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Chapter 266: Captives

As Janet and her bandit gang snuck up on the House of Menlo with the intention of adding insult to injury, she didn’t realize that she herself had become someone else’s prey.

Adam Menlo was injured, and the roc had transformed into a blonde, middle aged man with sword wounds all over his skin. Both were under protection of the family’s elites as they slowly retreated in the direction of their headquarters.

As they passed by a thick shrub surrounded by several towering trees, Janet’s people immediately jumped out screaming and shouting. The old man next to Janet released several wind supporting “Acceleration” spells, enabling their people to quickly close the distance between them and the House of Menlo and begin their ambush.

Han Shuo had thought that Janet was lurking around here for the chance to pillage and loot. Contrary to his expectations however, Janet had passed down the order to kill as soon as she saw the Menlo family. Evidently, she hadn’t wanted to rob them.

“Unlucky old fart Adam. Serves you right! You even dared to scheme against me. You’re really tired of living, aren’t you!” Janet didn’t make a move, only shouting loudly in high spirits. Her delicate cheeks were painted with glee.

“The House of Menlo is done for if we kill these people. See if they still dare to make trouble for us then!” The bandits screamed and shouted, furiously waving their weapons and attacking fiercely. They were hot on the heels of the heavily wounded Menlo experts, who were now escaping bedraggedly in all directions.

The major forces seemed to have come to a tacit understanding before tonight as they hadn’t sent too many people on this trip to the valley. The House of Menlo had brought roughly two dozen experts total. After the berserk Laureton had killed some and more had fallen to Han Shuo’s resurrected corpses, they only had a dozen members left.

Now that they faced Janet’s bandit group, who were thrice their number, taking a loss was just a matter of time.

“Protect my father well. Our people are near! As long as we return to the headquarters, these damned bandits won’t be able to leave alive!” A skinny, seemingly weak mage with brown hair waved his staff and shouted loudly.

Many sharp spikes suddenly shot up on the path that Janet and her bandits were using. Thanks to the supporting “Acceleration” spell, their momentum was quick and fierce, but they simply didn’t pay attention to the changes beneath their feet. When they landed one by one, their bare feet were immediately penetrated by the spikes.

“Damn it! Shoot them dead!” Janet roared, ordering the several archers behind her.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

The sound of arrows piercing the air resonated as a series of shining silver arrows whizzed towards the House of Menlo, abruptly throwing them into confusion. Even the earth mage, who’d cast “Earth Spikes” earlier, was affected by the rain of arrows. He was forced to release an earth wall in defense.

Han Shuo clearly saw the happenings of the fight between Janet and the House of Menlo through the three yin demons. Currently, his group was hiding in the dark about dozens of meters away, paying rapt attention to the intense fight, awaiting Han Shuo’s orders.

“Leave them to harm each other. I’ll have the earth elite zombie sneak attack them in a moment and grab our person!” Han Shuo said leisurely, not the least bit anxious.

“Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night. The Valley of Sunshine will become even more chaotic starting tomorrow, and our Soul Destroyer mercenary band will take this chance to rise up!” Trunks’ ambition soared as he spoke with excitement.

“You should be careful for the time being. After my brutal acts tonight, I think the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band and the House of Menlo may just cast aside everything to deal with us first. The current strength of our mercenary band isn’t enough to compete with them yet. Our base absolutely must not be compromised.” Looking at the blazing ambition on Trunks’ face, Han Shuo couldn’t help but speak out as a reminder.

“Heh heh, that’s fine too. With your madness tonight, our Soul Destroyer mercenary band is definitely going to become renowned. As long as we have fame, we won’t have to worry about gaining new recruits. As long as we have both money and manpower, we will grow rapidly. When we’re strong enough, that’s when the traitor Florida dies!” Trunks coldly said, his face solemn.

Nodding in agreement, Han Shuo said, “Indeed, the moment of the Soul Destroyer mercenary band has come!”

“Oh?” Han Shuo softly cried out and said, “I didn’t think that the experts from the House of Menlo were really waiting outside to help their own. It seems that Janet’s efforts are going down the drain!”

Patting the earth elite zombie, Han Shuo ordered it to quickly sneak into the ground. Then he turned to glance at Trunks and said, “I suddenly remember that since I have him, I won’t need your help. You guys return to the base first. I’ll bring Janet and catch up with you later.”

“You really don’t need backup? Since Janet can become the leader of such a large bandit group, her strength must be strong. Plus, her men are surrounding her. Are you certain you can succeed?” Trunks asked in surprise.

