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Chapter 371: A woman’s heart

Using the Cemetery of Death’s transportation array, Han Shuo arrived at an desolate area within an underground abyss near Seagate City. After summoning the elite earth zombie to tunnel to the surface, he left the underground abyss and hurriedly headed towards Seagate City.

With the kind of power Han Shuo had at his fingertips, any city’s defense was as useful as a paper shield in front of him. He swooped in unseen, landing in a deserted corner of Seagate City. After which, he made his way casually to the manor Helen had taken as her residence during her first trip. However, only after Han Shuo arrived at that place did he notice that Helen and his personal guards had already left Seagate City long ago.

He changed headings, soon arriving at the Dark Mantle’s stronghold at Seagate City. He called for Delante, and soon found out that Helen had already swept through the city in a bloody purge. She’d gained complete control of Seagate City.

The letter that Han Shuo sent last time had already entered Dick’s hands. According to Han Shuo’s commands, Brettel City had begun spreading another rumor of how Helen had absolutely never been in an intimate relationship with Han Shuo and how the previous rumor about Helen’s rape was just an assumption made by his subordinates.

Furthermore, Brettel City also made a formal statement attesting to the veracity of their new rumor. This was quickly and deliberately spread widely throughout the seven grand duchies. Indeed, that alone convinced a majority of people. However, some narrow-minded people were still as before, disbelieving in the authenticity of this message.

As this official statement and its accompanying rumors started to spread through the duchies, some of the citizens of the Helon Duchy who deeply respected their grand duke Helen began to believe in her again. Helen originally felt that it was beneath her dignity to come out and testify as to its authenticity in public. But after facing so many impassive faces and thinly veiled contempt, she took advantage of the situation to finally stand up to say her piece to the public after Brettel City sent out its statement.

Helen agreed to an evaluation of her body held by the various nobles of the Helon Duchy, overseen by several ladies of prestigious, virtuous reputation. Three old specialists dispatched by a couple of powerful nobles to examine Helen’s body finally confirmed that Helen was indeed a truly intact virgin.

After the powerful nobles and ladies published a formal statement together, all the citizens completely believed the authenticity of the situation, clearing Helen in their eyes. Perhaps because the citizens felt that they had insulted their own grand duke’s reputation, they all began grieving, lamenting, and even reflecting on their previous actions of despising Helen. After going through this event, the citizens of the dukedom began viewing Helen with an unprecedented level of respect and admiration.

Taking advantage of her citizen’s newfound faith, Helen swiftly and decisively rooted out several political enemies in rapid succession, completely cleaning her court of conspiring nobles and disloyal aristocrats. After she had finished her blood spattered massacre, there wasn’t a single noble left in the entire Helon Duchy that ever dared rebel again.

At this moment, Benedict Sackville, who had originally treated Helen with incomparable disdain and indifference, immediately sent an ardent letter to Helen. On one side, he bitterly and hatefully expressed his remorse. On the other, he was like his former self, stubbornly starting to pursue Helen again.

At the Helon Duchy residence within Seagate City, Helen held up the letter that was filled with his touching words of love. She tore the letter into fragments with a cold sneer as she spoke to Firewind by her side, “I have thoroughly and clearly seen through the true face of Benedict Sackville after this event. What he was pursuing all along was Helon Duchy, and never me. Back then, when all the citizens and nobles of the Helon Duchy rebelled against me, not only did he not extend a hand in help, but he even schemed against me in the shadows. Yet now that I’ve restored my power within Helon Duchy, he has once again begun to chase me like an annoying fly. It seems that only the Duchy has ever been the true target of his affections.”

Firewind had transformed into her human form, and so nodded at Helen’s words. “I told you long ago that Benedict Sackville wasn’t a trustworthy person. Politicians, they always act for their own benefit. This person’s hypocritical behavior makes me feel nauseous. I really don’t know how you could have willingly cooperated with him before.”

Helen’s tender and beautiful cheeks slightly reddened from Firewind’s words. “Sister Firewind, I was just using him, that’s all. It was just a thing between nations. Narsen Duchy has the same enemies as me, so I was just using him to defeat the enemy. That’s all.”

After pausing for a moment, Helen’s face became even redder. She hesitated for a moment, and asked Firewind somewhat cowardly, “Sister Firewind, what do you think of Bryan?”

