable than the Lancelot Empire’s previous large scale invasion. Stratholme wouldn’t detect anything while staying secluded within Stranglethorn Vale. Han Shuo reckoned that by the time he had completely taken over the seven grand dukedoms in secret, his strength would most definitely have improved by another step. At that time, Han Shuo might even be able to do something about Stratholme even if the latter came.

During this night, a splendid sight could be seen within Benedict Sackville’s mansion. Within the central courtyard, a banquet seemed to be underway as shadows flickered to and fro. Many knights completely clad in armor tightly defended the area. A crystal lantern hung from the ceiling in the main hall, while below, each and every noble from the Narsen Duchy wore formal attire and exuded a graceful bearing. They held wine glasses and conversed cheerfully with each other.

Benedict Sackville was naturally the most dazzling figure amongst them. The Narsen Duchy nobles surrounded Benedict, while constantly trying to pry some information from his mouth in a roundabout and indirect way.

The seven grand duchies’ previous meeting at Sakamimir Valley had ended on a sour note. When the war had entered its most chaotic state, several of the grand duchies had suffered under an assassination attempt. As a result, those dukedoms had some weakened their military strength. Narsen Duchy was also not an exception as many of their high ranking generals were assassinated during the battle. Now that Benedict Sackville had returned to the dukedom, the first thing he wanted to do was naturally fill the gaps that’d occurred due to the loss of their outstanding generals.
After hearing this news, all the Narsen Duchy nobles began recommending their own family’s younger generation with utmost of efforts. They hoped their younger generation could fill the gap and become a character wielding true power within Narsen Duchy. Benedict Sackville also clearly understood the intentions of these nobles and also understood that it was the perfect moment to recruit. Thus, he was holding this banquet within his mansion intending to understand everyone’s thoughts while also gaining some personal benefits.

After sending out his mystical demons, Han Shuo grasped a clear view of the situation within Benedict Sackville’s mansion. He knew how many experts were concealed within the mansion, and that a magical enchantment had been set up in a particular corner. Nothing could escape his prying eyes.

While hiding outside the Duke’s mansion, Han Shuo seemed like a hunter in the night, calmly staring at his prey and patiently seeking for the best opportunity-to send his mystical demons into Benedict Sackville’s brain.

Although the mystical demons had magical ability, trying to insert the demon into someone’s brain was not that easy. Firstly, Han Shuo had to be standing right next to Benedict Sackville. When he began using his demons, he would have to promptly act in accordance to the secret demonic method without stopping. If he made even the slightest mistake, Benedict Sackville could immediately die a tragic death or even become an idiot, an outcome that would clash with Han Shuo’s wishes.

During this intrusion, Benedict Sackville could not possess even a single ounce of resistance, while his mind had to maintain a state as innocent as a newborn child. Only like this would the mystical demon be prone to successfully invade one’s brain.

Generally speaking, the most perfect timing was during a dream. Thus, Han Shuo would only descend next to Benedict Sackville’s side when the latter entered deep into a nightmare. Then, taking advantage of his muddleheaded state, Han Shuo would successfully implant the mystical demon right into his brain.

Everyone dreamt. However, dreams were not a nightly occurrence and sometimes a person wouldn’t dream for days on end. Han Shuo had to wait until Benedict Sackville finally dreamed. Thankfully, when a person dreamed, they would be sufficiently relaxed towards their surroundings which would allow Han Shuo to arrive soundlessly beside his target.

Han Shuo continued to linger in the vicinity of the duke’s mansion over the next five days. His mystical demons would incessantly monitor Benedict Sackville, particularly at night. He remained clueless throughout of this tight surveillance.

Benedict Sackville was only been completely exhausted once over the next five days due to his official business on the third day. That day, he sank deep into his nightmare because he was excessively tired. However, Benedict Sackville had an incomparably tight protection around his mansion’s room on that day. There were experts upon experts protecting the room outside, while all sorts of magical warning enchantments were present within his room.

