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Chapter 314: A strong emergence

The call from the depths of his soul grew five times more urgent once Han Shuo entered the Cemetery of Death. It seemed that the fire elite zombie had also felt his presence because of the shortened distance.

Without delaying for a second, Han Shuo utilized the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens to fly straight to the depths of the Dark Forest. Since he was familiar with the way, it didn’t take long to reach the place of extreme fire.

Han Shuo’s currently strength had far exceeded the time he’d last been here. He immediately felt the enormous presence of the Lord of the Flames once he arrived at the area. The fire elite zombie was currently within its blazing kingdom. Han Shuo would face a headache of a problem if he wanted to enter the place of extreme fire and sneakily lift the magic matrix binding the fire elite zombie.

The elite zombies of five elements could only be formed through the interconnecting matrices through a secret method, using the matrices to gather the elements of heavens and earth in an entire region. However, when an elite zombie took shape, it could only officially emerge when the matrix shackling it was lifted. Otherwise, the fire elite zombie wouldn’t have had to call out to Han Shuo so urgently.

The rocks in this mountain valley had been scarred a brown-red after the great battle last time. There were even some bubbling hot springs in the vast, warm mountain valley now.

Han Shuo stood blankly in the mountain valley, frowning as he thought of a way to enter the place of extreme fire and lift the matrix binding the fire elite zombie. It was simply impossible to advance safely and soundly with the Lord of the Flames in the area.

Therefore, Han Shuo just remained there frowning and thinking, but couldn’t think of a good way. The call from the fire elite zombie was becoming increasingly stronger since he’d felt Han Shuo’s presence. The zombie was anxiously conveying his urgent desire to break free of his restraints.

Han Shuo’s heart was on fire with anxiety as well. He finally decided to take a risk and ventured into the place of extreme fire after some hesitation. Han Shuo slowly dove down into one of the numerous hot springs. The warm water enveloped his body, dispelling all of the exhaustion from his trip. However, the pressure from the Lord of the Flames wasn’t something so easily dissolved.

Han Shuo tapped around with the Demonslayer Edge at the bottom of the spring, trying to find a crack to enter the place of extreme fire. It took some time before Han Shuo finally pried open two huge rocks and found a way in.

A green-black veil shrouded his body as soon as he entered the crack. He slowly made his way down the crack into the place of extreme fire. The deeper he went, the higher the temperature spiked. Firelight danced around him as brilliant as beautiful flame flowers.

Han Shuo had wrapped himself in a protective shield and could clearly observe all of the events around him. The two cliffs on either side were burning red as he passed by them. Some flexible creatures that looked like fire snakes hid themselves in the cracks of the cliff, surrounded by several scorching demons lying dormant. It seemed that they didn’t notice Han Shuo’s existence and let him proceed all the way into the underground.

A scorching demon general within another crack discovered him when he was almost at his destination. The scorching demon general rose and waved his arm once, sending a flame shooting straight at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo raised his hand slightly and sent out a cloud of purple light. The flame shot by the scorching demon general had yet to draw close when it disappeared into faint smoke in mid-air. As the cold breath from the light touched the flame, the two turned into a bright array of flame stars that slowly scattered down onto the place of extreme fire.

The inside of the place of extreme fire was an enormous area of magma. The flame stars which had fallen caused the calmly bubbling lava to boil, as if it’d felt the presence of the scorching demon general. The air bubbles floated up and became as big as a cup, the already blazing temperature getting even hotter.

A huge skull slowly emerged from the middle of the melting hot lava. The more than ten meter long body of the Lord of the Flames was next to arrive, spraying the flames in the place of extreme fire in all directions. He was instantly furious upon sensing the presence of a human.


A terrifying howl pierced the sky, the entire place of extreme fire seemingly trembling in terror. The burning red lava rocks on two sides shuddered as they broke loose. Amidst the falling rocks, the enormous head of the Lord of the Flames scanned its surroundings.

The ear-splitting sounds of the crumbling cliffs rang out, accompanied by the billowing flames that instantly spread throughout the place of extreme fire. Within the flames, Han Shuo’s azure shield became a particularly conspicuous existence. His misery couldn’t be described by words in the face of the anger from this super rank magic creature – the Lord of the Flames. Han Shuo continuously increased his output of magical yuan to firmly protect the area where he was standing.

