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Chapter 270: The religion of the Evil God

In the Dark Forest, the sacred place of the forest trolls.

Under the blazing sun, a rainbow cut through the sky. Like an arrow going against the flow of time, the light swiftly landed in the center of the Dark Forest without a sound.

After four months, the lush and thick plants in the place of extreme wood had once again gone through an earth-shaking change. All of the towering old trees had withered, and the weeds on the ground were without a trace of their original lively green. The originally lush place of extreme wood didn’t have a single green leaf left.

Plants no longer grew, and the dry, cracked, and hard ground was revealed. At a glance, the entire scene was that of desertification. Due to the existence of the formation, the wood elements, that had originally filled the place, were now gathered in the body of the wood elite zombie in the center of the formation. This had caused all the plants to wilt as they lost the wood elemental energy they’d originally possessed.

Han Shuo relied on the yin demons’ reconnaissance upon landing. He discovered from afar that several forest trolls were stationed here, evidently protecting the holy land.

Intimate calls resounded one after another from roots of the oldest, largest dried tree. The wood elite zombie had Han Shuo’s blood essence flowing in his veins. He had sensed the latter’s arrival based on their connection.

“Come out!” A series of black lights converged on the place where the wood elite zombie was concealed as Han Shuo used his secret arts.


Tremors spread out on the ground as the old, dried tree suddenly exploded. Pieces of bark and wood flew in all directions as a dark cave was revealed at its base. Deep underground old roots were intertwined there.

Whoosh! A green shadow jumped out from the dark cave.

A green armor covered the wood elite zombie. This armor looked like it was made from tree trunks as it shimmered with a green light. The wood elite zombie was tall and thin. At a glance, he really did look like a tree branch. His shiny green eyes were full of joy at this moment, rolling around as they stared at Han Shuo.

A dense mist of wood elemental energy wafted out along with the emergence of the wood elite zombie. The wood elements, that had been tightly bound and absorbed by the wood elite zombie, now gradually escaped bit by bit, blowing a fresh breath of air into this almost desert-like land.

Han Shuo understood that this area would gradually return to normal after the wood elite zombie left. The dead plants would burst forth with vitality again, and the entire place should be able to restore itself to its original lush state in less than eighteen months.

The little skeleton and earth elite zombie appeared together after an incantation. The little skeleton arrogantly walked over immediately upon seeing the wood elite zombie. He jumped and patted the wood elite zombie’s shoulders like a general inspecting one of his soldiers.

This wood elite zombie seemed surprisingly afraid of the little skeleton. His sparkling green eyes shone brightly as he took the initiative to lower his shoulders in order to allow the little skeleton’s patting.

The earth elite zombie lumbered over to the side of the wood elite zombie and dumbly touched the latter’s shoulder, seeming to want to welcome the latter like the little skeleton. However, the green eyes glared at him. The earth elite zombie was dumbfounded, withdrawing his right hand that’d been about to pat the wood elite zombie’s shoulder. In the end, he patted his own shoulder, his posture quite comical.

“Let’s go, let me see what you have mastered.” Han Shuo glanced at the wood elite zombie and started walking out.

They left the place of extreme wood and arrived at a river bank in the forest after walking for a while. As soon as they arrived, the green eyes of the wood elite zombie shone brightly without stopping, and the trees around them started dancing in the wind. The towering old trees, that needed several people to fully embrace them, twisted their soft, ribbon-like tree branches like snakes, moving in accordance with the green light emitted from the eyes of the wood elite zombie.

The plants around Han Shuo also seemed to be affected. They were all either whipping around or growing rapidly. The wood elite zombie was showing off, and his figure disappeared from sight when he leaned on a nearby tree.

Han Shuo knew early on that the wood elite zombie could manipulate plants. His thoughts spun as he recalled the strange ability of the druid Caspian. Feeling that there were some similarities between the two, his heart couldn’t help but feel somewhat peculiar.

With the wood elite zombie, Han Shuo’s strength would once again be increased when he entered the Dark Forest again. The Dark Forest was dense and brimming with life, and the wood elite zombie was like a ghost that could control plants in accordance to his will. He could randomly merge with a big tree, or mount a surprise attack. No one would be able to catch him when he retreated.

“Not bad, not bad, very good. You three brats can all go back!” Han Shuo watched for a bit before nodding his head. As usual, he left a Dark Seal on the wood elite zombie, then sent the three fellows back to the other dimension.