That day, Han Shuo was only certain that he could forcefully charge in and kill Benedict Sackville. He could not guarantee that his mystical demons could intrude into his brain without warning.

Han Shuo had even carefully considered his gains and losses. In the end, he felt that even if he killed Benedict Sackville, there would be another noble that would become the new duke of Narsen Duchy. Rather than wasting time like this, he might as well just take control of Benedict Sackville.

Precisely because of this, Han Shuo abandoned his thought of killing Benedict Sackville that night and continued to wait for the next opportunity.

On the six night. Han Shuo unexpectedly noticed through his mystical demons that Benedict Sackville had left his mansion for the first time. While surprised, Han Shuo used his mystical demons to attentively watch Benedict Sackville on one hand and silently caught up to him on the other. He intended to see just what Benedict Sackville was up to.

Things went contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations. Instead of going somewhere for official business, Benedict Sackville was obviously headed somewhere else. After walking along the streets within Narsen Duchy’s Northwest city, Benedict finally arrived at a serene and elegantly quiet manor from the back door.

Twelve mystical demons scattered within the manor. In only a few minutes, Han Shuo had already discovered the type of place this serene and elegant manor was like. It was like the Rose Garden that Lawrence had previously brought Han Shuo to in the northern part of Ossen City. This manor was a noble’s special venue for licentious activities.

This manor was undoubtedly Narsen Duchy’s most well renowned place and it was even a bit bigger than Ossen City’s Rose Garden. Inside, all kinds of atrociously shady business occurred in innumerable fashion. After the twelve mystical demons circled the place, Han Shuo gained a much deeper familiarity to the licentious and rotten behavior of the nobles.

Benedict Sackville was this place’s owner. Han Shuo was still able to learn of this fact very quickly when he merely used two of his mystical demons to watch Benedict Sackville attentively. As Narsen Duchy’s most influential men and as this place’s owner, Benedict Sackville did not need to waste much of any of his energy while secretly controlling this place. Benedict Sackville first heard a report about current financial affairs in a heavily guarded room. Afterwards, he began walking towards a delicately serene and elegant small house with a chuckle.

A mother-daughter pair were waiting within this house. Han Shuo had already seen the the stunning mother-daughter pair when Benedict Sackville had held a personal banquet in his mansion last time. They were the wife and daughter of Count Delbert. Delbert’s wife was past forty. However, because she had properly maintained her looks, she seemed to be barely thirty years old.

As Delbert’s wife and her daughter Deyali stood there together, they seemed not like a mother and daughter. They seemed more like sisters as their faces glowed with smiles, welcoming the person in control of Narsen Duchy, Benedict Sackville.

Han Shuo was stunned through the eyes and ears of the mystical demons. Apparently, the mother-daughter pair had served Benedict Sackville before, and it was actually with Delbert’s approval. It was precisely because of Delbert’s encouragement that they were actually standing there. They jointly served Benedict Sackville in bed exchange for the only and youngest son of their family to become a captain knight under Benedict Sackville.

After discovering this situation from his mystical demons, Han Shuo’s understanding of the secret and filthy actions of the nobles increased to an even deeper level. Who would’ve expected that Count Delbert would actually allow his own wife and daughter to serve Benedict Sackville just so his son could advance? While Han Shuo felt this was inconceivable, he also felt that this had truly opened his eyes as well.

This mother-daughter pair were indeed of the highest quality. The mother was seductively mature with ample, round curves while the daughter was full of youthful energy, possessing a whiff of a charmingly beautiful charm. As the two stood together, it was truly a scene for the perverted. The more ethics and taboos were violated, the more vigorous a male would become. When a mother-daughter pair simultaneously resolved to serve the same person, this was increase the male’s vigor by ten times over.

