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Chapter 315: Imprint

The fire lotus rotated as it sprouted, accompanied by bright red, scathing bubbles. When the rhizomes emerged from the magma. The petals quickly unfolded, revealing the fire elite zombie at the center.

The fire elite zombie had a big head and ruddy skin that was the color of blood. Everything below its waist was still wrapped in the flower. The armor on its body seemed to have been formed from deep red flowers, covering its entire body except for its face.

The exposed body of the fire elite zombie twisted quickly within the flower. The petals on its waist slowly peeled backwards. The pretty, dazzling, red petals of the fire lotus contracted, condensing into an armor on the lower body and legs of the fire elite zombie.

The enormous amount of fire element force in the surroundings gathered agitatedly towards the fire elite zombie during this process after the crazy explosion around the formation. The fire element force condensed into fire stars that filled the sky and flowed towards the fire elite zombie like a flaming Milky Way.

The blazing temperature emitted from the fire elite zombie’s body and slowly formed a lotus pattern in the spot between its eyebrows. The pattern was blurred at first, gradually becoming clearer and clearer. Ultimately, it shrank into a small fire lotus that was a hundred times smaller than the one that had nurtured it and engraved itself on the fire elite zombie’s glabella.

The huge fire lotus, that enveloped the fire elite zombie, slowly shrank and disappeared. When the lotus imprint on his glabella appeared, the fire lotus beneath its feet had also vanished without a trace.

The body of the fire elite zombie was thoroughly red. When its deep red eyes turned to look at Han Shuo’s body, its big head shook slightly. It opened his mouth wide to take in a deep breath.

The flames were still surging around Han Shuo’s body and frantically eroding his shield. As the fire elite zombie inhaled deeply, beams of red light flew into his mouth, entering his belly through his throat.

The surging flames vanished, but the ice block wrapped around Han Shuo was still standing strong. When he saw the fire elite zombie emerge, Han Shuo stopped circulating his magical yuan and slowly walked towards the crack.

The Lord of the Flames, who’d been constantly howling, immediately stopped his ruckus upon seeing the fire elite zombie appear from within the lotus. It focused all of his attention on the latter.

When the lotus imprint formed between its eyebrows, the fire elite zombie directed its gaze at the Lord of the Flames, as if exchanging some conversation with him. The furious Lord of the Flames gradually calmed down.

As Han Shuo slowly floated up towards the crack, he felt a deep maternal love permeating throughout the extreme place of fire. The Lord of the Flames had completely relaxed. Its huge palm lifted the fire elite zombie up as they used a mysterious method to communicate.

Since the fire elite zombie had emerged, Han Shuo knew that the former would find him through the connection established by his blood essence due to the constraints of the demonic magic. Not to mention that the little skeleton had been the one to bring the fire elite zombie over from the other dimension. Even though the fire elite zombie possessed consciousness and high intelligence after being refined by the demonic method, the soul brand in the depths of his soul hadn’t changed much. Han Shuo wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t be able to recognize his master.

Han Shuo departed easily as the Lord of the Flames had stopped trying to kill him. Shooting back up to the surface, he didn’t encounter any obstacles before finally arriving at the center of the mountain valley.

When he returned to the mountain valley, Han Shuo immediately ordered the fire elite zombie to collect various strange ores from the extreme place of fire. Then, he stayed in the mountain valley to wait for the fire elite zombie’s task to be completed.

The fire elite zombie and the Lord of the Flames had spent several months together in the extreme place of fire for months. During this time, the latter had considered the fire elite zombie to be his own child. Since both of them had absorbed the fire element force in the surroundings, they naturally had the same presence that made them feel even more intimate towards each other. Therefore, Han Shuo understood that these two, originally different beings, had certainly developed deep feelings towards each other.

When the fire elite zombie left the fire lotus, it meant that he’d no longer continue to stay in the extreme place of fire. Since he had to leave, the two different beings would obviously have to part ways, so Han Shuo didn’t disturb them.

As Han Shuo was comfortably lying around and enjoying a hot spring in the mountain valley, a string of raging flames appeared from an unknown position and instantly drowned Han Shuo in heat. The hot spring boiled and bubbled. Han Shuo immediately jumped out, hot mist emitting from his body.

“Who dares?!” Han Shuo leapt into the air and let out a loud shout. He released purple spellfire from his two hands and extinguished all the flames on his body, then coldly observed his surroundings.

