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Chapter 272: The effect of the Rebirth Pill

Lancelot Empire, Ossen City, the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force.

“Master Fanny, you’ve become more and more beautiful!” Gene looked at Fanny and praised her with heartfelt sincerely in the testing fields of the necromancy department.

“That’s right, master Fanny. How did you do it? Can you please tell us how?” Lisa looked at Fanny with admiration and asked sweetly.

“Master Fanny, what herbs did you use? Please tell us!”

“Yes yes, please!”

Several female students of the necromancy major surrounded Fanny, chattering nonstop. For women, beauty could be said to be the matter that they were most concerned about. Like the forest trolls’ love for pillaging, a woman’s love for beauty was innate. No woman was an exception to this.

“I’ve told all of you many times already. There is no secret method. I only relaxed my mood and the change occurred naturally. You shouldn’t be so surprised.” Fanny explained with resignation. Although she knew her students wouldn’t believe her, this was the only answer she could give them.

Fanny was reborn after consuming the Rebirth Pill. Her mental strength had undergone a huge improvement and increased by twice as much when she meditated. Her mind was suddenly clearer. The magic theories she used to have problems with were now easily understood.

Fanny’s skin was also creamy, similar a newborn baby. Her face was a glowing white with a touch of rosiness on the cheeks, like a delicately crafted porcelain doll, giving people the feeling of surreal beauty. This miraculous transformation had occurred over ten days. The female students and teachers had all witnessed it. Even Fanny herself was unable to say that this was a natural transformation. Many female teachers had come to consult Fanny about this matter, even Dean Emma herself had asked.

Only Fanny herself knew that this was thanks to Han Shuo’s Rebirth Pill. She had taken a three day leave and spent almost all of it on the toilet. She’d been mad at his prank; however, when she looked in the mirror three days later, she was dumbfounded. She had frozen for a good minute or two before exclaiming nonstop in ecstasy, “Bryan oh Bryan, you cute little fellow!”

“Master Fanny, Master Fanny!” Gene shouted loudly a few times.

Startled, Fanny looked at Gene and said, “Master Gene, what is it?”

“Class is over. Master Fanny, I noticed that you’ve been staring off into space more often recently!” Gene had recently discovered that when he talked to Fanny, she often didn’t pay much attention to him. The times he saw her fall into a daydream, her eyes flickered with yearning, had increased though.

“Oh, class is over? Hehe, thank you for reminding me.” Fanny responded apologetically. She turned to the students to advise them about something before walking back to her laboratory alone.

Hateful fellow, he said he would come see me in three days time, and yet he hasn’t appeared for twenty days already, making me distracted all the time. You really anger me to death! Fanny gnashed her teeth in rage, walking to her lab with her head down.

Thud! Not paying attention to the path, Fanny suddenly bumped into a person.

“Sorry, sorry!” Fanny apologized nonstop before lifting her head. However, when she looked up, she was stunned for a second before exploding with anger. Her fists hammered as she cursed, “Damn you, you only know to return now? It’s been twenty days, don’t you know that you’ll make people worry? Where did you get off to before only coming back now…”

She screamed, cursed, and hit the evilly smiling Han Shuo on the chest. Fanny seemed to vent all of her feelings as she listed all of his wrongdoings. Her voice gradually grew strange before turning into sobs at the end.

Han Shuo originally wanted to tease Fanny just a little. However, upon hearing the strange tone in her voice and the footsteps closing in, he embraced her and jumped behind the big tree. His mouth rushed towards Fanny’s fragrant lips for a kiss.


Fanny’s scolding turned into long moaning. Her hands desperately pounded against Han Shuo’s chest, but her fragrant lips responded with enthusiasm.

This was a separate road to Fanny’s lab surrounded by rows of ancient trees. When Han Shuo heard the incoming footsteps, he hastily embraced Fanny and jumped behind the large tree out of fear of being discovered. As Fanny responded intensely to his kiss, Han Shuo felt as if he was sinking into a beautiful dream. This charming, wondrous feeling instantly ignited upon the contact of their lips and ran deep into his soul. Han Shuo relaxed his vigilance and loosened his body, completely indulging himself in this feeling.

