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Chapter 317: Complete Annihilation

“What-What is that?!” Fire grand magus Marceau exclaimed as the sudden appearance of the fire elite zombie startled her.

After the big-headed fire elite zombie swallowed the flames, he grinned at Marceau, opened his mouth and spat them all back out. The fire snakes were now no longer under Marceau’s control, and actually twisted their way back over to attack the adventurers.

The low level undead creatures in the surroundings all instinctively retreated in the face of the intense heat. His deep red armor shone a deep crimson light as jumping flames in the shape of lotus flower petals seem to dance joyously on the fire elite zombie’s frame. When skeletal warriors were hit by even a little spark, they were immediately destroyed and turned into dust.

The fire snakes that the fire elite zombie spat out was even more powerful. Not only did it force the adventurers to continuously duck and weave, even the undead creatures needed to retreat. The evil knights and hatred knights especially sensed a threat, causing them to beat a hasty retreat to avoid being incinerated by the flames.

“Idiot, you can’t even tell our people apart from enemies!” Han Shuo scolded quietly, then gave another order to the earth elite zombie and wood elite zombie.

The earth trembled and rumbled beneath three swordsmen, as sharp earthen spikes shot out again. The large trees danced crazily in the distance, while their branches became life-reaping arrows that shot towards the team of adventurers.

The fire elite zombie charged towards the three swordsmen like an enormous fire brand, creating waves of intense flames to spill out in front of him. The swordsmen’s bodies quickly started burning when even a spark landed on their bodies.  

The evil knight held a large bone spike in its hand and flung it towards the sky. The priest and mages were busy with dealing with the attacks from the branches and thus were unable to avoid the path of the evil knight’s huge bone spike. Han Shuo also released the Demonslayer Edge as arrows filled the sky.

Pitiful howls suddenly echoed through the sky, and were just as abruptly cut off. The lives of all of the adventurers, except Marceau’s, had been ended in a few breaths.

Marceau glared at Han Shuo with hatred as she panted. When she noticed that all of her companions had died, she took out a magic scroll and started to chant a long spell.

Powerful magical pulses emanated from the scroll. The space in front of Marceau started to distort until a long and sharp blade formed in the sky. The terrifying spatial movement gathered up a dense of magical element, causing rays of blinding light to shoot everywhere.

“Not good, this is Spatial Edge!” A thought flashed across Han Shuo’s mind, causing him to suddenly remember the terrifying and forbidden spatial spell “Spatial Edge”. He was astounded, and immediately chanted out spells to send the undead creatures back to the other dimension as he tried to escape the area of effect of the spell.

“Spatial Edge” was classified as a forbidden spell within the study of spatial magic. Legend said that it could cut through anything, no matter how durable. Han Shuo never would have thought that Marceau would own a valuable scroll of such a forbidden spell. The moment he felt a long giant blade twist out of space, he immediately retreated at all costs.

A flash of white light around twenty meters long chopped down from the sky. Whether it was massive boulders or the black armor of the evil knights that were comparable to metallic ore, they were all neatly cut into two like a piece of tofu. Even towering trees over ten meters tall were cleanly sliced in twain after the white light blazed past. The ground was torn open, leaving behind a bottomless abyss.  

Almost a hundred undead creatures were bisected by the light, and completely shattered wherever the light passed over them.

Marceau still held the magic scroll in her hands, continuing to chant the long incantation. Three more rays of white light, each more than ten meters long were released using the extremely valuable forbidden scroll. More undead creatures were destroyed wherever the white light passed through.  

Out of them, one of the flashes of white light instantly sliced towards Han Shuo, locking onto him from afar. This spatial edge was as fast as lightning, and was on top of Han Shuo in an instant. Marceau was determined to eliminate Han Shuo, so she focused all her attention onto that spatial edge. Due to this, this spatial edge was not only fast, but also highly accurate, as if it wasn’t going to give Han Shuo a chance to escape.

Using the speed of the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heaven, Han Shuo retreated towards the dense forest behind. During so, he continuously changed directions in an attempt to avoid the spatial edge. However, this spatial edge was actually following him like a shadow under Marceau’s commands, and chased Han Shuo no matter how deftly he moved. It seemed like she wouldn’t stop if she didn’t slice Han Shuo apart.

