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Chapter 321: Dragonlance and Dragon Net

The golden dragon who lived deep within the Dark Forest was a super rank magical creature that had managed to evolve three times. Han Shuo had clearly understood his strength the last time they met. Hailed as the dragons with the strongest physical bodies, this rank three golden dragon’s aura was as unshakeable as a mountain. As it moved its colossal body, rays of lightning struck out at the green dragon and Celt.

The commander of the Redbud Knights, Celt, showed a hint of surprise atop the back of the green dragon when he saw the golden dragon fiercely rush over.

As the bolts of lightning drew near, the green dragon beneath him raised its head and huffed, redirecting the scorching lightning to one side, not actually taking any sort of damage.

While the golden dragons were hailed as the dragons with the strongest bodies, their magical prowess were far from their physical ability. Even the thunder attacks shot out by this thrice evolved golden dragon was merely equivalent to the attack of a thunder adept mage.

It wasn’t hard for the green dragon, also a super rank magical creature, to defend against this level of an attack. A mere snort was able to stop the bouncing thunder attack. The green dragon had a large physique and was a twice evolved super rank magical creature. In contrast to the golden dragon, the green dragon specialized more in magic. Although it didn’t have a dragon body that was comparable to the golden dragon, its magic was able to supplement some of its physical disadvantages

Celt slowly unlashed a thin, silver dragon lance from the back of the green dragon. He smiled and pointed at the golden dragon from afar, “Honored golden dragon, I have already taken your treasures. If you want to take them back, then you’ll have to see if you have the ability to.”

“Pitiful human, you have offended me! I will make you regret having those greedy thoughts!” The golden dragon was closing in on them and roared loudly, directly pressing down its huge body on Celt.

The golden dragon clearly recognized that with the existence of the green dragon, he couldn’t think about killing Celt with only magic attacks. Thus, he decided to use the golden dragons’ powerful body to teach them a painful lesson.

“Hehe, foolish golden dragon, you are just asking to suffer!” Celt raised his dragonlance with a laugh as silver fighting aura condensed at the tip of the lance. Then, Celt charged towards the golden dragon using the momentum of the green dragon.

Halfway through, Celt suddenly put down the dragonlance and flung something into the sky. All of a sudden, a black dragon net of sharp blades suddenly came down over the golden dragon.

The golden dragon who’d charged over had his attention completely focused on the dragonlance in Celt’s hands. He didn’t think that Celt would suddenly throw out a dragon net. Unprepared, he was immediately firmly entangled. Sharp little blades hung all over the black dragon net and quickly tightened the moment the golden dragon was caught. The more the golden dragon moved, the tighter the black dragon net became. Meanwhile, little blades stabbed merrily into the muscles of the golden dragon in between the golden dragon’s scales with ringing sounds.

Suddenly, a powerful magic pulse passed through the black dragon net and rays of silver light exploded from the black strings. This proved to be of marvelous effect against the dragon shapeshifting in order to escape. The moment the golden dragon was hit by the magic pulses, he immediately felt that his entire body grow numb, rendering him incapable of using his natural talents to shift forms.

“I already told you not to make things hard on yourself. This dragon net was refined for me by three alchemists. Don’t think about escaping from it, even if you are a golden dragon!” Celt slowly approached the golden dragon with a serene smile. He aimed the dragonlance in his hand at the large eye of the golden dragon within the black net.

Although the golden dragon had a powerful physical body, their eyes were as fragile as any others. The golden dragon roared tragically, “Despicable human, fight me fair and square if you have guts to!”

“Hehe, us humans rely on our brain,” Celt said with a smile. He sized up the golden dragon with interest and teased in a manner as if he was talking to himself. “Hmm, the entire body of a rank three golden dragon is a treasure. How should I deal with you? Should I kill you and take your dragon tendons, bones, eyes, and core? Or should I make you one of my magical pets? Hehe. I already have a green dragon, this is really troubling!”

“Despicable human, if you cannot defeat me justly, then even if you kill me, the proud golden dragon will not bow in defeat!” Even at this moment, the golden dragon still roared fiercely, fearless in the face of death.

Celt had been smiling but his expression immediately turned cold upon hearing this. He waved the dragonlance in his hand in front of the dragon’s eye, an eye as large as a fist, and said, “I don’t have too much patience, and don’t want trouble. I’ll give you a final chance, form a slave contract with me immediately. Otherwise, die.”

