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Chapter 263: Domineering

“Grandpa, hurry and cast Radiant Glory! Expel this evil magic!” Florida shouted in a panic as he looked at the dumbfounded Ferguson.

The shocked Ferguson only reacted when he was reminded by his grandson. The magic staff in his hand burst forth again with the holy force of light as his aged voice resonated throughout the valley, “Oh noble God of Light, hear my calls. Disperse all darkness—Radiant Glory!”

A powerful light tore through the sky. Holy light elements permeated the air above the entire valley. The black-green layer of clouds created by Han Shuo’s Canopy of Necromancy immediately began to disperse under the radiance of the holy light, and disappeared without a trace in a few moments.

Brilliant light scattered throughout the valley and intermixed with the numerous stars that dotted the sky to emit a soft light. As the holy force of light descended, the deathly air was quickly dispelled. The dark creatures summoned by Han Shuo started smoking under the rays of the holy light, and their speed and power were hindered.

However, the resurrected dead bodies weren’t much affected by the strong light from the Radiant Glory. Even though their skin also began emitting white smoke, they could still move freely, so they rushed straight at the troops of the three great powers.

The experts who died thanks to Han Shuo’s necromancy magic also had the presence of dark creatures on them. However, they’d only just died after all, so this dark presence was very weak. This enabled them to barely manage to resist the rays of light magic.

The Cairo mercenary band still had around twenty people left thanks to Han Shuo’s assistance earlier. They took advantage of the House of Menlo being stunned senseless to escape the encirclement of the three great powers and flee to the entrance of the valley.

Han Shuo knew the Canopy of Necromancy would certainly be dispelled wherever the Radiant Glory shone, and that the summoned dark creatures wouldn’t be spared either. However, a bit of the acid from the Acid Bog had been already released earlier, so the men chasing Laureton’s group were more or less affected.

The House of Menlo was the one most affected. Their magical creature mounts panicked when they stepped into the acid, their feet and legs quickly consumed by the acid. This looked similar to the effects that Radiant Glory had when hitting dark creatures.

“Be careful! I’m going to kill him this damnable evil plague of a necromancer!” The House of Menlo had spent years of effort to finally gather this group of high rank magical creatures. Now that six of their rank two or three creatures had died in the blink of an eye, Adam Menlo was furious. He roared loudly in anger as he glared at Han Shuo.

“Keke. Wanna kill me? Come on!” Han Shuo couldn’t suppress his thirst for blood and had been worrying about where he could vent. As soon as he heard the furious Adam Menlo’s enraged bellow, his blood red pupils immediately snapped to him.

Using the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens to float in the air, Han Shuo’s entire body was filled with ferocious killing intent. Even Florida, who had a bone deep hatred towards him, didn’t dare to issue an order to attack in the face of such a horrifying sight. On one hand, it was because Han Shuo’s momentum was too terrifying, and on the other, it was because it was difficult to handle him when he was so high up in the air.

“Kill Laureton first! The Cairo mercenary is finished as soon as he’s dead. Leave this guy alone for now.” Florida couldn’t help but shout anxiously when he saw Asa and Andy floating up and raising their magic staffs to deal with Han Shuo.

Laureton was leading a group of survivors and rushing towards the entrance of the valley. Florida had gone through a great deal of effort and was even willing to let go of the mithril mine to kill Laureton. He wanted to take control of the Valley of Sunshine for the Rainbow Sickles, so he naturally couldn’t let the former leave alive.

Upon hearing Florida’s shout, more than thirty Rainbow Sickle experts pursued Laureton together. Andy, who’d floated up and was about to deal with Han Shuo with Asa, turned and flew towards Florida after looking at Han Shuo standing arrogantly in the air.

However, Asa, whose arm had been sliced off by Han Shuo with the Demonslayer Edge, didn’t listen to Florida’s order. He glared viciously at Han Shuo and rushed at him along with Adam Menlo.

Ferguson released the Radiant Glory behind Asa, then softly heaved a few breaths and floated over like a fluttering willow leaf in the air.

“Shoot him!” Adam Menlo commanded from the back of the roc, his hand holding the dazzling golden spear as he lunged at Han Shuo.