Han Shuo swore silently in his heart, then headed into a swamp. He flew back out, covered in mud. His form flickered as he sped further into the depths of the fores.


The spatial edge sliced downwards, slicing the muddy Han Shuo in half, then entered deeper into the ground without any visible decrease in power. It once again create an enormous, bottomless trench.

“Mhmm, he finally died!” Marceau let out a sigh as she panted heavily, then looked at the magic scroll that had expended all of its magic. She murmured, heartbroken, “Ai, he truly is someone hard to deal with, making me waste such a valuable magic scroll!”

Just as Marceau moved her attention to the magic scroll in her hands, a figure covered in mud in the deep trench of sludge and water, moved.

A cold light suddenly flashed past and pierced through Marceau’s body. The sudden pain caused Marceau to be a bit confused, but she then saw a figure covered in mud move in front of her. Mud shuddered off him as he shook, revealing Han Shuo.

“I wasted another yin demon. This spatial edge is so powerful. It even ripped apart the invisible and formless yin demon!” Han Shuo was also heartbroken at the loss, halting in front of Marceau’s body. He looted her and the adventurers of all of their equipment and rings, placing them in his own space ring.

When he arrived in front of Marceau, Han Shuo put away her staff and took away her space ring without hesitation. The fact that Marceau had a forbidden magic scroll meant that she must have been a filthy rich person. A fire grand magus could easily gain prestige and wealth, along with a noble rank in any country. Marceau was naturally not an exception in the Brut Merchant Alliance.

The entire ground was filled with shattered bones and flesh. A large majority of the undead creatures that Han Shuo summoned had been sliced apart by the spatial edges. On the other hand, the fire, earth, and wood elite zombie had been the first sent to the other dimension, protecting them all from the spatial edge’s attacks.

The undead creatures knew no fear. Those that were still alive stood there, awaiting Han Shuo’s next order. Han Shuo gazed at the scene beneath him as he held Marceau’s space ting. He then took out his skeletal staff to send the undead creatures back to the other dimension.

After doing all that, Han Shuo raised his head and gazed around. He discovered that thanks to the forbidden spell spatial edge, there were enormous trenches in a radius of one thousand and five hundred meters. Towering trees and boulders had all been hacked to pieces. It really was a complete mess.

It was unknown whether it was due to the lack of Marceau’s mental power or the lack of stored magic within the magic scroll that the spatial edge spell had only released thirty percent of its true power. If its complete power had been released, there would have been at least more than twenty flashes of light, and possibly even more depending on the caster’s mental strength.

If it was cast by a powerful sacred space magus, pretty much all of the living creatures and plants in a small city would be torn to shreds by the spell, as it had a terrifyingly wide area of effect.

As Han Shuo held the space ring that Marceau left behind after her death, he wondered about the method of opening it as he flew casually towards the Cemetery of Death.

During this process, Han Shuo used his remaining yin demon to find a team of roughly five thousand stationed outside the Dark Forest. Han Shuo examined this team of five thousand and realized that they were actually a proper troop of knights that had come from the Brut Merchant Alliance. Some of the tents were blocked by magical boundaries, faintly radiating a powerful aura.

Han Shuo frowned slightly. After surveying them for a while, he thought of Marceau and those adventurers that died by his hand, and had an inkling that they were with these people.

Marceau was someone of the Brut Merchant Alliance. The three swordsman within the adventures had the same sword and shield pattern on their left shoulder as these resting knights. They must have come from this troop.

The Brut Merchant Alliance was still a distance from the Dark Forest. After passing through the Dark Forest, they would arrive directly at Zajoski City in the southwest of Lancelot Empire. The knights had good equipment, fine warhorses, and some even more powerful experts. Why they appeared in the Dark Forest was still unclear.

After looking around for a bit, Han Shuo was silently shocked by this troop’s strength. Upon closer examination, their power seemed to be even more powerful than when he first examined them. The magical pulses from the central tent were intense, with some strange sounds ringing out faintly from it. After Han Shuo released his consciousness, he kept feeling that there was something amiss inside. After thinking about it, he decided to have a look at what these people were planning to do.

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