“I will not form a contract with a human as despicable and sinister as you. Just give up!” The golden dragon struggled fiercely in the giant black net, causing the small blades hanging off the threads to cut deeply into his flesh through the gaps between his scales, resulting in a small drizzle of blood.

Han Shuo had already seen that the golden dragon was very powerful last time in the territory of the Lord of the Flames. However, the black dragon net was something created by three alchemists specifically to use against dragons. Something that had been brought out by the commander of one of the ten largest knight troops on the continent was naturally not going to be something ordinary. Even through the golden dragon struggled with his life on the line, it wasn’t enough to improve his situation and merely worsened the wounds on his body.

“Alright, then die!” Celt yelled softly, then thrusted the dragonlance into the gap between the golden dragon’s scales.

Since the golden dragon continuously moved its body, the black dragon net tightened around him even more, worsening his injuries. Even so, Celt was unable to easily pierce his eyes. That’s why, he chose to attack the dragon’s body instead, and stabbed into the golden dragon’s body over and over again.

No matter how strong the golden dragon’s physical body was, it was unable to endue attacks like this without the ability to fight back. A spray of blood decorated the air as howls of pain rang out.

“Despicable and cowardly human, you will definitely pay the price!” The golden dragon continued to curse even as he howled in pain.

“I can’t see how you’re going to make me pay the price. Pitiful lizard, your long life has finally reached its end today!” Celt chuckled softly without stopping the dragonlance in his hand. After pulling it out of the dragon’s body with a spurt of blood, he stabbed down once more. As he watched the bloodied golden dragon, his eyes were filled with an excitement that he found difficult to hide. He subconsciously licked his lips, as if he was enjoying this sort of moment very much.

Suddenly, a black light pierced through the sky and slipped into the black dragon net agilely like a fish. The huge dragon net was slowly ripped to shreds as the shadowy light sped back and forth with a whoosh.

“Who is it, actually daring to stick your nose in my business!?” Celt frowned. The excitement disappeared from his body like the vanishing tide as he snorted coldly while glancing around with sparkling eyes.


Under the help of the black ray of light, the black dragon net was ripped apart, no longer able to entrap the golden dragon. With a earthshaking, furious roar, the golden dragon lunged towards the green dragon, bits of ripped dragon netting hanging off of him. The golden dragon used his sharp claws and fangs to rip and bite at the green dragon as well as Celt without any fear of death.

Since he needed to be close in order to use the dragonlance to pierce the golden dragon, Celt was actually very close to the golden dragon. The freed golden dragon was immediately entangled with the green dragon. His immensely wounded body actually provoked the golden dragon’s savageness. The golden dragon howled desolately during its maniacal attacks.

Celt was the enemy that the golden dragon nursed a bone deep hatred against. Unfortunately, Celt was also extremely agile. He kept changing positions on the green dragon’s large body so the golden dragon’s swipes with his claws were unable to find their mark at all. He merely caused the green dragon to continuously scream out in pain.

Han Shuo had been hiding at the top of an ancient tree. He gazed at the intense battle of dragons above with a cold gaze. Surging dragon auras caused unending, rumbling explosions to sound in the surrounding ancient trees and hills. A ray of black light circled around the golden dragon before swiftly entering Han Shuo’s body.

The yin demon slowly drifted out again and focused on another ambusher – the giant silver ape that had appeared at the territory of the Ruler of the Flames.

The giant silver ape had appeared when the golden dragon had been trapped by the dragon net. The four meter tall giant silver ape was incomparable in size to the enormous dragons in the sky. As it lay in the bushes, it hid its presence most excellently. At this moment, the giant silver ape was drooling greedily as it fixed its blood red eyes on the battle in the skies, as if preparing to join in at any moment.

Super rank magical creatures were able to consume each other’s bodies in order to digest the other’s magical core to strengthen the devourer directly or even evolve. Super rank magical creatures of the same level normally wouldn’t fight to the death, but if they had the chance to kill each other, these savage magical creatures definitely would not hesitate.

To the giant silver ape, the two dragons in an intense battle in the sky represented a potential chance for it to quickly evolve, particularly since both of the dragons that were fighting to the death were a bit crazed. He knew that sooner or later, one of them would be unable to withstand the assault from the other anymore and fall from the sky. That was when his chance would arrive.

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