It was a while later that Fanny finally stopped beating his chest. Her slender, jade hands snaked euphorically around his neck. She was on the tips of her toes, kissing him fervently. She completely forgot everything else, forgetting that they were out in the open.

After who knew how long, Fanny panted and struggled, pushing Han Shuo away. She glanced alluringly at him as she protested coquettishly, “You thousand times damnable brat, why don’t you ever keep your promises?”

“Mmm…” As she’d just finished speaking, Fanny covered her mouth and inhaled softly. Her cheeks instantly flushed as she looked behind Han Shuo with an exclamation.

Turning around, they saw Lisa holding a magic book, standing alongside Gene. Their eyes was filled with heartbreak as they stared at this side, dumbfounded.

“Master Gene, it’s very immoral to peep on others’ intimate actions!” Han Shuo was completely calm. He turned around and spoke unhappily to Gene without letting Fanny out of his embrace.

“I, I didn’t mean to. Just that Lisa was unclear about some magic knowledge that I couldn’t explain, so we came to look for Master Fanny to resolve our doubts. It was really an accident!” Gene’s facial expression was ugly, but he still stammered an explanation upon seeing Han Shuo’s displeasure.

Fanny had surpassed Gene on some complex magic knowledge thanks to the effect of the Rebirth Pill. After the great changes to Lisa’s family, she’d suddenly became hard-working and seized every chance to improve her magic. Lisa and Gene had some questions to ask Fanny. They came for a look when hearing the panting, and hadn’t expected to see something that they shouldn’t have seen.

“I didn’t think, didn’t think that you were actually this intimate with Master Fanny. Master Fanny, Bryan, I hate you!” Lisa said these words out of rage, then turned around and ran off in tears.

“Master Fanny, I give you my blessing!” Gene was an adult after all. He suppressed the pain in his heart and whispered this sentence. He too then turned around to leave, his departing back seeming a little bleak.

“Bryan, you go console Lisa. I know how much she likes you, I’m afraid she can’t take this blow!” Fanny softly sigh at the events and told Han Shuo.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo said in a low voice, “Forget it, this isn’t the appropriate time to see her. Give her some time, Lisa is much stronger than you think.”

“Let’s go, I’ll give you your certificate proving your achievement as an adept mage in the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. You can graduate!” Fanny pondered for a bit and said no more. She let Han Shuo put his arm around her as they walked back to the lab, where she gave him a book with a magical brand on it.

“You should pay some attention to Lisa in the next two days. I think she’ll think it through.” Han Shuo said as he took the book. After such a thing happened, he was temporarily in no mood to act intimate with Fanny.

“Bryan, you’re leaving again?” Fanny was stunned. She suddenly hugged Han Shuo tightly and looked up at him, seeming very unwilling to let him go.

“I’ve officially graduated from the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. Now that something like this has happened, I don’t want Lisa to feel sad, so I can’t stay here for the time being!” Han Shuo had wanted to stay with Fanny a little longer, but could only let go after giving it some thought.

“Then, where should I go if I want to see you? I don’t want you to disappear for months at a time without receiving any messages from you!” Fanny frowned and hugged Han Shuo tightly, not letting him move. She seemed like she wouldn’t let go until she received a reply.

Han Shuo had a headache as he thought about it. He said, “It seems I need to find a mansion within the Empire. Mhm, so be it, I’ll tell you my address after seven days at most. I promise to not suddenly disappear for a long time!”

“Okay. Oh right, my father may come to the Ossen City soon. I want you to meet him then!” Fanny nodded, her cheeks turning crimson. She said softly as she buried her face in his chest.

Han Shuo was dumbfounded. He secretly thought about his relationships with Phoebe and Emily. If this was discovered by Fanny or her father by chance, something serious might just happen. However he couldn’t refuse now, so he bit the bullet and said, “Alright, I’ll come see him at that time!”

Forget it, I’ll worry about it when it happens. I can only take one step at a time. Han Shuo secretly thought and said, “Alright, I’m going!”

“Mmm, right, thank you for the herbal pill. It was really miraculous. Do you have any more? I want to eat a few more!” As Han Shuo was about to leave, Fanny asked excitedly with shining eyes.

“Eh… This pill is extremely expensive, I only had that one pill. One pill is enough, any more would useless!” Han Shuo sweated. Afraid that Fanny wouldn’t listen, he hastily left.

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