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Chapter 358: You’re all done for!

Ferrodias and his companions had originally ignored Han Shuo’s existence. In their eyes, such a youngling was not worth fearing whatsoever and therefore unworthy of any attention. However, only when Han Shuo spoke up, did Ferrodias finally deign to take notice of him.

“Who are you?” Ferrodias knitted his brows and looked at Han Shuo with displeasure before saying, “Well, regardless of who you are, since you’re here, let’s just say, you’re out of luck!”

With a wave of his hand, Ferrodias signaled a knight beside him, “Kill him!”

From behind Ferrodias’ back, a knight suddenly rushed out, charging straight at Han Shuo, who was still standing beside the hot spring.

Helen and the phoenix were imprisoned within a magical skill, and were subject to a barrage by a dozen or more archers. In addition, the three former members of Helen Tina’s personal guard also aimed their weapons at the two individuals within the barrier. As a super rank magical creature, the phoenix would be able to make trouble even without using magic attacks.

But Helen’s fragile body was only barely able to stand up against so many attacks. The phoenix didn’t dare truly exert herself under these circumstances. That momentary hesitation was a fatal mistake, as a magic arrow punched through the phoenix’s body. The phoenix fell with a gasp, weak and without a trace of power. As the phoenix felt her powers gradually fade, she looked at the calm face of Han Shuo before pulling on the edge of Helen Tina’s dress, saying, “This is bad, the arrow tips are poisoned!”

Helen Tina was originally filled with despair. But when she heard the sound of Han Shuo’s voice, hope reignited within her breast. As her thoughts took a rapid turn, she cutely yelled at Han Shuo, “Bryan, help me kill them!”

Han Shuo was only momentarily stunned by the unfamiliar sound of Helen Tina’s cute, coquettish voice that was usually reserved for loved ones. He took a quick glance at Helen Tina before a smile tugged at his lips. He teased back, “Dearest one, rest assured, you still owe me so many gold coins, how would I willingly let others capture you?”

Being spoken to like this, Helen Tina couldn’t help but blush while secretly sighing in her heart. She would never have thought that, to survive, she would actually have to yield to this demon. But in actuality, when Han Shuo teased her with the words “Dearest one”, it left a faint ripple within her heart. Although Helen Tina knew that Han Shuo was only teasing her, without knowing why, her heart still had a somewhat unusual feeling. Furthermore, her blushing cheeks apparently weren’t just a pretense, causing her to feel extremely awkward and clueless on how to reply.

As for that senior knight charging over on a warhorse, Han Shuo never took a glance at him from beginning to end. Only when he arrived right in front of him did Han Shuo casually release a long snake-like purple flame, which violently spread through the high-ranking knight and his warhorse.

All everyone saw was the senior knight rushing at Han Shuo with his warhorse before suddenly igniting in purple flames. As the knight and warhorse braved a freezing cold chill, they gradually slowed to a stop before freezing at a speed clearly visible to the naked eye.

Han Shuo controlled the flame so that the senior knight and warhorse were within a hand’s reach before freezing them both into a sparkling ice sculpture. Afterwards, Han Shuo casually used one hand to tip the man-and-horse ice sculpture over, causing their frozen flesh to fall and shatter with a loud bang.

Seeing his high-ranking subordinate senior knight tragically die in such a strange way, Ferrodias took another glance at Han Shuo. His gaze had now changed into a dignified and solemn look, continuing in an imposing manner, “Who on earth are you? The things that are happening in the Helon Dukedom is unrelated to you, so as long as you leave, I will not investigate this further.”

Ferrodias had become apprehensive after Han Shuo had displayed his prowess. From start to end, Han Shuo seemed as if he barely used any of his strength. Although it seemed as if he was taking a leisurely walk around his own courtyard, he had still killed one of Ferrodias’ senior knights in such a tragic manner. Thus, Ferrodias immediately felt that Han Shuo was somewhat enigmatic.

“Did you not have your eyes and ears open? You didn’t hear the words I just said? Your Grand Duchess Helen is my woman, so take a guess, am I going to leave just like that?” Han Shuo lectured Ferrodias with displeasure, staring at Helen Tina as he spoke. He obviously didn’t think much of Ferrodias.

