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Chapter 293: The Temple Knights

The deathly air of the Shura Soul Formation was quietly circulating in the shop’s courtyard. Dark grand magus Edwin of the Calamity Church and the female alchemist Belinda were wandering around outside. They didn’t dare to come in, and could only look down in shock at this gloomy yard from the rooftop.

A concentrated sense of death could be found within the Shura Soul Formation. The two people absolutely couldn’t see what Han Shuo was doing inside. But for Han Shuo, he only needed to lift his head after jumping out of the well to see the two experts of the Calamity Church clearly.

Thanks to the Rainbow Sickle ambush last time, the two already knew that this place was extremely dangerous. Han Shuo knew they knew, so it was understandable that these two didn’t dare to draw close.

Han Shuo sat down on a chair in the courtyard, lazily looking up at Edwin on the rooftop. He asked indifferently, “Mister Edwin, it seems that you’re always this surreptitious when you pay a visit. Can it be that this is how your Calamity Church operates?”

Edwin still didn’t dare to come down even though the changes in the courtyard had disappeared. Having heard Han Shuo’s words, he chuckled and said, “My apologies. We’ll stay up here for our little chat. Congratulations on killing Ferguson. However, you’ve also completely offended the Church of Light. They’ll spare no costs in dealing with you now. So, heh heh, our Calamity Church sincerely invites you to join us. We’re willing to pay any price as long as you’re willing to join us.”

“Alright then. Since you don’t want to join us, let’s discuss a bit about cooperation instead. Hehe, the Church of Light has dispatched a small troop of Temple Knights, whose goal is to deal with you. The Temple Knights don’t number many, but each one is a true expert. This troop is the sword that the Church of Light uses to eradicate heretics. They are currently marching towards Brettel City, just waiting for you to arrive.”

Han Shuo involuntarily frowned at Edwin’s words. The main headquarters of the Church of Light headquarters was positioned in the most powerful nation of the Profound Continent – the Oden Empire. This Empire was separated from the Lancelot Empire by the Angel Empire. The Temple Knights had always protected the Temple of Light loyally. It seemed the Church if Light was truly determined this time if they’d dispatched a small troop of Temple Knight just for Han Shuo.

Edwin immediately grinned upon hearing Han Shuo’s words and said, “The Calamity Church and the Church of Light are death sworn enemies in the Profound Continent! Alright then, if you encounter any trouble, our Calamity Church may just appear at your side. Let’s meet again then!”

Han Shuo immediately stood up after Edwin and Belinda left. He released all three yin demons and had them follow after Edwin and Belinda. He intended to see why these two had come to the Valley of Sunshine.

In the end, the two people unexpectedly entered the Cairo mercenary band’s headquarters. Han Shuo was secretly tracking them this time so he didn’t enter the headquarters openly. Instead, he hid in a corner of the valley that wasn’t very far away and used the three yin demons to spy on Edwin’s actions.

“Mister Edwin, did you go see Bryan?” Laureton asked first when Edwin arrived.

Laureton’s expression was cold as he said ferociously, “Rest assured. I will immediately mobilize the Cairo mercenary band as soon as your Death Guards arrive to flatten those powers around the mithril mine. Humph! I almost lost my life there last time, I won’t be so careless this time. Those three great powers will definitely pay back this debt in blood!”

Han Shuo immediately departed the Valley of Sunshine after leaving the Cairo mercenary band. He returned to the Soul Destroyers to ask about the movement of Trunks’ group. From Grant, Han Shuo knew that it would be some time before those two returned.

Han Shuo was dumbfounded. He suddenly remembered his promise to Fanny. He’d said that he would find her in a few days when he’d left last time. He hadn’t expected to be so busy and had forgotten about this. Now it was Fanny who’d come looking for him.

Seeing him so anxious, Kallas was quite surprised. He immediately said in a respectful manner, “Your Lordship, please follow me!”

“Mhm, you are dismissed, don’t let other people come here!” Han Shuo instructed.

“I’m so sorry. There was something that happened so I was delayed a little. This won’t happen again. Fanny, you must forgive me.” Han Shuo smiled wryly and apologized as soon as he came in. He was indeed in the wrong, it was natural for Fanny to be so angry.

Han Shuo smiled wryly as he looked at Fanny, putting up his hands in surrender, “I was wrong. You can punish me however you want!”
“Then good, just promise me that you‘ll be an honorary professor for our necromancy major and I’ll forgive you.” Fanny thought for a bit before glaring ferociously at Han Shuo.

Honorary professor was just a title for show in the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. A person with this title basically wasn’t bound by the Academy’s rules. They only need to occasionally give a speech in accordance with the Academy’s request. There was strong competition amongst the different majors in the Academy. The ability to invite famous, powerful figures to be honorary professors was the standard with which to measure a department’s influence.
“No problem!” Han Shuo readily agreed.

“You scoundrel, how do you have the ability to kill someone so evil as Leah Cain? How did you become an archmage necromancer? How many things are you actually still lying to me about?” Fanny was happy when she heard Han Shuo’s ready acquiescence, but then her many doubts flooded her heart and just burst out.

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