Even Han Shuo was feeling a restlessness, not to mention Benedict Sackville. Han Shuo could barely restrain his rod from firing up when imagining this kind of service from a mother-daughter pair. Seeing Delbert’s wife continue to smile charmingly while saying some good words for her son, Han Shuo’s eyes felt somewhat glued to her distinctive charm, her graceful and mature noblewoman look.

“My God! I can’t just let that old thing Benedict Sackville enjoy these benefits!” Han Shuo secretly gulped a mouthful of saliva as he ruthlessly began thinking. His brain started considering different ideas at the speed of light.

Han Shuo felt as though he was gradually losing some control over himself as he kept seeing the splendid and heart throbbing scene. He didn’t know if he was about to enter the carnal realm or not, but he had this kind of impulsive desire to ruthlessly ravage the women there at any cost. As the charming daughter-female pair continued standing there, Han Shuo began thinking of the pleasing, forbidden situation, becoming somewhat even more agitated.

When Han Shuo began thinking of such taboo things, the demonic infant within him suddenly began overflowing with a bizarre power. These strands of power that came from within the demonic infant began releasing at an increasingly faster pace. Han Shuo soon found it even harder to control himself as his skin became flushed with a deeper red.

Alarmed, Han Shuo suddenly reacted, coming to his senses. The strand of power that came from the demonic infant was circulating with a bizarre power that carried an excessively nefarious aura. This kind of aura was the energy that Han Shuo had previously absorbed from the dark elf matriarch Adele.

“What’s going on? I had clearly removed the energy residue last time and this aura of nefarious energy should’ve been already been expelled from my body. How come there’s actually strands of this energy still circulating within the demonic infant?! Hm? That’s not right! Why wasn’t there such a dramatic movement last time when I faced Helen.” No matter what kind of unusual change the demonic infant underwent, Han Shuo could still make everything crystal clear with his consciousness. However, when he noticed that the demonic infant was rotating rapidly and that the excessively nefarious energy was becoming faster and faster, Han Shuo felt somewhat puzzled.

He knew that he had not entered the carnal realm yet. According to logic, when he entered the carnal realm, he would perhaps become more lustful, but this wasn’t just affect his lust, but other aspects as well. Could the reason that this strand of excessively nefarious energy became so merry due to the absorption of Adele’s power?

Although Han Shuo felt somewhat bewildered, he did began to gradually notice that the intense lust within his body was slowly becoming harder to control as the nefarious energy circulated within the the demonic infant. Han Shuo had always done as he would in being a demonic cultivator. Plus, he would also never rejected this kind of lust causing him to gradually overflow with the desire to follow his desires.

“Can’t let Benedict Sackville get this benefit! I must think of a plan!” While Han Shuo ignored his spreading lust, his brain was rotating at high speeds.

Due to the fact that this current place was not Benedict Sackville’s mansion, the defenses were much more inferior. There were only some personal guards around the elegant and refined room he was in. There weren’t any complicated magical enchantments that had been set up inside either.

After hesitating for just a moment, Han Shuo suddenly released a dark and dense fog and took advantage of the situation to slowly float into the room in which Benedict Sackville and Delbert’s wife and daughter were in. The three of them were still drinking wine at this point. As Han Shuo drifted over, he was somewhat unable to control the blue dots of light as they slowly flowed out of his body.

The spots of light were not so obvious as Han Shuo was shrouded in a dark, dense fog. Benedict Sackville and the mother-daughter pair slowly inhaled the blue light through their nose and mouth. All this while, not only was Han Shuo began gradually entering a bleary minded state and starting to breath in a coarser way, even the mother-daughter pair and Benedict Sackville were as well.

Including Han Shuo amongst them, the four individuals within the room were all shrouded by the bright blue spots of light that contained a nefarious energy, which slowly drifted through the air to cover the entire room. As Han Shuo accidentally allowed the release of such energy, he even became somewhat sober, gaining some reason. However, the other three individuals had become completely dull.