Firewind blanked momentarily before gritting her teeth with hate. “That despicable and baseless person?”

Without knowing why, Helen’s heart itched ever so slightly when she heard Firewind call Han Shuo a despicable and baseless person. It was as if the depths of her heart was unwilling to heard anyone vilify Han Shuo. Even someone as intimate as her sister Firewind was not an exception.

“Mm, exactly that Bryan. Sister Firewind, what do you think of him?” Because Helen and Firewind had such a close relationship for so many years, she naturally didn’t rebuke her and even looked expectantly at Firewind.

After Firewind had flung out her earlier sentence, she shot a glance at Helen and noticed an expectant expression within her eyes. Firewind had already noticed that Helen didn’t have a single bit of her previous resentment. Firewind sighed in her heart and forced a laugh as she said, “Helen, this Bryan is even harder to deal with than Benedict Sackville. I could even sense a little bit of his filthy thoughts being directed towards you when he was facing Benedict Sackville. Furthermore, he wears a hypocritical expression that is completely at odds with his innermost thoughts.”

“However, when I’m together with Bryan, I’m completely incapable of sensing his heart’s mood. He seemed like a bottomless cold pond, an unfathomably grim feeling. As for going even deeper, that is something I have absolutely no way of prying into. Ai, that man is too powerful. If he wanted to kill us, we couldn’t even put up a decent fight, let alone survive. I know we can’t defeat him, but I also don’t know if your methods are truly the right way of doing things.”

Firewind knew that Helen had already unconsciously developed feelings for Han Shuo. Han Shuo indeed had the ability to attract any woman. However, this type of guy was simply a type of poison for a women. If one became addicted then it would be hard to free oneself. However, to the ambitious and exuberant Helen, only an equally ambitious kind of tyrannical person was the most suitable for her.

Han Shuo was exactly this kind of person. Looking at it from Helen’s point of view, the frighteningly powerful, decisive, and fierce Han Shuo was filled with a deadly attractiveness. If Helen had such a guy constantly supporting her, then it wouldn’t be a bad thing even if the seven grand duchies warred all year round. Alas, this guy schemed way too much. It was clear that he would never be satisfied with just one Helon Duchy. When he begins trying to seize all the seven grand duchies, Firewind didn’t know if it would be Helen’s good fortune or misfortune to follow him.

“Sister Firewind, I already know what I want. Benedict Sackville can’t give me the things I want, but I think Bryan can. Additionally, I don’t know why but I’ve noticed that I can’t feel any hatred for him. Perhaps, I am just too sentimental. I can hate someone to the bone, but I can also transform this hatred into love after something’s happened. Ai…..” Helen heaved a sigh as her voice became laden with emotion.

As Firewind and Helen pondered within the duke’s home, a ball of light mist slowly drifted over. After passing the courtyard, it rose in spirals, before finally descending down towards Helen’s window.

Right as Helen was about to talk to Firewind, she noticed a light mist gently appearing and slowly rising in spirals. She couldn’t restrain the pleasant surprise in her heart as she rushed to cheerfully say, “He’s here.”

The Firewind Phoenix started, staring blankly. Then she started sensing an evil aura slowly filling the room. This aura of necromancy and demonic magic on Han Shuo’s body was somewhat taboo to Firewind. Thus, seeing the light mist coming, Firewind knitted her brows and retreated a couple of steps back, increasing the distance between her and the gradually materializing Han Shuo.

“You came?” When Helen saw Han Shuo calmly appearing, she suddenly had an impulse to throw herself onto Han Shuo, entering his bosom. But the joy on her face was indeed genuine and sincere.

“Mm, I was delayed for a few days due to some things. But, all is fine. Now that you’ve seized Seagate City, the entire Helen Duchy should be more secure than before, correct?” Han Shuo nodded and smiled. Looking at Helen’s sincere and joyous face, Han Shuo was feeling truly happy in his heart indeed. He was happy that this girl was gradually falling deeper into his snare of love.

Helen had rooted out her political enemies in a short time through a bloody purge, reconsolidating her hold on the Helon Duchy. This sort of decisive move made Han Shuo somewhat admire Helen’s ability. Thinking about how this woman had ascended to the highest point within Helon Duchy, it seemed that she really did have some methods to her name.

