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Chapter 309: The mighty

Kosse himself had suffered internal injuries, so he instantly panicked upon facing this murderous intent from the Demonslayer Edge’s attack. He hastily took out a magic scroll from his space ring and released the magic within. A silver halo wrapped around his entire body, as he also hurriedly chanted a magic incantation at the same time.

Cold winds whistled as sharply as knives, forming an enormous tornado that roiled up to block the Demonslayer Edge’s swift attack. The descending Demonslayer Edge fell into the big tornado, its speed slowed by the cold winds. In addition, the raging murderous intent was also somewhat scattered.

The Demonslayer Edge destroyed the obstacles posed by the whirlwind and immediately shot towards the silver halo released by Kosse’s magic scroll. It was once again blocked by the strange energy in this silver halo. The Demonslayer Edge was now at the end of its strength. It could only make Kosse spit out a mouthful of blood, but couldn’t threaten his life any further.

“Protect the lord!” The three Temple Knights couldn’t help but cry out in panic upon seeing Kosse’s misery, as well as Han Shuo’s ferocity. Blood dripping out of their mouths, they staggered in a charge towards Han Shuo and Kosse.

Han Shuo’s body was also currently in a very bad state. The bone staff had suddenly gone out of control and absorbed nine out of ten parts of his mental force. The three Temple Knights had then come to attack him. Then, the Demonslayer Edge had absorbed more than half of his magical yuan. His current strength was now far less than normal.

Han Shuo was now unable to release another equally powerful attack after the Demonslayer Edge returned after injuring Kosse. He immediately chanted an incantation upon seeing the three Temple Knights approach. The little skeleton, earth elite zombie, and wood elite zombie suddenly appeared afterwards.

The little skeleton was still riding the undead creature that looked like a giant, undead porcupine. The earth elite zombie and wood elite zombies each rode a fire-spitting warhorse. The three fellows immediately caught the smell of something disgusting as soon as they appeared in this dimension. They were instinctively irritated at the smell of the three Temple Knights, who were loudly singing praises to the God of Light.

The three strange dark creatures charged without needing Han Shuo’s instructions. They flew straight at the three Temple Knights, seemingly wanting to destroy these hateful Knights immediately.

“Humph! Lowly dark creatures, suffer the anger of the God of Light!” The Temple Knights raised their voice, waving their silver spears with the intention of sending off these reckless dark creatures back to the dust.

Unfortunately, these three undead creatures had been refined using the secret method of demonic magic. They were fearless towards the purification ability of the God of Light. The silver spears didn’t disperse their souls, turning them to ashes upon contact like the Temple Knights had expected. Among these three undead creatures, the little skeleton was first to attack. The bone knife in his hand swayed unhesitatingly to block the silver spear.

During this process, the bone knife that the little skeleton was holding abruptly went through a some weird changes. The solid bone knife suddenly wriggled madly like a living creature. The bone knife, that originally possessed the length of only a small dagger, grew at a very quick pace and transformed into a three meters long blade in just a second.

The long knife had yet to stop its peristalsis, a million of insects now seemed to be wiggling on its blade. It gave one a scalp tingling feeling just by looking at it. Sharp little spikes slowly appeared on the knife’s blade, covering it with sharp little spikes and making it look eerily ferocious.

This process had taken a long time to describe, but had actually happened in just the blink of an eye. It’d finished transforming into a three meter long sword in the instant that the little skeleton swung it up to block the silver spear. The little skeleton himself was only one meter thirty centimeters tall, looking very comical as he held the long blade.

However, deathly aura filled the sky with a swing of the long sword in the little skeleton’s hand. The dense sinister air encompassed tens of thousands of years of accumulated desolation. This despairing atmosphere revealed a taste of endless death which the godly power within the Temple Knights’ silver spears was simply unable to purify.

Riding the massive porcupine-like undead creature, the little skeleton dove down from high above with an enormous rumbling sound. The long sword brought with it a deathly air that filled the skies, hammering straight down towards a Temple Knight and forced him to his knees.

This Temple Knight had previously suffered serious internal injuries from the corrosion of the Demonslayer Edge. Now that he took a violent blow from the little skeleton, his knees couldn’t withstand the pressure and shattered with cracking sounds. Not waiting for the Knight to react, the little skeleton’s long sword pierced through his silver armor. The little skeleton lifted up the Temple Knight on the tip of its blade and flew over to Han Shuo in a triumphant manner.

Han Shuo didn’t need to take a look to know that this Temple Knight was already done for. Otherwise, the latter wouldn’t be lying still without any resistance. When the little skeleton neared, the hideous three meter long sword flicked. The Temple Knight spun and flew with the wind before crashing down at Han Shuo’s feet, his body completely devoid of life.

