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Chapter 285: Dazzling

Phoebe sat alone after Andrew left, brow furrowed in contemplation. It seemed that the crisis the Boozt Merchant Guild was facing was indeed very serious. Otherwise, given her normally cautious nature, Phoebe wouldn’t choose to stake it all on a gamble.

Han Shuo slowly came in without a sound, his eyes bright as he looked at Phoebe as soon as he entered the door. After a moment of silence, Phoebe looked up, startled. Seeing Han Shuo at the door, she revealed a smile and said delightedly, “You’ve come back?”

“Rest assured, Leah Cain will die to my sword tomorrow, without a doubt!” Han Shuo smiled and walked towards Phoebe. He reached out his hand and gently smoothed the spot between her wrinkled eyebrows before speaking softly.

“I believe you. Our Boozt Merchant Alliance took out seven hundred thousand gold coins this time. Cameron will have to compensate us five times that amount based on the current odds as long as you kill Leah Cain. Cameron won’t be able to bear the costs no matter how much money he has. After this victory, our Boozt Alliance will have an enormous amount of gold coins and the danger from Cameron’s group will naturally disappear!” Phoebe very much enjoyed Han Shuo’s tenderness. She relaxed her body and leaned into his chest.

“Alright, go rest early. I’ll meditate here for tonight. I’ll go to the Garden House tomorrow to issue a challenge to Leah Cain and settle this problem as soon as possible!” Han Shuo patted Phoebe’s shoulder.

Phoebe nodded meekly upon hearing Han Shuo’s words. Her expression relaxed into a smile as she said, “Rest assured, I’ll come with you tomorrow and watch you kill Leah Cain myself. I know you’ll definitely win!”

Phoebe didn’t stay after finishing speaking. She walked into the back room with a chuckle and softly said, “After you win, keep me company for a nice chat!”

Han Shuo sat cross-legged in the hall after Phoebe left. He silently circulated his magical yuan and recovered his mental strength bit by bit, gradually adjusting the state of his body.

In Han Shuo’s body, the demon infant was as if surrounded by a blood whirlpool. Each drop of blood essence was like a precious ruby, sparkling brilliantly as each drop formed a red, lustrous crystalline shape. The drops of blood essence swirled into a whirlpool and nourished the demon infant in its center. The layers of blood red mist, which was the killing intent gathered in the bloodlust realm, surrounded this whirlpool, also nourishing the demon infant.

The demon infant was a copy of Han Shuo, except about the size of a fist. A black spot appeared between its eyebrows where the Demonslayer Edge was stored. The enormous amount of killing intent absorbed had been stored in his body and condensed into a black spot on the demon infant’s glabella.

In this way, the connection between Han Shuo and the Demonslayer Edge constantly matured. The demon infant and the Demonslayer Edge could also support each other to absorb even more energy. Once the Demonslayer Edge successfully developed its own soul, its connection with Han Shuo would be another step closer. Slicing off a human head from a thousand miles away with only a thought wouldn’t be an impossible feat.

In the past several days, Han Shuo had been going to war everywhere and killing many experts. Han Shuo had swallowed and absorbed their killing intent and resentment in order to improve himself bit by bit. He’d already absorbed an enormous amount in particular from his trip to the forbidden land, which had helped both him and the Demonslayer Edge improve immensely.

Han Shuo had slowly gained control over his nature in the bloodlust realm. Once the killing intent accumulated to a certain extent, it would gradually transform from quantitative to qualitative. Only then would he be able to break through to the separate demon realm and allow his strength to take another step forward. Not only would Han Shuo be able to practice higher level secret demonic skills, but he could also separate his consciousness from his body. He would possess some unimaginable, almost miraculous abilities.

After a night of meditation, Han Shuo was in high spirits the next day as he left the Boozt Merchant Guild with Phoebe and went to the Garden House where Leah Cain resided.

The past several days, news of Han Shuo challenging Crazy Leah Cain had spread throughout Ossen City, thanks to the deliberate work of Candide and Lawrence. Many aristocrat spies were lurking in the neighborhood of the Garden House. In addition to them, experts from all walks of life were full of enthusiasm as they waited for Han Shuo’s arrival.

Han Shuo stepped down from Phoebe’s carriage and was walking alone to the Garden House when someone recognized him. Amidst the whispering and discussion, the spies of every house quickly sent in reports of this news. The whispering turned into a hubbub in the blink of an eye. More and more people gathered at the Garden House upon hearing the news.

