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Chapter 308: Divine weapon versus divine weapon

Han Shuo’s mind was calm, his expression ruthless as he watched the high ranked Temple Knight of the Church of Light slowly approaching on warhorse. He grasped the Demonslayer Edge in his right hand. As the space ring flashed, a tri-colored bone staff materialized in his previously empty left hand.

Han Shuo was about to chant a high level undead summoning spell when he saw “Revelation”, in the hands of Red Archbishop Kosse, burst out with a vast, brilliant holy light. This divine artifact flipped through its pages quickly without any wind, shocking even its owner.
The tri-colored bone staff of unknown material suddenly shone with brilliant yellow, blue, and purple lights at the same time, the dark, evil power crazily circulating. The lights of the three colors converged before shooting towards the “Revelation” in Kosse’s hand.

Continuous flapping sounds traveled out as “Revelation” flipped rapidly. A beam of light drifted out with every page flipped, each light formed a miraculous word and joined a river of words flowing in front of Kosse. As soon as the marvelous words came into contact with the light from the tri-colored bone staff, holy power, along with evil power, exploded at the same time. Violent air surged and rushed in all directions between Han Shuo and Kosse.

The incoming Temple Knight who had challenged Han Shuo was pushed back by that terrifying power, along with the other two Knights. Helen Tina was also overwhelmed by the pressure on the back of her phoenix. She immediately struggled up higher into the air, horrified as she looked down at the happenings below.

The previously refined and commanding posture of Red Archbishop Kosse disappeared without a trace. He stood there trembling slightly, cold sweat flowing from his body as he looked at Han Shuo, dumbfounded. He could feel the power all over his body pour crazily into the “Revelation” in his hand. This situation had never happened before.

“Revelation” was a book of scriptures from the Church of Light that had been left behind after Kosse’s master had passed away. His luck had been excellent, and he’d received this divine artifact after receiving the God of Light’s recognition after a baptism in the Temple of Light. The artifact had been in his hands for just three years now, but everything had gone smoothly for Kosse with his identity as a light and wind grand magus. The situation had always gone favorably every time he’d used “Revelation” against evil powers. He had never encountered this type of situation that he was currently facing.

Han Shuo held the bone staff, the mental strength in his entire also being madly attracted to it. The bone staff was rapidly absorbing his mental strength like a big sponge. When the mental strength poured into the staff, it seemed to resonate with the magic force of the bone staff itself, ultimately forming a strange tri-colored light that converged towards the “Revelation”.

Although he was at the rank of grand magus, Han Shuo still felt slightly woozy when his mental strength was crazily sucked into the bone staff. However, his mind was much more resolute than ordinary people’s, in addition to his astoundingly strong body. This was why he wasn’t trembling like Kosse with cold sweat flowing all over his body.

As the evil and holy powers intertwined, the terrifying impact swept away all of the obstacles between Han Shuo and Kosse. Rocks shattered wherever this force passed. The bald mountain shuddered violently exploding where this impact reached. Huge rumbling sounds echoed nonstop in the area between the two people.

“This evil force is so enormous that I’m sure that only an artifact of the Calamity Church’s Evil God can possess such power. Kill this ignorant heretic!” The Temple Knight that had been swept head over heels by the forces ricocheting between Han Shuo and Kosse yelled loudly. After standing up with much effort, he was inwardly terrified of Han Shuo’s power upon seeing Kosse’s body trembling. He immediately suggested taking advantage of this opportunity to kill Han Shuo.

How would the Temple Knights not know how powerful Red Archbishop Kosse was? The divine artifact “Revelation” in his hands had always been a harbinger of death for evil forces for many years. He hadn’t expected that today, a weak petty heretic, such as the one they were facing, would be able to measure up to the Red Archbishop Kosse. He was afraid of Han Shuo’s immense power, so he proposed the idea of killing the latter.

The remaining two Temple Knights were watching the scene develop in front of them as they stood off to the side. As soon as they heard their brethren’s proposal, they immediately turned their warhorses towards Han Shuo without another word.

The three Temple Knights carefully avoided the center part of the still rumbling explosion, approaching Han Shuo from the rear and two sides. In the holy light flashing out from “Revelation”, they started singing praises about the glory of the God of Light. Streams of fighting aura, filled with divine power, flared out from their spears and smashed towards Han Shuo.

