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Chapter 287: Standing proudly in the sky

Even though Leah Cain was completely contemptuous, he immediately focused when Han Shuo began to move. He raised the broadsword in his hand with a cold snort. A silver sword light suddenly spread out in front of him.

Leah Cain had long since stepped into the realm of great swordmaster many years ago. He had indulged in this realm for a long time, challenging and defeating many experts back when he had been in the Brut Merchant Alliance, which gained him the title of Crazy Great Swordmaster. If he hadn’t offended the lightning sacred magus Reynold Dila, he might have never had to flee to the Lancelot Empire.

The silver sword light instantly enveloped the area in front of him. Han Shuo could feel an enormous sword aura hidden within the light as he flew towards Leah Cain. He immediately infused the Demonslayer Edge with magical yuan. This indestructible weapon suddenly burst out with black light and stabbed directly towards the silver sword light.

The Demonslayer Edge shot forward explosively with a black light and heavy killing intent. It abruptly bombarded Leah Cain’s sword light. The silver sword light intertwined with the black light as several metallic pops sounded out. Spots of light exploded out like little stars before fading away in the air.

“Nngnn.” Leah Cain let out a light cry and quickly retreated a step back. He looked at Han Shuo with an expression of shock, “Not bad little guy. Your weapon is quite strange. You don’t actually use fighting aura!”

The black light from the Demonslayer Edge snuffed the silver sword light into thin air. However when the silver sword light had collided with the Demonslayer Edge, a huge force flooded into Han Shuo’s arm through the weapon, causing his arm to numb a little.

Han Shuo didn’t rush to make the next move. His face was cold as he stared fixedly at Leah Cain, focusing his mind to the max. After a single exchange, he knew that Leah Cain was indeed much more powerful than the great swordmaster he had killed last time. They were both swordmasters, but Leah Cain had swelled in this rank for many years. His strength was truly extraordinary.

“This Bryan has some power indeed!” Amyes looked at Candide in surprise and exclaimed softly on the platform just opposite the Garden House.

Candide’s eyes shone brightly. His face was full of interest as he replied while looking at Han Shuo, “This is my first time seeing him fight as well. Although he has no fighting aura, he unexpectedly broke through the sword light that Leah Cain gathered with his fighting aura. It looks like his body is hiding a lot of secrets!”

The nobles around exclaimed incredulously nonstop upon seeing Han Shuo shatter Leah Cain’s sword light with his strike. Amongst them, Lawrence and Phoebe were visibly joyous.

“This boy really isn’t bad. He saved us once at Eevee’s house. It can be considered that we owe him a favor. I hope that he won’t be harmed by Leah Cain!” Old mister Hahn laughed and said to Emily next to him as he looked at Han Shuo.

“It seems this Bryan may just win!” Emily replied with a chuckle. She knew in her heart that Han Shuo’s strength wasn’t that simple. Based on the fact that he could fly through the air, that alone was a huge advantage, as it wasn’t something Leah Cain could do.

“Haha, hopefully so!” Old Hahn laughed heartily.

As everyone discussed noisily, Leah Cain snorted coldly, “You do have some strength, but it’s a pity that you decided to challenge me!”

Leah Cain raised his broadsword after saying these words and stepped towards Han Shuo. His speed wasn’t fast and each step was heavy. The two scars on his neck looked ferocious as they crossed each other. His pupils were filled with a mad desire to fight.

Leah Cain’s momentum grew stronger with each step, his broadsword emitting a dazzling silver halo beneath the sunlight. The silver fighting aura finally converged with the broadsword into a brilliantly beautiful arc that shot towards Han Shuo from a dozen meters away.

The speed of this silver rainbow was lightning fast. It whizzed right at Han Shuo’s face as if it had leapt the distance of a dozen meters. This attack contained such an enormous force that several of the nearby spectating nobles could also feel it clearly.

Han Shuo just stood there, as if stunned by the extreme speed of the silver arc. He seemed to have not reacted yet. Everyone stared dumbly as the silver arc cut through his body. It looked like he didn’t know how to dodge.

“Quickly, run!” Many onlookers were worried for Han Shuo. They all screamed out to warn him. Unfortunately the speed of their voice couldn’t match the speed of the silver arc of sword aura from Leah Cain.