It’s been three months. I wonder why the fire elite zombie hasn’t been completed yet. Forget it, let’s leave this place for the time being. He will call me when he’s ready. Han Shuo thought for a bit, and then returned to the Cemetery of Death. He didn’t intend on going to the place of extreme fire to inspect the situation. Who knew if the Lord of the Flames would go nuts again? Best not to go if he didn’t have extreme confidence.

Han Shuo wasn’t in a hurry to leave after returning to the Cemetery of Death. He went to the depths of the building inside instead.

He’d been halted at the first level before due to his lack of sufficient mental strength. Now that his strength had progressed greatly, Han Shuo intended to try again.

He passed through the first passage easily. In the second level, Han Shuo rammed straight into the invisible forcefield. A strange force suddenly pierced through his brain and a heart wrenching pain abruptly spread through his mind. It was as if Han Shuo was being torn apart by a tornado of sharp blades—twisted, stabbed, and dragged into an endless abyss.

Fortunately Han Shuo’s current state of mind was nigh unbreakable now. Despite the extreme pain of a thousand cuts being inflicted on his body, he gritted his teeth and coalesced his mental strength, pushing the magical yuan through. A crisp cracking sound echoed as he fell downwards.

Suddenly, the Eye of Darkness in Han Shuo’s hand sent out a dazzling green light. Under that shining light, he found himself at the center of an oval altar. The whole altar was suddenly cloaked in a green halo as the green light touched it. An enormous, strange force converged on Han Shuo from the corners of the altar.

These ribbons of green light all poured into the Eye of Darkness in Han Shuo’s hand. A mysterious force abruptly entered through his palm and flooded his brain like water released from a dam.

“My child, you’ve proved to at least have the mental strength of an archmage by being able to enter the second layer. Now, let go of everything and accept this mental strength. It will help you reach the power of a grand magus!” The shadowy figure from the first layer slowly formed and spoke calmly.

Han Shuo was ecstatic. He immediately sat down and relaxed his soul to welcome the mysterious force in. As soon as this force entered, it merged directly with his mental strength in a mysterious manner, giving Han Shuo a very comfortable, wonderful feeling. The extreme pain from before had long since vanished without a trace. Right now, Han Shuo seemed to be bathed in sun dappled, warm water. He enjoyed it with complete leisure and comfort.

The green layers of light shrouded the entire altar and slowly united with the Eye of Darkness at the epicenter. The enormous, pure force integrated with Han Shuo’s mental strength. His brain, that had been reinforced by the demonic magic, rapidly underwent changes.

This process lasted for an unknown period of time. Han Shuo forgot everything and indulged himself in the wondrous feeling of having full control over his mental strength. He even forgot his own existence.

“Child, necromancy magic is the most powerful, most marvelous magic on earth, yet some people don’t allow it to exist. You, as the legitimate heir to ancient necromancy magic, hold the responsibility of promoting its profound meaning and restoring the glory it used to have to the world.”

“To have the Canopy of Necromancy cover the earth, to allow necromancy magic to cause tremors in every corner of the world, to shower every place in the evil light of necromancy magic—this is your responsibility to bear. You cannot escape, nor can you refuse…”

The voice of that shadowy figure slowly, yet alluringly infiltrated Han Shuo’s mind with the strange force. As Han Shuo’s mental strength was continuously reinforced, another current of force suddenly erupted. This force attempted to invade his soul, forever drowning him in evil.

This force had the ability to change the soul. When it finished merging with the soul, it would turn Han Shuo into a most loyal follower, forever subjected to the dominion of some evil god.


Han Shuo threw back his head and released a long howl to the heavens, circulating his magical yuan like mad. Another intense force surged out from the demon infant, reaching the brain in just a second. It latched onto the force trying to invade his soul.

“No, no!” Han Shuo roared, his eyes a deep red as he panted. His firm strength of mind kicked into gear as he utilized the magical yuan to its utmost, forming layer after layer of obstruction in his brain to fight against the magical brand of the evil god.

A violent torrential storm suddenly broke out in Han Shuo’s mind. It desperately resisted the force invading his soul with the demon infant as the main power. During this process, Han Shuo experienced excruciating agony, rolling about and screaming on the altar. However, as time passed, the green light around the Eye of Darkness became more and more brilliant.

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