“Humph, since you’re looking for death, then you can’t blame us!” Ferrodias understood that Han Shuo was determined to intervene. So, after a cold snort, he gave a command to the people behind him. The mages slowly scattered in preparation for a joint attack.

Being stared at by Han Shuo, Helen Tina felt humiliated in her heart. She knew that he was only joking with her when he said that she was his woman. However, Helen Tina couldn’t help but to feel an indescribably strange feeling rise in her heart.

Suddenly a thought rose in her mind. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be so bad to become his woman. But she immediately suppressed the thought right afterwards. Impossible! He’s the reason why she had become a laughing stock, so she should be trying to kill him at all costs. How could she have such an absurd thought instead!

Han Shuo gently walked over to Helen Tina, gazing into her eyes as he said in an increasingly tender voice, “How could I possibly let you stay trapped? Furthermore, you owe me far more than just fifty thousand gold coins. Isn’t that so, Helen?

“You! Don’t come closer. If you dare come closer, we will kill her!” The middle aged female imperial guard suddenly held a dagger to Helen Tina and shrieked in panic upon seeing Han Shuo approaching.

Shooting a glance at the middle aged woman, Han Shuo sighed in sorrow before saying, “She is worth fifty thousand gold coins, do you dare kill her? Besides, you never had a chance to kill her!”

The moment the words fell, the earth suddenly trembled as several sharp spikes suddenly protruded from the ground, stabbing into the middle aged woman, the rest of the guards, and the nearby traitors. They were all left suspended on the protruding spikes just like that.

Ferrodias’ face changed greatly, as did the look in his eyes when he looked at Han Shuo. He scanned the ground beneath his feet with lingering fear. He feared a spike would suddenly burst out of the ground, impaling him to death. There had been a clear lack of Han Shuo chanting any magical incantations before the spike suddenly killed several of his subordinates. Ferrodias grew more and more stunned at this young man’s prowess.

Helen Tina and the phoenix were naturally safe and sound within the enormous magical net. They watched Han Shuo approach leisurely, and then listened to him say with a smile, “How about that? Even though I helped you deal with these people, I won’t add any additional payments. Instead, you just have to return the gold coins you already owe me. This is quite generous of me, right?

Helen Tina looked at Han Shuo’s tender face in a daze while listening to his gentle and soft voice. She suddenly had a weird delusion. This version of Han Shuo was just like Benedict Sackville when he unrelentingly chased after her in a modest and urbane manner. That sort of tender, modest behavior made her feel like a goddess and made her fall into a trance.

“Helen, what’s wrong?” The phoenix beside her pulled on Helen Tina, who was looking at Han Shuo in a daze, and asked her anxiously.

Helen Tina suddenly stirred and noticed several of Ferrodias’ mages approaching them with incantations. As they drew close, Helen couldn’t help but snort, “If you don’t kill them, they would still kill you. I’m not interested in such deals.”

Han Shuo was stunned the moment those words came out. Soon after, he opened his hands to the approaching Ferrodias and said, “Alright, this is not my business, you guys can continue. I’ll just take my leave first. Truthfully, I am not too familiar with Grand Duke Helen, I was just making a joke with you guys, that’s all!”

Ferrodias had been about to start killing when he was suddenly stopped in his tracks by Han Shuo’s words. He hastily stopped his mages from finishing their incantations and said to Han Shuo, “Fine, I also don’t want to be enemies with you. As long as you don’t get involved in this matter, I will act as if this never happened.”

“Sure. You guys continue. Bye now!” Han Shuo laughed lightly. It seemed like he truly intended to leave.

“You demon, I promise you. I already promised you, you thrice-damned demon, don’t leave!” Helen Tina let out a panicked shriek as she hastily shouted at him.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? Don’t waste my time!” Han Shuo stopped, then raised his hand again and said to Ferrodias, “My bad. You’re screwed now!”