Seeing the Church of Light’s despicable act, Helen Tina, overhead, curled her lips with a trace of contempt. However, Han Shuo was her enemy, while the Church of Light wasn’t an entity a small duchess could afford to offend. She just remained there silently and observed happily.

Han Shuo’s mental strength infused the bone staff at a high speed. Coldly facing Kosse in a difficult struggle, he also had to guard against the three Temple Knights quickly drawing close. He could neither move his body nor make use of his mental strength. However, his demonic magic was still available. A stream of magical yuan flowed into the Demonslayer Edge in his right hand under the control of his mind.

After having absorbed a massive amount of the souls recently, the Demonslayer Edge now had a faint trace of terrifying killing intent that belonged to an unparalleled weapon. Upon being infused with magical yuan, it was akin to a murderous magical beast who’d caught the delicious smell of blood after being trapped for tens of thousands of years. The Demonslayer Edge suddenly moved on its own accord and left Han Shuo’s hand with a loud howl.

A dense mass of star-like spots gathered into blood clouds. An endless resentment rushed forth from the Demonslayer Edge, along with tyrannical murderous intent, and formed a massive layer of blood red clouds. The blood clouds blotted out half of the sky above the bald mountain.

The thick scent of blood seemed to contain an attack that targeted the soul. The three Temple Knights weren’t the only ones to feel that the situation had taken a bad turn. Even Helen Tina, who’d soon flown up high, was also surrounded by the vicious, terrifying air of endless fear. Her head became dizzy and her chest heavy with the urge to vomit, a crazy obsession gradually surged within her heart.

Helen Tina knew that things were very bad. She hurriedly chanted an incantation to form a fiery red magic cage, enveloping both herself and the phoenix. The phoenix’s wings were like colorful ribbon, fire sparkles flashing each time they flapped. Fiery light shot out in all directions from the flaming magic cage.

She finally managed to suppress the nauseous feeling of wanting to vomit. She urged the phoenix to move away from Han Shuo, angry and somewhat scared as she watched the battle of the two weapons above the mountain valley.

The murderous intent reaching the sky from the Demonslayer Edge had even formed an attack against the soul. Its target wasn’t Helen Tina in the sky, which was why she managed to defend herself from it, albeit with some difficulties by resorting to the fire magic cage and the purifying fire of the phoenix. On the other hand, the Church of Light’s three Temple Knights weren’t so comfortable like her.

The Demonslayer Edge danced wildly above Han Shuo’s head. The murderous intent of this peerless weapon wasn’t weak at all against other divine artifacts. With the Demonslayer Edge as the center, layers upon layers of thick clouds dyed the entire sky a blood red above the mountain. The three Temple Knights, who’d tried to take the opportunity to attack Han Shuo, were violently shaken by the soul attack. Their warhorses let out screams and fell down down. The three Knights jumped down with stumbling steps, their bodies shaking. Blood flowed from their nostrils, streaming down their necks and chests like wiggling worms.

The three Temple Knights temporarily didn’t know what to do in the face of this unfamiliar evil force. This evil force wasn’t like the quiet, mysterious darkness from the Calamity Church. It was a mad, furious bloodlust with only a cruel and arrogant desire for the destruction of everything.

The three Temple Knights had to raise their spears and sing loud praises in order to obtain even more holy force whilst suffering through soul piercing agony. Brilliant halos flashed around their bodies, constantly resisting the force that was invading their flesh.

The Demonslayer Edge had mobilized every ounce of its stored deathly soul force after having absorbed ninety percent of Han Shuo’s magical yuan. It formed an evil magnetic field that also possessed the ability of attacking the soul and started eroding the essence of every living being that were enveloped within.

“Revelation” was already struggling against the invasion of the tri-colored bone staff. Kosse couldn’t help but almost groan audibly when he saw Han Shuo’s Demonslayer Edge display such an unfamiliar, terrifying force.

The Demonslayer Edge spun in a circle around Han Shuo’s head and slowly gathered a beam of bloody light and shoot towards Kosse. Kosse desperately controlled his mental force to chant an incantation after biting the tip of his tongue. A flower of blood bloomed on one of the pages on “Revelation”. The divine artifact immediately stopped turning its pages and was quickly put away by Kosse.

The bone staff, that seemed to be struggling with its rival, also immediately dulled and stopped absorbing Han Shuo’s mental strength when Kosse speedily withdrew “Revelation”. Only the Demonslayer Edge’s beam of bloody light still shot insistently towards Kosse.

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