The two mother-daughter pair that had been sitting together at this moment was first to give in to their heart’s desire due to their weak wills. The two began embracing each other and revealing their breasts, moaning together. Just as Benedict Sackville suddenly roared in a low voice and attempted to pounce on them with his red eyes, the relatively sober Han Shuo knocked him out with a stamp of his leg. Then, Han Shuo pounced onto the completely delirious mother-daughter pair like a beast.

A hard to supress sound suddenly sounded from the room as these two mother-daughter pair writhed together with Han Shuo. There was no sense of shame as the two served Han Shuo together. On the contrary, they served Han Shuo with utmost enthused fervor under Han Shuo’s nefarious power.

….outside the elegant and refined room, the experts that Benedict Sackville had brought with him all began display an expression of envy as they listened to the beautiful, high-pitched, and suave moaning. They softly and secretly discussed with each other, a bit clueless to the fact that their grand duke had already been knocked out.

After a long time, the moaning within the room gradually calmed down as the window suddenly opened without wind. A lump of light smoke floated past as Han Shuo’s entire body disappeared from here like a ghost. The black smoke swiftly floated away under the night. It disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

After Han Shuo left, he flew at high altitudes towards the wilderness while enduring the monstrous changes occurring to his body. He summoned the elite earth zombie to open up some space within the underground abyss. As Han Shuo screamed with agonized howls, he took out a transportation array and arrived at the Cemetery of Death.

After coupling with Adele and absorbing her energy, Han Shuo had suddenly received some backlash from the excessively nefarious energy. It only held a small bit of power originally, but now it seemed more like boiling water as it flared up within his demonic infant. When the demonic infant, the foundation of Han Shuo’s demonic cultivation, was suddenly rinsed with such a baleful and chaotic aura, he actually became uncontrollably violent and ferocious.

Deep within Han Shuo, there seemed to be an additional strand of energy that came from a boundless, distant place that was penetrating into him. That strand of energy spurred on the energy that Han Shuo absorbed from Adele, who’d received it from the spider goddess Rose, causing Han Shuo to feel an enormous amount of pain.

Within the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo emitted heart wrenching screams as his durable body actually split open. Han Shuo felt that the foreign energy within him was becoming harder and harder to control. In the end, Han Shuo mobilized the Demonslayer Edge’ enormous and boundless amount of wrathful power to fight against the power surging within him.

Within Han Shuo’s whole body, an enormous amount of pure demonic yuan energy plus the Demonslayer Edge, that had absorbed tens of thousands of creatures and various kinds of negative energy, combined to form a powerful strike erupted like that of a torrential mountain flood. Following this, his inner body became a cruel battlefield as his demonic infant’s power and the strength in his Demonslayer Edge’s souls fought to the death against Adele’s leftover power, as well as the sudden energy that had intruded into his body.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Han Shuo’s magical cultivation and Demonslayer Edge’s power gradually started gaining the advantage. Only after wasting such an endless amount of time did Han Shuo finally extinguish without a trace the detrimental energy within him.

“Pft!” Within the distant underground world, a dark elf was making offerings to the spider goddess Rose within a temple. A spider shaped, black temple held a young lady at it’s center, who had suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The young lady was facing the spider goddess Rose’s statue in front of her as she muttered, “Wielding such inexhaustible divine dark power. Why couldn’t I even imprison and reduce him to become my captive even with your divine powers?

“Pft!” Another mouthful of blood was spat out as the young lady face’s trembled in fear. She frighteningly faced the spider goddess Rose’s statue and kowtowed while promptly saying, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have questioned your might. Because you had to suffer the powerful laws of restriction, you indeed couldn’t transmit even one in one thousandth of your true power. Your most pious believer wishes to accept punishment from you…”

As the young lady muttered to herself in a prayer, her beautiful skin suddenly split open as blood flew went everywhere. It seemed like an invisible whip had whipped her. Yet, the young lady did not dare utter a sound as she continued to sincerely pray in the language of the dark elves.

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