Seeing that Firewind was also here, Helen didn’t feel it appropriate to act excessively intimate. So after her initial delight, she immediately got down to business, “Oh right, the thing you mentioned last time; how is it going?”

“My people have arrived within Seagate City. Only, because I had yet to arrive, they never dared to get in touch with you. Mm, they are currently right outside. I believe Helen Duchy is completely within your grasp at the moment, so I ought to be able to secretly conduct some business deals now, right?” Han Shuo laughingly replied.

Seeing that Han Shuo was talking, Helen took advantage of the situation to give Firewind a meaningful glance. As Helen’s face reddened with some shyness, she blushed with shame and said to Firewind, “Sister Firewind, please invite them in.”

Seeing Helen’s face that seemed like it was surging with a longing for love, Firewind sighed in her heart. How would she not know that Helen wanted to send her away so Helen could say some intimate words to Han Shuo!

“Yup, I’ll be right back!” Firewind replied before directly walking, headed outside. In her heart, she couldn’t help but to silently curse Helen for paying more attention to a lover than to a friend.

Right after Firewind left, Helen immediately reddened, retreating a few steps back as she looked at Han Shuo getting closer with every step. She softly said, “Wh-What do you want to do this time?

Helen retreated until she was flat against a wall. Leaning against the wooden wall, she blushingly said in a low voice, “This is the the Duke’s official residence, you had better not act recklessly.”

Both of Han Shuo’s hands suddenly pressed down on the wooden wall on either side of Helen’s shoulders. Looking at Helen overcome with panic, Han Shuo felt an additional feeling of conquest filling him as he beamed straight down at her. “The Helon Duchy is completely in your control. According to the agreement, shouldn’t you be taking the initiative to serve me in bed?”

Helen suddenly grew frantic as she secretly thought how this scoundrel was actually so shameless to brazenly ask for such a reward. However, it made Helen’s heart began pound at an increasingly faster pace as she blushingly pleaded. “Give me some more time, I am still not prepared. Also, I just proved to the people that I’m still pure and innocent. If you immediately take me, someone might see through this.”

Han Shuo began having second thoughts after she said this. That would indeed true. If Helen experienced sex for the first time, an experienced person could immediately see through her. However, Han Shuo was extremely confident in his abilities. He believed he would definitely be able to alter the impression Helen gave to others to the point where it could mask the clues.

“Fine then. I will once again give you some more time.” Han Shuo’s sudden response came after a moment of thinking. Just enough time for Helen’s nervousness to reach its peak. Right as she relaxed, Han Shuo suddenly laughed mischievously, “However, shouldn’t I receive some interest first?”

As soon as those words hit her, Helen’s heart that had just been pacified suddenly began to race. Bashfully and secretly raising her head to shoot a glance at Han Shuo, she noticed that a burning passion had started to smolder in Han Shuo’s eyes. She then hastily lowered her head, softly saying, “Wh-What do you actually want to do?”

“A kiss!” Han Shuo laughed.

This guy is indeed still the same, a pervert. Helen sighed surreptitiously. However, she wasn’t actually mad, only somewhat bashful. That’s all. Helen hesitated for a moment, thinking since he’d agreed to not do that thing, it only seemed fair to give him a little benefit. Then, her thoughts suddenly became disorderly. She secretly thought in her heart, I will be his sooner or later anyways, so why does it matter…

When her thoughts reached this point, Helen closed her eyes, raised her head and blushingly waited for the incoming kiss. However, after waiting for a while, Helen didn’t hear the slightest noise. She opened her eyes, her gaze doubtful as she looked at Han Shuo, who was gazing back at her with a face full of smiles.

Pointing at his own lips, Han Shuo said, “I want you to take action and kiss me!”

Th-this bastard. He is so shameless. He actually wants me to personally kiss him! Helen’s maiden heart started to thump wildly. Even her neck flushed red. The blush started spreading down the rest of her body. She had no idea what to do and bashfully blushed with shame.

“Hurry up, otherwise Firewind and the rest of them will soon be here. If you don’t kiss me before they enter, then I’ll just have to kiss you right in front of them.” Han Shuo looked down at Helen as he teased her.

Helen felt frantic after hearing those words. Picturing what Han Shuo said, Helen became even more afraid within. She sighed inwardly as she closed her eyes, stood on her tiptoes and lightly reached towards Han Shuo’s big lips with her charming face. Their lips touched, and they kissed.

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