“Rest assured. This definitely won’t be a problem!” Han Shuo smiled confidently and turned to Gilbert and the little skeleton, ordering them both to go back. He then headed towards Janet with the earth elite zombie and silently lay in wait to ambush them.

This evening was bound to be chaotic, so when the elites from the four great powers of the Valley of Sunshine had advanced into the mountain valley, the majority of their troops were waiting outside, ready to offer support.

The small powers in the valley before, deeply resentful of being intensely suppressed by the four great powers, hadn’t dared to act rashly. Now that the four great powers had been seriously injured in the struggle, in addition to the deathly temptation of the mithril mine, no one would blink if they took some crazy action.

Even though Trunks and his group were familiar with the terrain of the Valley of Sunshine, Han Shuo was worried they’d meet with dangers along the way. He sent Gilbert and the little skeleton along with them. At least they could help each other along the way.

Han Shuo’s brain spun furiously as he schemed on how exactly he would capture Janet. Relying on the detailed observations of Janet’s every move from the three yin demons, he quickly brainstormed and considered the most appropriate method.

“Hurry and chase after them. Kill them! There won’t be another chance if we miss this one!” Janet grasped the huge studded club, her delicate body dashing forward lightning fast as she chased the escaping members of the House of Menlo. Several bandits were originally by her side, but gradually got further from her as they hastily pursued the Menlo experts.

Han Shuo calmly determined Janet’s route through the yin demons. He moved surreptitiously to hide behind a huge tree, slowly adjusting his breathing and heartbeat. A while later, his whole being seemed to melt into the tree. No one could detect him in the shadows.

The earth elite zombie speedily travelled through the ground and followed Janet closely as per Han Shuo’s orders. He only needed but a command from his master to immediately coordinate with Han Shuo from underground.

The Menlo experts rode various different magical creatures and fled past the huge tree trunk where Han Shuo was hiding. Several bandits on Janet’s side waved their weapons, yelling noisily as they gave chase. Everyone was passing right by Han Shuo.

The heavily panting Janet gradually approached at the trajectory that Han Shuo had previously predicted. She wielded the huge studded club while loudly shouting and cursing vulgarities nonstop. She didn’t have the slightest bit of reservation and subtlety that a young girl should have.

Suddenly, the lurking Han Shuo jumped out like a ghost and instantly appeared in front of Janet like a dark shadow.

Janet had been swearing continuously when she suddenly saw a shadow slip out from the darkness. Startled, she raised the studded club and rushed forward. The club moved at a high speed, making a strange whistling sound. The momentum appeared quite astonishing.

Clang clang!

A metallic sound echoed as an enormous force transmitted through the studded club into Janet’s body. The force was like a terrifying volcano outbreak, blasting Janet backwards.

“It’s you!” Janet realized the newcomer was much stronger than her after a single blow. When Han Shuo’s figure was revealed, her face immediately paled in shock as she cried out.

When she saw that her ambusher was Han Shuo, she knew her strength wasn’t up to the task. She quickly retreated without a thought and yelled, “Men, capture him!”

As Janet was fiercely retreating, she was completely unaware of the earth elite zombie lying in wait. A pair of arms abruptly emerged from the ground and accurately seized her ankles, halting her escape.

Janet was scared out of her wits by this sudden turn of events. She shrilly screamed in fear, “Help! Something’s latched on me!”

“Too late!” A light shout rang out. Han Shuo was already face to face with Janet. She felt her entire body stiffen up as if it wasn’t her own anymore, and slowly lost strength in her limbs.

“Let her go, or you will bear the costs of our retaliation no matter the cost!” The crippled wind archmage Billy rapidly flew over as he glared furiously at Han Shuo, shouting loudly.

“I need to ask her about some matters. I will not take her life, so rest assured!” Han Shuo said, carrying the fainted Janet as he responded to the quickly incoming Billy.

“You promise not to hurt her?” On the other side, Billy was afraid that Han Shuo would make a vicious move. He held back the raging bandits around him from rushing forward as he stared urgently at Han Shuo.

“Of course, I’m not taking her life. Otherwise she’d already be dead!” Han Shuo nodded and replied, then he brought Janet and flew away, leaving some words, “At most three days. She will definitely return safely, rest assured!”

Having finished speaking, Han Shuo ordered the earth elite zombie to retreat. Together, the man and zombie left by sky and ground. They quickly drifted in the direction of Trunks and his group.

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