The House of Menlo only had less than thirty experts left after being swept through by the berserkers and Han Shuo’s necromancy magic. Under Adam Menlo’s command, they each aimed their crossbow bolts and spinning axes at Han Shuo, who was standing grandly in the sky.

Three yin demons were observing the entire battlefield. Therefore, Han Shuo could clearly see any abnormal action that occurred. When the attacks from the Menlo’s troops hurtled through the air towards him, he only curved his lips into a disdainful sneer without taking any other action.

The attacks from below were just about to connect with Han Shuo when his proudly aloof body suddenly wavered, then split into four clones. These four clones looked exactly the same as the original. They flew in four different directions towards Ferguson, Adam Menlo, Asa, and the members of the House of Menlo respectively.

The bolts and spinning axes from the Menlo people below suddenly connected with empty air. They didn’t even touch a corner of Han Shuo’s clothes.

“This, what is this?!”

“How did he become four people? Damn it! Am I seeing things?”

Shocked exclamations poured nonstop out from the mouths of those of the House of Menlo.

Seeing one of the Han Shuos speedily closing in on them, Ferguson’s side had no idea what was going on. Ferguson and Asa dodged instinctively. Only Adam Menlo on the back of the roc still met Han Shuo’s attack head on with his golden spear, despite his surprise.

Successive sounds ripped through the air at this time as seven bone spurs shimmering with cold light came at Adam Menlo from all directions. The little skeleton stood proudly on a huge rock, a light dancing within his purple eye as his gaze locked onto Adam Menlo, who rode the Golden-Winged Roc.

The seven bone spurs flew in a bizarre orbit as they attacked the Golden-Winged Roc. The bone spurs sparkled with a brilliant jade-like light like seven eerily sharp snow blades.

The bone spurs buried themselves into the roc’s wings, causing metallic dings and the roc to let out a low whine of pain. Blood splattered from its wounds and dyed the golden feathers. It was obviously injured.

Adam Menlo had originally rushed at Han Shuo with a ferocious momentum, he was now waving the golden spear around to block the seven bone spurs. He kept cursing nonstop, evidently angered to death.

“You old thing, you want to kill me? Keke!” The three clones suddenly vanished, revealing the original Han Shuo now standing ten meters above Adam Menlo. His pupils were deep red as he cackled madly, the killing aura around his body condensing onto his arm. As Han Shuo’s hand smashed downwards, the focused killing aura rushed violently down like layers of a blood sea.

“Damn it!” Adam Menlo cursed loudly. The spear that had been defending against the seven bone spurs was forced to change directions and head upwards instead. He pushed the fighting aura of a sky rider to its limit, forming a silver curtain of light to block the invasion of the bloody waves.

However, this force had been distilled from Han Shuo’s murderous aura, a terrifying power forged from the carnage of battle. A thick killing intent that could cover the heavens and earth dropped down like a cage, its force comparable to a mountain. The curtain of light formed by the fighting aura could only resist for a span of two breaths before it was obliterated by the bloody waves.

Rumble! A loud explosion resounded. The bloody waves were like a river from the galaxy, surging over both Adam Menlo and the Golden-Winged Roc. They drove the super rank magical creature straight down into the ground, creating an earthquake that shook the mountain wall.

Seeing that Han Shuo had shot down both their head and the Golden-Winged Roc, the experts of the family suddenly panicked. They gave up chasing Laureton and swarmed to where their leader had fallen. As soon as they arrived, they saw both Adam Menlo and the Golden-Winged Rock struggling to their feet. The men immediately surrounded the two.

When Han Shuo saw that the House of Menlo had already surrounded their head of house and the Golden-Winged Roc, Han Shuo stood still in the sky and didn’t continue to attack. The Golden-Winged Roc was obscuring his vision, so he couldn’t see if Adam Menlo was dead or alive. His terrifying presence and blood red eyes returned to normal after a while.

Han Shuo’s current strength could easily deal with a sky rider or a great swordmaster. With the little skeleton, victory was even more assured. However, the reason why he’d been able to thoroughly trounce Adam Menlo and the super rank roc just now was mostly likely due to the abundant killing aura that had filled the valley.

His one attack earlier had released all the killing aura he’d absorbed from the valley. Han Shuo had regained his calm. He once again summoned the three yin demons to watch every moment within the valley.

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