“Motherf*cker. You tricked me. Get rid of him!” Ferrodias had originally decided against provoking Han Shuo after seeing a demonstration of his powers. But who knew Han Shuo would retract his words and use him as the butt of a joke? Suddenly, Ferrodias felt an uncontrollable anger rise in him as he shouted his orders.

Some of the mages had long since harbored a dislike of Han Shuo, they immediately restarted their incantations the moment they heard Ferrodias’ urgent command.

“So what if I tricked you? All you are is trash. You are only fit to be played with!” Han Shuo said this with all smiles as he calmly took out the skeletal staff and chanted out a magical spell of some length.

Rows of undead creatures suddenly appeared around Ferrodias as Han Shuo chanted. More than a hundred of them appeared in the blink of an eye, while a squadron of gargoyles whizzed towards the still chanting mages. Frightened, they could only stop their incantations and frantically take cover.

“You! You! Just who on earth are you?!” When several hundred undeads surrounded Ferrodias, three of which were powerful evil knights, Ferrodias could finally no longer contain the fear within his heart and cry out in alarm.

Shrugging his shoulders, Han Shou said, “You’re about to die, why bother with so many questions?”

“Bryan. Bryan. You’re Bryan, the newly appointed city lord of Brettel City” One of the mages suddenly cried out in alarm. He had obviously heard the way Helen Tina addressed Han Shuo and had connected the dots, shouting out in alarm.

“Yep, perhaps you guys can die content now!” Han Shuo replied with a smirk. He waved his hand with the bone staff and caused an enormous undead creature to wink into existence, drowning the people beneath it.

Among these people, the most powerful was still earth knight Ferrodias. Han Shuo completely ignored the little mages. Their ending was easy to imagine after the enormous undead creature slammed into them.

Indeed. Even when the mages only had the gargoyles to worry about, they were still caught in a bad situation. Now, with hundreds of undeads, their little spells’ destructive power was fundamentally useless. On the other hand, although Ferrodias’ power was sufficient, just one evil knight alone was capable of preventing him from obtaining victory. Now, with three evil knights surrounding him, he was guaranteed to die tragically.

A miserable and mournful howl echoed from Ferrodias and his people. After the legion of undead attacked, the group of people who had been prancing around arrogantly just a moment ago, were torn into pieces. The terrifying screams could make one’s hair stand on end.

But when Helen Tina’s traitors screamed in a manner that could cause shudders up and down one’s back, she actually had a kind of delightful, carefree feeling. This was because she felt like she had always treated them fairly and could never have imagined that these people would actually one day betray her. Thankfully, Han Shuo was in the vicinity, otherwise, Helen Tina would probably have been captured and fated to be Benedict Sackville’s slave

Helen Tina might have reluctantly accepted things if it’d been a rebellion from ordinary folk, but when those who she treated with sincerity betrayed her, it truly became hard to extinguish such intense hatred for them. After hearing the petrified screams, Helen Tina gnashed her teeth and shouted, “Serves you right. As traitors, this is what you deserve!”

“Pfft. I say, Miss Helen, they’re already screwed, shouldn’t you return the gold coins you owe me already?” Han Shuo laughingly walked in front of Helen Tina and gallantly helped Helen Tina remove the magical imprisoning net before prompting her to pay back the debt. He also smoothly stored the net into his space ring.

“You, are you finished yet?” Helen Tina looked at Han Shuo’s smiling face and suddenly felt a belly full of anger. In the end, she couldn’t help but to shout at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo said astoundedly, “What! Are you actually looking to renege on the debt. Hehe. You should know that although they’re all dead, I can still very easily get rid of you. Even worse, I can directly bring you to Benedict Sackville and exchange you for fifty thousand gold coins.”

“You dare!” Helen Tina hatefully stared at Han Shuo with wide eyes. After staying silent for a moment, she took a deep breath, as if fortifying herself and said, “Bryan, I have a proposal.”

“What kind of proposal; let me hear it” Han Shuo asked.

“A marriage between us. The dowry is Helon Dukedom, what do you think?” Although Helen Tina was blushing and ashamed, her eyes were resolute as she looked deeply at Han Shuo.

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