A frightening sound rang out from the place where Han Shuo was just standing dumbly right after the onlookers’ warnings rang out. A fifteen meter long gully instantly appeared in that place. The deep gully looked like someone had just sliced into a piece of tofu.

The silver fighting aura wreathed around the gully hadn’t dispersed yet. The enormous amount of destructive force from this attack assaulted the two walls of the deep gully, creating loud rumbling sounds. When the terrifying sounds finally ceased, the already enormous gully was now even bigger. All of the weeds within the fighting aura’s area of effect had been turned into green powder.

“What a terrifying attack. The poor challenger must be done for!”

“Aii, he was still too young after all. It’s inevitable that he’d be vulnerable against an attack from an expert who’s been famous for such a long time!”

“Let’s go. That young man must’ve died and fallen into that crack. The fun’s over!”

“Mm, such a handsome man actually died to that ugly monster. That damned foreigner!”

All sorts of pessimistic comments about Han Shuo resounded from the audience. They had dumbly watched as Han Shuo hadn’t moved to evade Leah Cain’s sword attack. Everyone was certain that Han Shuo had died and lost his life in that gully.

Suddenly, a loud shout resounded through the air, “Oh my god, look up!”

Throwing their heads back to look at the sky, everyone saw Han Shuo standing proudly in the sky with the Demonslayer Edge in hand. He looked remotely down at Leah Cain. He wasn’t injured in the least.

“How can this be?!” Even Leah Cain couldn’t help but exclaim in shock. He looked up, unable to believe his eyes.

If a swordsman wanted to float in the air, they had to reach the rank of legendary divine swordmaster in order to fly using their fighting aura. While mages could fly by using levitation spells upon reaching the rank of archmage, the casting speed of the levitation spell wasn’t as fast or as smooth as Han Shuo’s skills.

Even though Han Shuo was a necromancy archmage, he shouldn’t have been able to dodge that rapid attack using that slow levitation skill. That was why even Leah Cain was shocked beyond belief upon seeing Han Shuo standing safe and sound in the sky.

“Amyes, can you sense any magic elements on his body? Why can’t I sense any at all?” On the high platform, Candide exclaimed with surprise as he looked directly at Han Shuo standing proudly in the sky.

Even the usually relaxed and calm Amyes was startled. He shook his head, saying, “Strange, too strange. He doesn’t use any magic or fighting aura, but can actually stand in the sky so miraculously? Just what is this?”

“It seems that this has something to do with his unique cultivation art. Amyes, this art he practices is very wondrous. If the Lancelot Empire’s army also knows how to fly that quickly, then the power of our army would multiply!” Candide exclaimed with excitement as he thought of this.

“Pay close attention. We have to stop Leah Cain if he attempts to deal a killing blow, even if it violates the rules. This Bryan is truly magical. He is too useful to our Lancelot Empire. We absolutely cannot allow him to die!” Amyes said with determination, resolute on setting everything aside in order to ensure Han Shuo’s safety.

“Let’s do it like that then. After this, I think his Majesty also knows what to do now!” Candide agreed immediately. His gloomy eyes focused on Leah Cain. The dark elements on his body suddenly became dense as he prepared to make a move at a moment’s notice without regard for his identity.

A person was watching Han Shuo from a lush, towering old tree. He was the one whom Han Shuo and Lawrence had met in the Rose Garden, super rank assassin Bollands. He was crouching within the foliage, his eyes wide open as he observed Han Shuo and muttered, “Truly amazing. He can actually use a skill to stand proudly in the sky. It seems that this Bryan is hiding other secrets besides his extraordinary attainment with murderous aura. Master was right to send me here this time!”

“Little guy, don’t think you are formidable just because you are an archmage who can fly in the sky. Get down here if you’re so good!” Leah Cain shouted furiously from below as he looked up at Han Shuo in the sky.

Even though he was a great swordmaster, he couldn’t fly. He had no choice but stare dumbly, helpless, whilst looking up at Han Shuo in the sky.

“As you wish!” Han Shuo let out a long laugh in the sky before diving down like a meteor. The Demonslayer Edge emitted a purple-red spellfire that was two meters long . A thick murderous aura emanated in every direction with Han Shuo as the epicenter. The surrounding onlookers all felt a wave of palpitation and involuntarily stepped a bit further away, shocked as they looked up at him shooting down from the sky.


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