Han Shuo’s power had indeed soared after reaching the separate demon realm. Otherwise, his shield would have long since shattered from the violent attacks of the flames from all sides.

Han Shuo’s face flushed blood red, his shield crackling and popping. However, he could still resist the surging temperature, albeit with a few drops of sweat slowly dripping from his forehead.

The Lord of the Flames’ body emerged from the middle of the melting hot magma with his terrifying roar, surrounded by raging, churning flames. Some of the flames were more than ten meters in length, like soaring fire dragons. The power of Helen Tina’s “Dance of the Fire Snakes” couldn’t even compare to this awe-inspiring spectacle.

Seeing that his omnidirectional attack wasn’t working, the Lord of the Flames screamed his fury to the sky. Three fire dragons of over ten meters in length drew a twisted path towards Han Shuo. They greedily absorbed the sky high flames along their way, leaving the place of extreme fire almost barren by the time they’d reached Han Shuo.

The length of the three fire dragons had remained unchanged, but their width had quintupled. They’d turned into three enormous dragons, their bodies emitting raging, fiery flames destructive enough to burn the entire mountain valley to ashes.

Han Shuo could keep his cool in the face of the omnidirectional attack from the Lord of the Flames. But when the attacks were concentrated on him, the pressure of the flames seemed to increase ten times over. Han Shuo was constantly communicating with the fire elite zombie deep in the magma while trying to craft a defense with all of his energy.

The Demonslayer Edge had swallowed a great deal of souls. Now that it was filled with a massive reservoir of magical yuan, the weapon instantly releasing a terrifyingly evil air upon being activated. The purple flame of the Mystical Glacial Spellfire had ultimately transformed into Purple Spellfire of Extreme Cold. Purple flowers of spellfire blossomed from the Demonslayer Edge. They floated elegantly around Han Shuo and the blade, as if the two were delicate flower stamens.

Extreme Cold Purple Flame was the culmination of the Mystical Glacial Spellfire. Catalyzed from an enormous amount of magical yuan, it was so terrifyingly cold that it could freeze everything in the world. When the flakes of purple spellfire drifted gracefully out of the blade, the surroundings actually started to snow. Each petal of the snow flowers blended with the purple flames, forming a large block of solid purple ice that tightly enveloped Han Shuo and the Demonslayer Edge.

Han Shuo seemed to have turned into a translucent crystal block of ice. The flames in the place of extreme fire now shone with a brilliant purple-red luster. The beautiful solid block of ice became increasingly larger as Han Shuo poured more magical yuan into it, until it finally covered a width of more than ten meters. Han Shuo continued to circulate magical yuan from within, making even more cold smoke rise from the ice.

The three massive fire dragons had yet to reach the solid block of ice when thick mist blew up from the high temperature coming in contact with the icy cold. The entire place of extreme fire was shrouded quickly in mist. The three fire dragons assaulted the square, ten meters wide solid ice block in accordance with the roar from the Lord of the Flames.

Crack… Rumble…

As the terrifying sounds of battle echoed, radiant purple and red lights constantly flashing in the smoke, a testament to the ferocity of the fire dragons’ assault. Large chunks of ice fell into the place of extreme fire, sending gigantic spouts of lava splashing upwards.The Lord of the Flames growled as it imposed its will over the place of extreme fire, causing more burning lava to spew out towards the center of the smoke.

Han Shuo pushed his magical yuan to the extreme, but was still unable to stop the flames’ encroachment. Under the multi-layered assault, the ten meters wide solid ice block melted rapidly, and was reduced to a quarter of its size after just a moment.

Flames covered the sky as fiery magma surged and boiled. Han Shuo’s magical yuan wasn’t endless, and he was slowly exhausted.

Han Shuo urgently contacted the fire elite zombie while starting to chant a long magic incantation. Suddenly, a thick layer of black clouds appeared on the ice block that was three meters long. Amidst the thick clouds, glossy white bones entangled with each other to form a huge bone cage, enclosing the solid ice block.

“Pth! Break!”

Han Shuo abruptly shouted out two words that echoed in the place of extreme fire. The bone cage suddenly transformed from translucent to pitch black, emitting dark smoke.

Suddenly, the walls around the matrix Han Shuo had arranged several months ago burst open with a series of cracks. At this moment, the fire element that’d been pouring towards the center of the place of extreme fire suddenly halted.

As the walls crumbled into pieces, a gorgeous lotus slowly rose up from the bubbling magma!

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