The two yin demons drifted around the mountain valley after being released, paying attention to every change. Han Shuo also sent out his consciousness to survey the area. He harbored a strong killing intent towards the ambushers.

Seven or eight red magic bullets shot towards Han Shuo from the fiery red cliffs around the outskirts of the mountain valley. He wasn’t an easy target now that his guard was up. A purple light quickly and cleanly knocked the magic bullets out of the air.

As soon as the magic bullets were flung back, fireballs, fire walls, and fire snakes continuously appeared from all directions and hurtled towards Han Shuo. The two yin demons couldn’t find any traces of the attackers after searching for a short time period. Only when Han Shuo destroyed two fire snakes did his consciousness felt a faint magic fluctuation. The two yin demons immediately drew close to see a fiery globe high on a rock wall.

That fiery globe was a magic shield cast by fire mages. A blurry shadow inside was waving a magic staff to fire out attack after attack. The incantations were blocked out since the mage was within the cover of magic, so Han Shuo couldn’t hear any sounds.

“Humph! No need to hide, fire grand magus Marceau!” Han Shuo snorted derisively and quickly drifted over, a series of popping and banging sounds ringing on his way there. He deflected all of the fire magic attacks fired at him.

The original still fire shield suddenly shot into the sky, the blurry shadow slowly becoming clearer amidst the random sparks. It was indeed fire grand magus Marceau of the Brut Merchant Alliance who’d appeared last time at the battle in the mountain valley. Han Shuo and her had been allies. However, they had parted ways on not so pleasant terms after the unhappy predicament in the place of extreme fire.

It was unexpected that Marceau was still probing the place of extreme fire and had run into Han Shuo by coincidence. Marceau had been inwardly suspicious of Han Shuo about the sudden disappearance of the fire lotus. Now that she saw Han Shuo appear here again, she was certain in her heart that he’d tricked her last time.

Moreover, she had already harbored resentment towards Han Shuo in her heart, but couldn’t make a move as her mental strength had been exhausted. Meeting him here this time, in addition to the temptation of the fire attribute treasure, had given her the courage to take a risk and attack Han Shuo.

Seeing that she’d been identified and that Han Shuo could calmly deal with her various fire magic attacks, Marceau immediately realized that Han Shuo’s strength had made terrifying progress. Therefore, she needed to leave as quickly as possible.

“Heh heh. Running so soon? Where do you think you’re going?” Han Shuo coldly mocked as he rapidly shot towards Marceau. The Demonslayer Edge had appeared in his hand at an unknown time.

The scenery of the mountain valley quickly fell behind in their speed. Marceau still had the spare power to release fire walls to obstruct Han Shuo as she ran. However, the latter just simply ignored the blockades and rampaged forward. Han Shuo’s body became charred in large patches as he did so, the burned skin scattering with the wind, and new skin appeared underneath, still as clean and glossy as before.

Even though his eyebrows had been burned to a crisp, they regrew after just a moment. Han Shuo had gone from looking extremely bedraggled to restoring his carefree and dashing manner during the pursuit.

Not far behind Han Shuo, a fiery red shadow bolted madly like a raging flame. Dried plants immediately erupted into flames in every place it passed through in the mountain valley. All things that could burn went up in intense flames.

Fire grand magus Marceau used the levitation skill to flee in a hurry, her heart filled with horror. She hadn’t expected Han Shuo’s strength to be so terrifying that her deliberate ambush couldn’t even injure him. Han Shuo’s flight speed was too fast too, as the distance between them became increasingly smaller. Marceau was greatly anxious upon seeing that Han Shuo would catch up with her very soon.

“Ah! If it isn’t grand magus Marceau?” A surprised cry suddenly rang out from the depths of the forest as Marceau was flying by. A beautifully dressed group of adventurers looked up at Marceau inside the fire globe.

The escaping Marceau looked down to see the team of adventurers and heaved a sigh of relief. She landed beside them and hastily said to them, “There’s a killer from an enemy empire chasing me. Everyone get ready for a fight.”

Marceau and this team of adventurers must have been acquaintances. They immediately looked furious upon hearing her words, each readying their weapons and arrows. They aimed directly at Han Shuo in the air, only waiting for him to draw nearer to instantly make a move.

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