Temple Knights who could release silver fighting aura were naturally sky riders. It was a pity that Temple Knight had already been heavy injured and had somewhat underestimated the little skeleton. Therefore, the terrifying powerful little skeleton had easily slain him. As for the remaining two knights, they had stood quite a distance from Han Shuo, so they weren’t affected as much by the Demonslayer Edge’s corrosion. Moreover, the earth elite zombie and wood elite zombie weren’t as horrifying as the little skeleton. The two Temple Knights didn’t fall in battle as quickly even though they had difficulties defending against the two zombie’s endless skillsets.

Helen Tina was still hovering on the phoenix, shocked as she looked at the happenings below. She originally intended to take advantage of the situation whilst the two sides battled, but now could only stared dumbly at the situation of the Red Archbishop Kosse and the three Temple Knights. Not only were they unable to kill Han Shuo, one of them was dead while the other three had suffered serious injuries. Her heart fell into disarray and panic.

Han Shuo stood arrogantly below, his eyes coldly watching the surroundings. Helen Tina constantly weighed the gains and losses. On one hand, she was scared of Han Shuo’s astonishing strength. On the other, she was heartbroken over the six magic crystal cannons.

After a while of hesitation, the magic crystal cannons worth six hundred thousand gold coins washed away some of her fear of Han Shuo. Helen Tina saw Kosse fleeing in a panic towards the foot of the mountain, while the little skeleton astride the skeletal undead creature was in hot pursuit with a three meter long blade in his hand. Helen Tina had no time to debate any longer.

She released a mass of flames that burned the clouds along with the phoenix. Her staff embedded with a fire stone and her ring that enhanced mental strength further spread out the flames to cover half the sky. The sea of fire churned and spread to envelop Red Archbishop Kosse.

Kosse, who was escaping in panic, soon sensed the strange going ons above his head. He didn’t forget to release a wind magic despite his trepidation. The wind magic blew the blazing flames towards the little skeleton and earth elite zombie, forcing them to suspend their chase.

Undead creatures were born and lived in a gloomy and humid strange world – an endless realm of desolation that was forever unable to witness sunlight. Therefore, they felt an instinctive disgust towards the light and high temperatures. When the raging flames shrouded Kosse, the three undead creatures little skeleton, earth elite zombie, and wood elite zombie didn’t immediately charge at him.

“Lord Kosse, Lord Kosse!” The distant group of Temple Knights had finally caught up with a great deal of road dust. These Temple Knights mostly had olive branches or holy grail insignias on their chests, which corresponded with the power of senior knights and earth riders. They were obviously weaker than the previous three experts, whose insignia was the cross.

However, their numbers were numerous. Moreover, they all had the ability of purification towards undead creatures thanks to the God of Light’s blessing. It was indeed unrealistic for Han Shuo to attempt to drown them in a grand army of undead creatures, particularly when considering the presence of the light grand magus Kosse.

Kosse was now seriously injured and had expended a great deal of spirit power. He immediately shouted upon seeing the Temple Knights finally arrive, “Kill this heretic, his dark heart should not exist in this world of light!”

Kosse previously had wanted to persuade Han Shuo with kind words, but he’d had experienced the latter’s power and had even taken serious damage. Therefore, Kosse no longer had benevolence or mercy left in his heart. Absolutely frightened by Han Shuo’s evil power, Kosse immediately ordered everyone to kill him.

The Temple Knights who’d just arrived saw Kosse’s group in their miserable state. They instantly followed Kosse’s order to charge at Han Shuo, standing on the mountain in a terrain full of holes and pockmarks. The two Temple Knights, who were out of breath in a struggle under the attacks of the earth elite zombie and wood elite zombie, tried to shout a warning, “Be careful of his dark creatures! They don’t fear holy power, and they even have mysterious skills. Be very careful!”

As the Temple Knights chatted, a team of the Calamity Church’s Death Guards, in pitch black armor, appeared in another corner of the mountain. A necromancer in black magic robes were amongst the Death Guard troop. All them ran desperately towards the mountain. The necromancer spoke in a lowered, worried voice, “Hurry! Bryan cannot die no matter what! Ehh, even though he accidentally hurt some of our people, you absolutely shouldn’t harbor any dissatisfaction.”

Many people among the Death Guards had bleeding noses and mouths. It seemed that the Demonslayer Edge’s enormous murderous intent had hurt them too.

The eyes of the black robed necromancer shone with excitement. He murmured, “Why is the divine artifact of the bone staff blessed by the Evil God in his hands?”

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