Leah Cain was famous among the aristocrats and powerhouses as the Crazy Great Swordmaster of the Brut Merchant Alliance. Such a character had stirred up a storm when he had appeared in Ossen City and defeated three of the city’s great swordmasters. It was a pity that Leah Cain was a foreigner, otherwise Lancelot Empire’s civilians wouldn’t be so upset about this.

Han Shuo’s fame had bloomed just the same during this time period. Of course, his reputation wasn’t that good either. Because he had continuously killed his opponents, his infamy had spread far and wide. Even though Han Shuo’s reputation was bad, he was still a citizen of the Lancelot Empire after all, so everybody hoped for his victory.

The nobles and civilians cheered as they sent him in on the way to the House Garden. These people had known to come here early because Lawrence had revealed to them that Han Shuo would walk down this path within the next two days. They tried their luck whenever they were idle and waited in this place. Everyone danced in happiness, as they didn’t expect Han Shuo would really come today.

Standing at a meter and ninety centimeters tall, Han Shuo wore a simple and capable-looking black warrior’s outfit, his figure handsome and masculine. After a long time of cultivating demonic magic, cultivators would possess a striking evil temperament. When the noble ladies saw Han Shuo for the first time, they already harbored goodwill for him, regardless of right and wrong. People were first whispering in discussion, but later, they all screamed nonstop upon throwing a glance at Han Shuo’s blazing eyes.

“Humph! I’ll die from anger! He disappeared for so many days in one go and made me wait again this time. If it weren’t for the uproar this time, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have known when I’d be able to see him again!” On a path to the Garden House, Fanny was leading a group of people from the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. She looked towards Han Shuo from afar and bitterly whispered her complaints.

“Master Fanny, what did you say just now? Look, it’s really Bryan. When I first heard of this news, I thought it was fake! I didn’t think that it really was Bryan. He’s unexpectedly challenged that wicked Leah Cain. Eeveryone is so excited about this!” Amy from the necromancy major animatedly waved her fists as she watched Han Shuo walking towards the Garden House, turning to Fanny after he passed.

“I, I didn’t say anything!” Fanny covered her emotions with a smile and said, “I didn’t expect this brat to be so calm in front of so many people. It seems that he has really matured!”

“Bryan is really very powerful. His deeds have spread everywhere in Ossen City. Even our necromancy major has gained some new students. These new students actually chose our weak necromancy major as soon as they entered the Babylon Academy. The tables have turned!” Athena was excited all the same, exclaiming proudly as she watched the proudly walking Han Shuo.

Lisa tagged along this time, but compared to the past, she was unusually silent. She was no longer constantly twittering and only quietly followed the distant, dashing Han Shuo with her gaze. Seeing him acting so leisurely, even in the presence of so many people, Lisa suddenly felt that he should have been this dazzling from the start.

“I am Bryan, I have come here to see Mister Leah Cain!” Upon reaching the gate of the Garden House, Han Shuo spoke to the guard with a smile.

A great number of nobles and civilians had crowded the alleys and observation pavilions around the Garden House. The news of Han Shuo’s challenge had soon spread. Leah Cain had also left an order earlier, so the guard naturally knew what to do.

“Mister Leah Cain is currently training. He has been expecting your arrival and has made arrangements. You can enter as soon as you arrive.” The guard said respectfully.

“Great, then please lead the way!” Han Shuo said, keeping his smile wide.

Han Shuo walked in following the guidance of the guard. All of the onlookers were blocked outside. After all, this place was private property, so no one could enter without the owner’s permission.

“Let us in, let us in!”

“That’s right, we have waited a long time for this! Please let us in!”

“I am Count Asi of the Lancelot Empire, I want to see Mister Leah Cain!”

After Han Shuo entered, the nobles and civilians outside tried various methods to access the Garden House. Not far from the place, several carriages slowly lined up. The decorations of these carriage were extremely luxurious. It only took a look to know they belonged to the nobility.

First Prince Charles led a group of aristocrats in a slow approach. The group included Mister Hahn and Emily of the Betteridge family, finance minister Eevee, along with Lawrence, Boris of the Northern Guard, and many other nobles.

Candide, along with the tall, handsome, and refined Amyes, one of the three heavyweights of the Dark Mantle, also appeared in an observation pavilion opposite of the Garden House. Everyone paid rapt attention to the inner area of the Garden House.

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